Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dua Minggu Punya Cerita: 01

1/11: Pantpantpant


Only now do I get a breather to write loooooooooooooooooooooong entries. Paaaaadan muka aku.

Office, to me, is like warzone at the moment. Not for the other two Project Managers though coz their projects are still at snail pace.

Moi? I’ve four sites going under tender last week for Earthworks & Piling… almost all at one go. Itu yang terhiaq-hiaq akak tu. Tak alih-alih Selasa baru ni dapat written directive from ‘wahyu sana’ that all works i.e Earthworks, Piling and Superstructure/Building to be put under one tender instead and that the document must be ready for ‘pelawaan’ by September.

Our initial work program that I did for the Superstructure/Building tender could only be ready by March 2008, but they want it in, like, 1 ½ week’s time.

Yes, We. Are. So. FU*Ked. Arent. We.

Like, the whole length of seven months’ work of detailing, sourcing materials, price quotations and whatnots kena cramped into less than a bleeding week.

Welcome to the ‘organisation’ where ‘wahyu’ gets in and out ikut suka ati dorang tanpa fikir that there’s only 24 hours a day instead of 72 hours.

So my hp is practically open to the consultants to call 24-7 for confirmations and approvals. I’m running around like mad updating infos, delegating and standardizing specs and requirements and email-trotting between one consultants to the other.

So forget about catching movies, ok. Wouldn’t wanna get caught by them and then feeling guilty that they’d have to work their asses off for me while I end up in the cinema.

C’est la vie, no?

2/11: Aesyah Week

Aesyah took this shot herself using Cik Lin's phone. Very pandai, she!

Aesyah came over to stay with us for a week from 12th till 19th August. It was her month-long school break since 3rd Aug, so Pak Ngah decided to invite her for a stay despite Cik Lin’s apprehension that neither Pak Ngah nor Cik Lin would actually have decent time to entertain her.

But Pak Ngah seemed like he was confident enough that he could manage it, so Cik Lin pun relented.

Unfortunately for Aesyah, that whole week was the week where Cik Lin was so swamped at work, and Pak Ngah had his weekly cartoon deadline right after his fortnightly paper-deadline on Monday.

So Aesyah was a wee bit ‘neglected’ whereby Pak Ngah only managed to take her for daily dose of swimming downstairs or jalan-jalan di Sogo or Midvalley after fetching Cik Lin from Cik Lin’s office. Apart from that, it’s either watching DVDs for Aesyah at Pak Ngah’s office, or Cik Lin’s office, or even at home while Pak Ngah berjuang cari idea.

Of course the poor lil thing kadang-kadang merajuk and kebosanan and tarik muka, coz of course she expected to berjalan-jalan at least ke Zoo Negara or Science Center while she’s in KL but here she was all couped up in the offices or at the condo.

Tu la, Cik Lin kata kat Pak Ngah. Lengkali jangan degil cakap isteri. Ni nak jaga anak orang yang datang bercuti, bukan jaga anak sendiri. Kot kalau budak tu teenager macam kakak or cousin-cousin dia, boleh le kita lepaskan dorang rayau-rayau ke Sogo ke Pertama ke Masjid India ke,kan?

So, setiap hari lepas Cik Lin berjuang berlari-lari di pejabat, we would all lepak-lepak kat Sogo or Midvalley, hence Cik Lin jadi saaaaangat letih sehingga my lower back pain kembali terasa.

But Cik Lin's officemates just adored Aesyah's wit and charm to bits apart from being the cutie that she is. Since Aesyah only speaks English, everybody at Cik Lin's office seemed to be having fun practicing and polishing their English. And they keep asking Cik Lin to bring Aesyah back to the office the next day!

Oh, oh, masa hari Rabu when we were at Midvalley, we thot of watching a movie tapi tak de yang menarik. Or at least tak de yang menarik untuk si Sang Puteri coz semua dia tak nak tengok. But fortunate for us that keesokannya is the opening for Ratatouille, so we terus tidak berlengah-lengah bought tickets in advance so that esok tak yah rebut-rebut….

Ohhhh, we were so happy about getting the tickets, that esoknya tu bila we got to get into the cinema without queueing at the counter, Pak Ngah dengan berlagak-lagak waved the tickets to those people in the queue tanda he so bangga that we had made a reaaaaaally smart move - for once that is – by getting the tickets the day before. Hahaha.

Oh I’m so gonna get the Ratatouille DVD after this. Best banget!!!

On Saturday, before Aesyah’s mom&dad came over to hang out with us for the weekend before taking Aesyah home, Pak Ngah drove us all to Cik Lin’s parents in Bangi.

The day before, Tok Ki sms-ed Cik Lin that biskut and can food Adi dah habis, so Cik Lin had to do some Cat Food Delivery to Tok Umi& Tok Ki’s house.

There, we were greeted not only by Tok Umi and Tok Ki, but also Kak Leen (another of Tok Umi&Tok Ki’s anak angkat) with her 7-mth old baby Haraz that us all have never met yet.

Aiyoh Haraz such a cute lil big thing! Big unblinking eyes, big puffy cheeks, badan sasa, and everytime dia nak gelak, both cheeks kapit bibir dia yang mungil! Like, how cute can that be!

Puas Cik Lin dokong Haraz aritu, sampai seketika Cik Lin dapat rasa urat belakang Cik Lin terpele’ot sket. Tak, Cik Lin tak kesal sebab Cik Lin suka sangat dapat gomol-gomol Haraz. Bessssst!

And that was the starting of sakit belakang Cik Lin, sampai lah today hari Khamis.

Coming back from Bangi, just before Kak Rose & Abg Nain arrived at our place, Cik Lin decided to take a nap coz Cik Lin dah tak leh jalan dah masa tu. So Cik Lin ended up taking 3-hour nap while them all (Pak Ngah, Aesyah, Kak Rose and Abg Nain) watched DVD and makan deghian kampong kat living room nu.

When Cik Lin woke up, the place streaked of durian, like, ohmygawd. Even Labu Labi pun fenin agak eh.

Nevertheless, we headed to JJ Maloorie for dinner coz Kak Rose nak spend her birthday coupons. So Cik Lin pun jalan lah pelan-pelan macam orang baru lepas sunat+berpantang bersalin kat tengah-tengah JJ tu.

Cik Lin&Pak Ngah managed to buy two pair of sport shoes (it’s sale sale sale maaah), cheap badminton rackets and Tok Umi’s coffee dunker. So, we had our share of fun, so that was purdy awroite.
3/11: Pak Ngah’s Soup

Aesyah told Pak Ngah that her mom does The Best soup eva.

Mom would put chicken and vegetables, and I love it whenever my tummy’s not feeling well, Mom would make me the soup and I’d have the soup for lunch and dinner, yummee. Aesyah said.

Well then next time whenever Cik Lin has back-pain like this Cik Lin definitely want to go to SP and let your Mom cook Cik Lin her soup, coz Pak Ngah sooo cannot cook. Cik Lin said.

Hey Aesyah. Pak Ngah called out.

You know if Pak Ngah cooks soup, and a great soup at that, what would you think people would call Pak Ngah??? Pak Ngah asked Aesyah.

What? Aesyah asked.

They’ll call me 'Soup-er Man', you know… Pak Ngah answered, snottily.

Aaaaa Pak Ngaaaaah..!!! be continued.



Amy said...

Yeay..finally an update. Comeynya Ayesha tu, dimple dia...iskk. Mengah amy baca, I can imagine your busy schedule. And oh, I love the souper-man joke. Your abang Zul nih :P
Take care kak Lin..especially your back tu. Amy pun selalu kena careful, takmo dah force myself angkat kotak2 berat.

Roti Kacang Merah said...


amy laaaaaah pembaca and pengkomen paling setia kak lin... kena come up with award, nih!!! hehe

tenchu for the wiiiish! i hope amy pung dah sihat balik, mkay???


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