Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My First Vigil

Abang & I went to join and lend our support to the Bebaskan Nat candlelight vigil last night at IPD Dang Wangi. It was the 3rd vigil as a campaign to free Nat after a questionable arrest and, quoting on Tian’s words, “arbitrary detention”.

I’ve never been to any vigils before, unlike Eli who's a professional vigil attendee that she bought herself that big candle from Ikea which she can reuse when the time requires her to do so. I might just do that myself, keep one in the car for Abang's easy use. Great idea lah Eli! ;-)

And since Nathaniel Tan is part of Abang’s team-mates in SK, we, including DSAI since Nat is also DSAI's secretary for the "Foundation for the Future", were all there to give him support for his freedom. It rained LabuLabi&dogs when we both got there, but there were already many people around, all spirited-up in the name of camaraderie and solidarity.

I’ve never met Nat personally even though I occasionally drop by his & gf’s & gang’s blogs for some cerebral perusings.

Abang told me before hand that when the jinggeng got the news that Nat was arrested with nobody exactly know what the reason was, everybody went like, “Wha??? Nat??? Got arrested???”. Abang said that Nat’s such a well-mannered, intelligent, smart and soft-spoken guy, he wouldn’t even bat a fly. So his arrest came as a shock to them, even some find it rather comical.

Of course, eventually, they got to know what the arrest was all about. I heard fellow bloggers thronged at the 2nd vigil on Sunday night to show support.

It’s just amazing to witness the acts of comradeship and amity that transcends beyond all borders of race and beliefs. But of course ada antara kita kat luar tu yang masih nak mengungkit hal-hal gini. I just simply cannot see how the act of mengungkit ni helps to reflect Islam, especially so when this Nat-guy physically went down to help the Muslims in Acheh after the tsunamis tanpa mengungkit-berkira. Ish.

So, you know, in conclusion… quoting the Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (MAICSA) president Akbar Moidunny from today’s Star:

A good whistle blower protection policy could curb some of the corporate irregularities recently reported by several public listed companies. “If you have a good protection policy in place, that will encourage more people to come forward whether though hotline or some other methods”.

Ha ha, and he thinks the g’ment doesn’t know that already??? Sheesh.


1. video from vigil.
2. Eli's entry on last night's vigil.
3. The Harvard Crimson (Nat's alma mater)
4. Nat's impending release update.


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Professional Vigil-'ante' for Justice :P


Roti Kacang Merah said...

ha ha ha that was what i wanted to call you as at first actually... a vigil'ante'! ;-D


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