Monday, July 30, 2007

Walking Baro of Sorts


At 5 a.m this morning, I woke up feeling rather belengas... all corners of my sendi berpeluh-peluh amidst the fan and aircond (I'm a fan person; Abang's an aircond man. So both gets the best of both worlds. But don't let Al Gore tahu. Mati kami.)

And it didn't help with Labu & Labi being extra manja this morning... Labu menyelit cari haba behind my pinggang and Labi at my betis.

Aiyoh. Like wearing furry jacket on one side of my body. No, make that both sides since Abang who is on my other side is quite furry, eh, hairy too. Heh.

As always, I know I'm a walking barometer, I told Abang. I think it's gonna rain pretty soon.

And boy it did at 7.50a.m tadi.

I can so work at the laundries and be their weather woman don't I.

(OK I'm just gonna put up previous weeks' photos here. Stories of them will be up later mkay. Purdy tight schedule today. 'Laters.)


The closest I got to feeling of wanting another small baby, like how people with (grown-up)kids would feel, was a few weeks ago. I felt like having another small kitty. All because Labi is growing out of his manja phase, dah tak moh sangat peluk-peluk dengan aku 24-7 macam dulu.

Nowadays, ikut mood Labi la... bila dia nak tidur or resting, baru la dia mencari Kak Lin dia, nak panjat-panjat la, gesel-gesel tangan minta gosok-gosok kepala dia la, baring meniarap berpusing-pusing kepala buat kiut minta kita garu-garu dia la. Kalau dulu, bila dia dapat rasa kita nak dukung dia, dia duk diaaaaam aje. Macam menunggu-nunggu kita datang nak dukung and peluk-peluk cium-cium dia. La ni, kadang-kadang dia lari menyorok bawah meja tak moh dipeluk dicium.

It's almost exactly like how kids are once they've grown out of their baby-ing phase, innit?

So, I been silently wishing another kitty to caress my soul. 'Silently', coz we both know that we could not have an additional furry-one in the apartment. Three's a crowd, lah. Nanti sekor lagi rasa tersisih, kan? Plus, vet bills makin melambung la kak oiiii. Kalau biasa balik kampung 3 hari and board Labu Labi Adi harga RM20/ekor/hari total cost RM180... nanti jadi RM240, tau. Adehs.

Anyway, last Friday the 21st, coming back from fetching Abang's nieces in Shah Alam around 10.30pm, a wee lil rumpapump dashed across the corridor into our lift lobby, as if seeking shelter from something. Alaaa keciiiik je, macam Labi mula datang dulu. Tapi yang ni lagi kurus.

Mind you, we noticed, ada loceng kat leher dia! Means, the kitty ada tuan! So I picked up the wee one, his meowing so besar tak padan dengan kecik.... very nasal "Mmmmmehhhh, mmmmehhhh..." (kucing kan biasanya bunyi “meow, meow” ;-P), and aku pujuk Abang to allow me bawa the baby naik atas for the night coz he clearly got lost. Abang was so reluctant ~ he knew I would easily get attached to it. But the kitty terus je baring atas my lengan macam keletihan gitu... aiseh. Cair akak and Abang Zul, deknon.

And once upstairs, Abang was very very reluctant to let the wee kitty inside the house for the night. Not because Abang’s heartless, but more of him being practical. He’s an animal-person, as I do. But we can’t afford to keep more than three (LabuLabi, plus Adi in Bangi), and getting attached to another one would be disastrous. He knows me that part too well, alright.

And so, me and the nieces wrote a notice about a lost wee kitty, turun bawah at the copier to make copies, and went around the blocks and areas with possible foot-traffic, and lekat the mini posters. Adala stengah jam juga. All the while, I had the kitty in my arms… mana la tau kot ada terserempak dengan tuan punya dia.

The next day, while waiting for any phonecalls from people hilang anak kucing, I spent almost most of my time with the kitty ~ kejap aku panggil dia “Laba” (after Labu and Labi, Laba seemed like a perfect continuity dak?), kejap panggil “Baby”, kejap panggil “Lobo”.

And this baby… sooo pembersih! I actually provided him another set of kitty tray, but he instead went on sniffing towards the existing communal tray kat dapur nun, masuk and kuis-kuis-kuis, peepee or poopoo, kambus properly and jilat himself afterwards so the very the bersih! Ohhhhhh I love I love I love!!! Even Labi, till now pun aku kena cebok dia everytime after Big Job, tau!

Also, he was sooo manja… golek-golek dengan aku. Mana-mana aku pergi, dia ikut. Tapi dia tak suka orang smother dia kat perut (i did that to check kutu kucing... he had two kutus), dia akan bising macam orang nak sembelih dia ke apa. And kalau the ever inquisitive Labi datang dekat nak check him out, dia marah amboi tak padan dengan kecik…

Finally, Abang had enough of me getting too attached to the baby. And no phonecalls at all. So he put down his foot and ajak me to go and try find the owners, go ketuk satu-satu pintu. Imagine that!

Nevertheless, with a heavy heart, I went with him, with the baby in my arms.

Once when we were outside, we met this one friendly boy upstairs nama Alif, and when Alif saw the baby, he exclaimed that it was his friend’s, Aiman, who lost the kitty but then the mom tak suka bela kitty.

So he took us up to Aiman’s place, and while Aiman was very eager that we found the baby, he told us that he actually found the baby wandering and decided to keep, but the mom tak suka. So all four of us went down to Alif’s mom instead to pujuk her to accept the kitty w’pun she’s already gotten a big ol’ Persian. And of course, Alif’s mom also refused to take in the kitty.


But Abang was adamant. Abang told the kids to try go around find the owner coz tak bertanggungjawab just leave a baby like that without the mother. So the four of us went back to our unit and aku bekalkan budak-budak tu dengan kotak, separuh tin makanan lembut and seberkas pasir kucing. And off they went for an adventure to find the owner of the baby, even a new owner for the baby jika perlu.

Almost an hour later, the boys knocked on our door. Aku dah gabra, takut they came back to tell us depa dah letih nak cari the owner.

But when I opened up the door, great news came… they said the owner actually bumped into them when they stopped to rest and give the kitty some food, and told them that he has been looking all over for the kitty for the past 3 days, nicked “Chookie”.

Aiyoh we were all so relieved.

But you know, till now… I still do miss Chookie. The really good and well-behaved boy that I could not own.


I guess… this is how people with kids crave for when their kids have all grown… nak another baby to smother to care to peluk to cium to manja, and to be dependent on you.

That’s the closest I could relate to their wonting. The closest of being the walking baro of motherly-instinct.

Cuba la compare saiz dia dengan Labi kat bawah kanan, tu!


Aie(atas), Tasha, Abg Ca'a, Mala, Along



Amy said...

Amy bleh bau hujan tau? Macam bila langit belum gelap tapi angin tiup, and Amy akan cakap (tanpa sedar) "Japgi hujan, dah bau" and mmg hujan lepas tu..tak tahu nak explain macam mana keh keh..
Amy last bela kucing masa sek menengah. All the while sek rendah sampai menengah bela kucing. My favorite is the last one, bagi nama Snowy sbb dia putih semua. Mata dia seblah hijau, sebelah biru. Bela dia dari lahir, ambik dari my neighbour. Time tu dok kat Penang lagi. Bila pindah KL, bawa sekali dlm keta..riuh. Tido dgn Amy every night. Pastu lepas setahun pindah ke KL, dia hilang time Raya..coz we were out the whole day, balik2 dia dah takde. Tunggu seminggu kut2 nampak dia tepi jalan ke, takde plak bangkai..siap round dgn ayah pakai keta tapi tak jumpa. Ayah pun manja dgn kucing. We assumed ada org lain dah ambik sbb tu kucing persian and kucing persian kan kurang bijak sket bila dah sesat. Kucing local dia tahu cari rumah dia balik. So, i was crying macam org hilang laki for one week..and after that Mama decided - no more kucing for me already..isk.

Roti Kacang Merah said...


hah! boleh bau weather? LAGI hebat, tu! agaknya kalau kat oversea, you could even smell the snow about to fall, sebab snow pun ada bau!

agaknya sebab tu AbgZul tak kasi kak lin layan mana2 anak2 kucing kat condo compound kami. Sama le kita Dik... emotion overules everything! Water Babies le katakaaaan! ;-D


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