Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Itch for Mitch

I went to work by train today, managed to squeeze through the already crowded car to lean against the window-panes at the end and continue reading Mitch Albom's Tuesdays With Morrie.

I was on The Twelfth Tuesday: We Talk About Forgiveness. Which made my eyes welled, screaming to burst, right there, in the car, on the train, amongst the crowd.

Aiyoh, this book, ah. How come I didn't come across this book soon enough, when I was a lot younger and confused and angry at the world?

And certainly during the time when I had to deal with a hell lot of painful goodbyes, both to the living and to the dead.

As I've passed to Farhi my copy of Albom's Five People You Meet In Heaven last week, I plan to pass this book to Celi pula lepas ni.

I just can't wait to start on Albom's For One More Day tomorrow, and am gonna try find the DVDs for the tv-movies of both Morrie and 5 People books.



Zetty said...

baca entry ni membuatkan saya rasa berkobar2 utk membaca jugak.

cikta said...

I've watched both Morrie & 5 people. Sangat terkesan kalbu gitu.....

Roti Kacang Merah said...

For One More Day oso very very very noice. Padanla #1 book in M'sia for how many weeks already woh!

waaaaaaaah!!!!! datin sri cikta ke niiiiiiiii????? hehehe

ada DVD dia ke? can borrow or not??

ween said...

i think i read tuesday with morrie 6-7 yrs back... memang syiok.. and since you brought it up I think i want to re-grab that book and read it again :)

& oh yes hi you.. came across your blog from amy's

khemy said...

kak lin, you've been tagged!!
Check out my blog. I blog too!!!!

Amy said...

Nampok comment ween..singgah la selalu, blog kak lin mmg best macam Zetty's, funny and cheeky!
Erk..update la kak Lin!!!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

i saw your beads-blog... i love i love i love!!! MORE, please! Now looking for fluorite nuggets (coz can't afford well-cut ones!) necklace for abg zul (so that dia boleh pakai bawah tshirt or shirt dia)! found in amcorp that cost less rm50... boleh la tu kan???

velllkum to ze blog vurrrrld!

windu kak lin ehhh??? ihik hik hik hik...!

Angelita Atractivo said...

i'm a fan of mitch albom, too. readl all the books.

maybe can just borrow the DVDs fr you?

Roti Kacang Merah said...


sure can borrow one! but first i must try get them, maybe at Speedy vids ka! *grins*


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