Friday, July 13, 2007

Mati Kejung Segala


I love fresh plants, especially flowers. But they just hate me.

Cactus pun boleh mati at my hands. Tapi everytime pass ke Fahy, elok cantik je pulak tumbuh kat taman cactus kat tingkap bilik dia.

The roses berkembang cantik pagi ni. Tapi aku tahu, under my care, the flowers won't kembang cantik for long. Pagi til tengahari aku dah borak-borak dengan them roses; dah puji-puji depa... tapi petang ni, some of them are beginning to show signs of withering.

Mind you, office aku ni central aircond dia ngalahkan kesejukan Scotland. Supposedly very good for fresh flowers, kan?

So, you know, right now, I feel the very the frustrated. I wish I had the green-fingers like Ayah & Fahy. Suma tanam menjadi.

This really make me hate coming to work this coming Monday, having to come to wilting flowers. I guess.... I'm never good at facing deaths...


Sangat-sangat mahu tonton The King & I tapi sangat-sangat tak mampu. Kot sapa-sapa ada dapat complimentary tickets and in need of company, ingat-ingat lah saya, ya *grins*.

Adik-adik & I grew up watching a hell lot of musicals including the original version of The King & I. We all especially love the part when they performed "Small House of Uncle Thomas" ballet at the banquet. We adik-beradik used to rewind the scene on our VHS sampai hafal every single detail. Best betul scene tu.


Apart from the roses yesterday, Abang took me to @mcorp M@ll for dinner and a movie despite him masih lagi keletihan and perut meragam. Caiyaaaaaaaaaang kat Abang, heh heh.

We saw Mati Kejung Manyak 'Suiiii. I kindalike enjoyed it quite a bit ~ scene lawan-lawan tak OTT-too-long sangat. Tidak la sakit kepala aku. And I must say the virtual-terrorism concept the writers came up with was pretty impressive and believable. Tapi, seperti biasa la, hero golek sana golek sini lantun sana sini masih lagi boleh bangun. Kulit tak tersagat apa pun. Itu je la yang aku tak berapa puas hatinya, kan. heh heh

Pi la tengok. Worth it juga tengok di big screen.


Esok mungkin aku datang ofis. It's Abang's working weekend. So I thought I'd just take the opportunity to datang kerja and sort my computer filing system on my hard-disk and then possibly come up with a standard computer filing system for the technical division. It's been put off a wee bit too long already.

Tidak la masing-masing menggagau nak mencari folder/document bila person in-charge cuti. So far I've gotten good feedbacks on my filing-system ~ everytime I'm on leave and ada orang perlu cari surat or document on my computer, they could find what they need pretty easily.

Cuma masalahnya, depa-depa ni rajin atau malas je nak ikut sistem aku nanti. Standard la tu.

Have a grrrrrrreat weekend y'all.



Amy said...

Baru je Amy tak baca baper hari, dah banyak update and I hate myself for missing out on your birthday.. sob sob..Happy belated birthday ye kak. Kat your birthday entry pun Amy ada leave comment..
*still kicking myself hard* :(

Roti Kacang Merah said...

alah, yang paling penting, amy still wish juga....heheheheheheheeeee.

tapi kan, why are u up at 5am on a saturday??? (your comment posted on 7/14/2007 at 05:19:00 AM) awal, tu!

afiq said...

I hv a question.

My umi thinks that I should marry someone with artistic or architecture inclinations so I won't be having problems adjusting as a couple.

My current gf (whom I'm considering to marry) is an economic student and comes from a pretty typical religious family. Dier langsing tak gila2 macam us archi students.

My definition of love is very logical and our matrimony should only increase out love to god...

mcm maner ek??

afiq said...


out love to god = our love to god

Roti Kacang Merah said...


wow, life-changing question, tu ;-)

on the contrary, some people may not agree that both couple should come from the same field. you'll end up talking and breathing and sleeping and waking up to the same thing 24-7.

it doesn't matter if your loved one comes from the other end of the line... dia ustazah ke, cikgu tadika ke... yang paling penting, she worships and respects the ground you're on and vice versa.

She should be able to mix with your crowd brilliantly, and you hers.

She should be able to understand your passion in architecture, and occasionally make some efforts to impress you with some knowledge on the matter, and perhaps you on economics.

And masa awal-awal ni lah nak test (or teach?) her on your other interests (say, travelling, photography, theater, music) and you on hers, too.

Marriage is more about compromising, tolerance and understanding. Oh yeah, and of course, the consummating part, too, without a doubt! But even if you have the deepest love and most passionate earth-shattering love-making sessions, kalau tak ada 3 di atas tu in either of you, tak guna juga. Nanti asyik sakit hati aje.

I'd say, if you were my brother, and your instincts feel greatly about your future suri, buat istikharah and just go for it. jgn lupa seek also your mom's blessings. sangat-sangat penting to get you through the much tested journey.

what your mom says is only as rough guideline, i'm sure.

all the best, ok?

Amy said...

Biasalah Amy kak Lin, bila hubby takde tu...tido cam tak lena sgt, tido-tido ayam, browse, pastu tido lagi..tu baru terjaga balik tuh! heheh

afiq said...

I guess..

Istiqarah is a great way to get the best of decisions. (eventhough I'd never tried it yet) Thank you for your insights on marriage. Well, 5 more years to go..


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