Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My YingYang Day

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If there is one birthday girl who bought herself cakes and give them away to her officemates to enjoy her day... that would be me, heh heh.

Kalau nak tunggu orang hantar birthday cake ke ofis aku, memang tak akan berlaku punya kan. So, I ordered cupcakes again, this time with kitty-theme, from who else, Siti Hajar.

I went to pick-up the cuppies from her office at Wisma Denmark nearby... itulah pertama kali jumpa this very lovely lady eventhough this is my third time ordering from her. At the same time, I hand her the prezzies for my mom's belated birthday (12th June) and my dad's tomorrow (12th July) so that she could deliver sama-sama dengan the other set of cuppies for my folks tonight.

My officemates, with the creative juice of Intan Nor'ain, made a really nice card full of kitty pics. So chomeyl. And Intan&Mom made a really nice mihun goreng as a birthday breakfast for us all at the office.

It's just so so nice to see everyone so so happy with the cuppies and the mihun goreng w'pun birthday girl eventually only get to keep one cuppy aja out of the 25 numbers. Tak pa, as long as everyone's happy and enjoyed each other's company! (Aiyoh, tak puas lah. Macam nak order je lagi dari Siti. Perasa baru dia sedap lah!)

And then at noon, I got a surprise delivery of a really gorgeous bouquet of yellow roses and lilies from my consultants. Mujur dorang ni memang consultants yang sangat rajin dan pro-active. Tidak lah terasa macam nak membodek aku, kan? hehehe

Can't wait for the buds to really bloom, though! Mesti cantik dan wangi!

Haven't gotten a designated birthday prezzie from Abang yet sebab aku malas nak pi recci apa yang aku suka walaupun Abang dah asyik tanya-tanya dah pi recci apa-apa ke belum, eiii malas malas malasnyiaaaa.

But last night Abang brought home for me a couple of collector's CDs that I been wanting to have and brilliant batik silk for Raya and buahtangan-buahtangan lain from his overseas friends, so for the time being I'm pretty much a one happy fat wife hehehehe.

Tonight? Entah, tak plan apa-apa lagi. Dok rumah tengok TV je kut. Tapi... hope not, though!

Apart from my family, I've also had great great surprise wishes from friends yang sangat lama tak dengar cerita atau berjumpa. Like, memang unsangkarable lah bila dapat birthday thots dari depa. 'So noice.

Also Dear Friend, who never failed to wish me at midnight of the eve of my Day every year since sixteen years ago. This time round with an extra umph.... an mms-pic of the recent full moon on the 1st of July. And thank you for your prayers, too...
Cantek, kan...? Sigh.

Oh ya... why I call my YingYang Day??? 'Coz it's my 34th year. And I thought since the superstitious Chinese believe that '3' is ong and '4' is sui, so the 34 is kindalike, for me, that the '3' negates the '4' equals to 'neutral' and 'balanced' i.e Ying&Yang.

Bah! Corny, whatever. But lemme just remember my 34th year as my YingYang year... Alhamdulillah, so far, my happiest year for quite a while. Semoga berpanjangan Ya Allah... Yaarabbal 'aaalamiiin.

Wokeh, nak samung buat kerja. Sangat busy sebenarnya. You guys have a great day like I have so far 'mkay?



kak yin said...

ehehee HAPPY BIRTHDAY kak lin!!!!!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

chenchu kak yeeeeeeeeen!!! tak balik m'sia ke summer ni???

Sikenit Comel-AminBakish said...

Happy Belated Birthday.. :)

Semoga sukses dan berbahagia selamanya. :D

Roti Kacang Merah said...

thank you for the wish, Aunty Aminbakish!!! :-D

Zetty said...

Gelak gelak ngomel ngomel
Gelak gelak nampak gigi
happy birthday Kak Lin yg comel
moga panjang umur dimurahkan rezeki

(kena panjang sikit sebab jauh ni Cyberjaya ngan KL)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

ayam selaseh, buluh perindu,
terima kasih, zetty yang gebu! :-D

(sorry kalau tak sampai gak hug panjang k.lin ni. maklum, kaki&tangan ku pendek & sontot, hehe)

Amy said...

Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..ampunn!! Minggu yg Amy jarang2 baca blog ni la minggu birthday Kak Lin.. Happy Birthday Kak Lin sorry for the late wishes.Been a hectic week for me. Moga Kak Lin dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki
-Hugs and kisses-

Roti Kacang Merah said...

ish, tak pe lah, kaklin baca blog awak pun kaklin dapat rasa kelelahan awak bekerja!

anyway, thanks for the wish, amyyyyy!!! It's the tots that counts!!! :-D


kak yin said...

dah sampe lembah keramat seminggu daahhhh ehehehehehe ;)


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