Thursday, July 12, 2007

Post YingYang

Oh, I really need to mention that my bro Ahy telah put up really nice double-layered curtains (sheer and non-sheer) in my living room at the condo on the eve of my birthday. Cantikkkkk. Murah pula tu… total expenditure (material, jahit, hooks) RM130 je! Pandai dia ek?]

Will put up photo of it… simple but noice!

Since the langsir is cantik yet murah, I thought I might as well guna the same sheer curtain to the other rooms pula lepas ni... insyaAllah.


As expected, the final half of my yingyangday last night did not end as memorable as I’d like it to be. Abang masih keletihan and his perut mula meragam as any traveling would do to your stomach. So we ended up having dinner at McD Connaught aje eventhough sebenarnya aku nak pizza tapi Abang tak suka pizza. Mujur tak preggie, kalau tak, meleleeeeeeeh air liur baby nanti, hehe.

At 8.30pm, Ayah & Umi called to say they’ve received the cuppies and prezzies and they sounded soooooooo happy! Banyak betul pahala Siti for making a hell lot of people happy in one day!!! Bless Siti’s soul.

Though I was badly in need of some distraction from the weight of things on the family front that I had to help carry since last week till yesterday on my birthday, I guess I had to forgo that and ended up crying my eyes out in the living room after Abang had turned in early at 9.30pm. Finally, aku menangis sepuas-puasnya. Lega gila.

Then bila dah lega I caught up with TV and reading till 12.30am ‘coz nak tunggu wish Ayah Happy Birthday pula.

Pagi ni rasa wayyyyyyyy better. Kepala aku dah tak panas, hati aku dah tak hangin, perasaan aku dah tak sayu. Semua lancar je, Alhamdulillah. Cuma perut Abang je still troublesome.

This morning Umi called to say she loved the black-beaded formal-selendang I bought her and Ayah pula called to say he loved the book I got him, Mahbob Abdullah’s “Planter’s Tale”. When I first saw the book last week, it automatically reminds me of Ayah, himself dealing in planters and estates once upon a time. So, it’s really nice to hear Ayah regaling and relating his own experience, at times coinciding with Uncle Mahbob’s – as how he referred the author as – own tales.

I suggested that perhaps he should write his own tale too since his English is almost impeccable and his own experience equally vast – masuk utan, keluar utan, teroka tanah, ajar orang-orang kampung of the new rubber-tapping technology etc. And he thought that was a swell idea, he might just do that one day.

And oh, the roses and lilies are beginning to bloom…cantik! This morning I divided the flowers into two vases, satu letak kat reception and satu in my own room. Alah, lovelies lah kalau masuk-masuk ruang ada something as beautiful as fresh flowers.

Perhaps I should just do that to myself occasionally – get myself or the office some fresh flowers. They really really brighten up faces and spaces lah. Like hearing babies’ laughter, you know. Nak stress pun tak jadi.

I bought Tunku Halim's 44 Cemetery Road from the airport bookshop last week. Sampai la ni tak baca lagi. Takut. Tapi nak baca. So how???


Listening to: Iwan Fals' Dongeng Sebelum Tidur


Mahbob said...

Hi this is Mahbob Abdullah. Thanks for writing on my book "Planter's Tales", and I will be glad to meet your father and chat about plantations and if he wishes to write. I am sure there will be much to tell.

My email is

The next book "Planter Upriver" will be printed by end of November.



Roti Kacang Merah said...

Salam Uncle Mahbob!
have conveyed your msg to my dad and mom... insyaAllah, one day Ayah will email you and share you stories that, i think, only you could relate more than we could! :-D

thanks for dropping by, uncle!


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