Monday, July 16, 2007

Welcome to Thy World, Bitee Jr.

I wrote about the demise of my high-school senior in Doa Buat Abang Bitee before, he who inspired me to take up architecture and wade through the torturing years even though he couldn’t finish the course himself.

He passed away last year on the 28th of December 2006, leaving a 2-mth old pregnant young wife (Myra’s younger than I am) and a 3 ½-yr-old daughter.

Semalam 17 Julai 2007 tepat 7.11am, Danial Aman bin Saiful Bahari selamat dilahirkan. Myra mms-ed me at 9.46am, as promised that she would once baby dilahirkan.

Alhamdulillah… complete set of anak, even without the Ayah physically around.

And it still feels like as if Abang Bitee could reply my congratulations sms to him.

I don’t know where Myra gets the strength to go through her days with her daughter and unborn baby without Abg Bitee and the support of Abg Bitee’s family. She had to go through quite a bit since losing her husband ~ his family wasn’t supportive of her any longer, they practically took most of his belongings away and eventually she decided to move back into her family’s home with her kid. When she called me up after sorely in need of someone to talk to, she still sounded so…. strong. It was I who felt troubled and overwhelmingly sad after we hung up. I really wished I could be of help in person. She felt so alone since none of her own family members could help her. And she’s quite way down in Tampin…

I could only doa Myra, Damia and Danial to be happy, safe, healthy and strong. I know Abang Bitee’s always around, watching them. Didoakan agar anak-anak Myra dapat membesar dengan cukup kasih sayang w’pun ketiadaan Ayah di sisi, insyaAllah.



shabar said...

Hmm...berair mata aku baca this entry faszt. Even with hubby by my side pun, aku ngamngam je coping with the new baby etc. Can't imagine how she did it alone. And the baby....already poor of a father. Sedihnya...i just don't know what to say.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

i know... sedih, kan?

bertambah abg bitee's family didn't even help taking care of her and her daughter. took away the car, the house... even the computer! imagine that.


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