Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ugliness Aside...

Ugliness of the administrators aside (which includes face of Pak Lah everywhere and anywhere you turn... Aiyyyyoohhhh!!!! Too much mengampu I tell ya!)... my mingling among the marchers and the spectators this morning and yesterday brought me goosebumps ~ I was literally teeming with pride and joy of my country.

That's right, I felt bloody patriotic sampaikan rasa macam nak nangis, tau.
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This morning before going off for a site visit at 11.30am, a group of teenagers in one of the brassbands lepak-lepak depan ofis aku menunggu their bus to pick 'em up.

I saw rows of bagpipes laid down across the paved external-lobby.

I called out to them and asked whoever among them played the bagpipes, and one brave boy nearby voluntarily angkat tangan while the rest of his kawan around him pointed at him.

I requested him to show me how to play the bagpipe. I told him I was in Bonnie Scotland for 5 years but neither do I owe a bonnie bagpipe nor do I know how to play it.

(Aye, I was a stupid git for taking that for granted. I still don't even know the title of the typical Scottish notes everytime they play the bagpipes. Rasa macam nak balik semula ke Edinburgh and get all the knowledge I needed on the pipes.)

Dengan berat hati (or was that a sombong-sombong kucing) and after much persuasion from me, he showed me all.

First kena blow into the pipe and fill the bag with air.

Then only you play... and he played that Scottish tune, solo for me hallooo, for a good 2 minutes, pitching high right in the middle of the world. Jari sambil main sambil mulut blowing air into the bag.

Akak rasa special gitu, 'Dik.

I saw it pretty tough, but bloodyhell might be good for my lung exercise for my asthma, I thought. I think I'm gonna get this soon. With Tartan bag to boost. I know it's sold at some kedai mamak around here in K.L.

Funny huh ~ Scottish bagpipe jual kat kedai mamak, heh2.

And finally he gave up coz dia kata "mengah sikit kak, sakit perut nak tiup angin...".

"Eh, yang adik main and tiup sambil berjalan berbatu-batu tu, lagi banyak keja, apa?? Boleh pulak??? heh heh."

Dia pun tersengih-sengih.

But I commended him for his bravery to volunteer.

Apparently they all came from some secondary school in Klang, reached KL at 6.30am this morning (6.30am, from Klang to KL! God aku masa tu baru nak terkebil-kebil bangun tido), rehearse rehearse rehearse and then was waiting for their bus at that 11.40am to drive them back to Klang.

Rajin dan bersemangat betul budak-budak ni.... respect betul.

I thanked them profusely for melayan akak tua ni, siap main solo lagi untuk akak, and wished them luck.

And you know what? They make me want to work hard for my generations to come... to work hard and make K.L, if not M'sia, a better place to live in.

And out with the bad administrators. This, will be my perjuangan. Aaaaaamiiin.

Of course, it WILL NOT include ‘stunts’ like this ya. Very the embarrassing, rasa macam nak migrate (thanks for Zetty for the entry about this!!!). Ptuiiii punya persembahan!

Okeh I put together this clip from the photos I took using the bursting-mode, and also using the audio from the video of the jets soaring above me yang tak jadi sebab depa laju sangat tapi tinggalkan bunyi di belakang.

I need to record how dekat the jets were to the office and also how kuat the sound was.

I was not only scared if berlaku some engine failures while depa tengah showing off pusing pusing atas tu, tapi as if the sound could shatter glasses of the 'scrapers surrounding us.

Takut woh. At least for me it was.



Amy said...

Best gak aper bleh tengok dari office.. bleh cuci mata. Amy masa sekolah kat Penang join band. Dua kali gak la ikut time merdeka - penat seh jalan berapa km tuh, I played trumpet by the way. Yer, dgn short skirt with paha yg sgt besar. The abang2 from companies yg ikut the parade tu suruh kitaorg main macam2 lagu..sesuka hati jekkkkk

Roti Kacang Merah said...


waaah in the band for merdeka??? wow! main trumpet lak tu! get to perform to the public, and pakai baju seksi some more, heh heh!

Amy said...

Tak seksi pun ok? Seksa adalah, anyway that was zaman2 jahiliah dulu.. ahahha. But ye la, experience tu yg best.

goboklama said...

errrr,cuci dulu tak itu mulut punya bagpipe?

I pun kuar umah tiap2 hari kul 6.30 apa, tak aci btul org.yg trkebil-kebil tengah layan tido tu kan? ;)

Roti Kacang Merah said...


sebab tu i tak moh main bagpipes tu...tah berapa banyak airliur dah berkumpul dalam bag tu hehehehe

ish cukupla i dulu setahun lebih keluar rumah pukul 6.30am, sampai rumah balik 8.30pm. Letih!

nyonya-budi said...

Hi, bloghoping and saw the pix..just nak bagitau..the first pix taken from LRT yg kawad towards Dataran Merdeka tuh was my group..I ada kat depan line yg pakai t-shirt merah...heheeh..3 hari berturut2 terpacak kat Dataran pukul 6.30 and kawad for 1km, habis pukul 11.30..lepas tuh kena masuk OPIS and SAMBUNG KERJA...waaaaa...penat nyer...but it was the most MEMORABLE experience...rasanya everyone should once in a lifetime join Merdeka Parade..rasa patriotic sangat that time..But kesian kat band sekolah yg x leh join on that day after so much practicing bcoz the organiser said the parade was too long

Roti Kacang Merah said...

hi nyonya-budi!

thanks for dropping-by!

tried getting into your blog, tapi per invitation je...

invite le i ni!!! hehehe ;-D


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