Monday, July 02, 2007

Hooking On Spooks & Emergencies


You, cantik kan bulan penuh? Since Saturday night.

I wished I could be in Bali or even at one of the islands on the East Coast this time of the month.

And thanks, Amy, for thinking of me! :-D


First, it’s Zetty’s June 6th entry, Ada Hantu Kat Tingkat 3.

Then it’s Kak Dins’, here and here.

And then my bro Farhi’s, and then Blabarella’s.

I’m spooked like nobody’s business… but also hooked! I couldn’t get myself away from reading them posts, pastu bila balik rumah terus jadi takut!

And to top it, Abang’s gonna be away from this coming Thursday till Tuesday (and the first time I'll be alone at home since gotten married!!!). Dah le the 1st night he’s going away would be a malam Jumaat, and Blab’s tale of the pocong spooning her when she was 11 definitely didn’t help mkayyyy….hwaaaaaaaaak.

I’ve never encountered any spooky stuff in my life (or maybe I had unknowingly, Allahu a’lam) and I certainly not gonna, ever, I hope! Hell my office I’m in now pun ada spooks juga actually, but minta dijauhkan dari usik-usik aku… insyaAllah!

And having two pengecut cats do not help either…but I’ve at least some company at home, right?

I just don’t get it… back in the U.K I was alone in my apartment for 2,3 months at times in spring or summertime, but never once did I felt any chills. Or are the M’sian hantus give a scarier impact than their gweilo counterparts, ah?

So… anyone wants to teman me at home for 5 days??? Please???


Ya, ya, I haven’t bought the Hurix Ginseng as recommended by Yonne nor the Apple Cider as recommended by Maria, but I been taking this herbal branded as “malac” everytime before bed, supposedly to help ease back troubles, which it has brilliantly.

I missed taking it last night, knocked-out pretty bad after an exhaustive hectic day. And now, here I am, at the office, in my slippers, my fingers and wrists and back of my knees and ankles swollen, and my back killing me like crazy.


I got this from Pika through the e-mail. Kindalike true, actually. Though the comparison to hookers/prostitutes leave much to be desired, but, itulah kenyataannya.

The Truth About Being Architects…

1. You work weird (night time) - Overtime ...
Just like prostitutes.

2. They pay you to make the client happy...
Just like a prostitute.

3. The client pays a lot of money, but your employer keeps almost every penny...
Just like a prostitute.

4. You are rewarded for fulfilling the client's dreams...
Just like a prostitute.

5. Your friendships fall apart and you end up hanging out with people in the same profession as you...
Just like a prostitute.

6. When you have to meet the client you always have to be perfectly groomed...
Just like a prostitute.

7. But when you go back home it seems like you are coming back from hell...
Just like a prostitute.

8. The client always wants to pay less but expects incredible things from you...
Just like a prostitute.

9. When people ask you about your job, you have difficulties to explain it...
Just like a prostitute.

10. Everyday when you wake up, you say: "I'm not going to spend the rest of my life doing this."
Just like a prostitute.

Hmm… terasa diri seperti dilacuri.


Oh, last Thursday night, at around half 10.

As Abang was washing off after supper in the kitchen while I slumping on the couch infront of the telly, the block alarm went off.

We first thought it was that typical accidental tripping. But soon the alarm on our level also went off. This couldn’t be good, I thought. so I went to see what was outside, and as I peered through the door, I saw the corridor filled with smoke!!!

I quickly shut the door and shouted to Abang as I reached for my handbag at the dining table, “Abang, the alarm’s real! Get your keys and wallet! Pakai baju cepat! Aaaaah, shit, shit, shit, carrier Labu Labi tak pasang lagi!!!”

I actually took apart their carrier the week before for cleaning up coz Adi pernah pee dalam tu and Labu Labi have been sniffing around inside and wouldn’t want to get in. And once the carrier’s dry, aku tak pasang-pasang semula balik in the name of procrastinating.

Anyway, Labu & Labi, upon our commotion and the deafening ringing of the bell outside, sudah takut and sudah sembunyi tah merata-rata like they always would… belakang cabinet la, bawah meja la where it’s difficult to reach… aiiiieeeeeeeey!

And aiyoh, since I never get to be in that kind of emergency, I myself sudah gabra… the locks and door to the carrier asyik fell off, the top and bottom of the carrier didn’t fit hence the locks tak boleh click, my fingers are numb with panic, and what’s more, I kept thinking, “Is this why my left eye has been pulsating the past one week??? That I’m gonna cry ‘coz something bad is going to happen???” Arrrrghhhh.

Abang was calm enough to actually told me to do anything I’d have to do while he went out to check what was it all about. From inside I heard him and the neighbours talking and checking all the 12 units on the level, and no, the smoke didn’t come from any of us.

That said, people have started making their way down in droves, so Abang came in and asked me to join. By then, the carrier was still in shambles!!! Aiyoooo.

So, lesson number one, always always put the carrier back together right after they’ve been cleaned so that shit happens less in times of panic!

And finally when the carrier was ready, satu hal la pulak nak pi mencari budak dua ekor tu la lagi! And when we finally found them, kesiaaaan diorang. Terus takut-takut and jadi timid. We shoved them cids (cats + kids = cids) in the carrier, locked the doors and off we went down the stairs amidst the onlookers from the adjacent block peering through their windows to see what was happening.

Half-way down, we met the guards who told us that the fire’s at Ground Floor and successfully been put off using the hosereels. So, pantpantpantpant with TWO sihat cids in one carrier (berat woh!), kami pun naiiiiiiik la balik to our unit. Mujur la we live on level 6. Kalau level 14??? Hah, turun je lah terus ke bawah, and tunggu till everything reda, and just hop on the lift.

Anyway, once we were inside our unit with icky peluh all over, we then heard the BOMBA.We looked outside and there, right underneath our unit, parked right behind our car! Mujur there’s a vacant carpark beside us, so there was actually some working space for the uniformed men if they had to do their stuff.

But they didn’t have to since the fire’s already been put off. They did however went in to check the particular unit. Abang went down to check whether he needed to move the car (and I thought I wanted to check on the uniformed men, but then decided not to, heh heh), but as soon as Abang reached down, there was way too large an inquisitive crowd that he decided to go back up. So, no, we didn’t get to know what caused the fire, which unit in particular, whether there was anyone inside and how bad was the losses.

But at least, we knew the alarm worked; the hosereels worked and the BOMBA could still maneuver-in amidst the packed road (tu la mulut aku capol sangat… just previous weeks I had asked Abang, “Kalau ada kebakaran kat sini, BOMBA boleh maneuver ke around these parked cars on this packed feeder-road into our condo compound ni ah???”)

Better still kalau ada speaker system so that the residences could get instructions on what to do and where to go apart from updates if the fire’s under control ke apa.

Final lesson… always always put your house keys, car keys, wallets, hp and passports at one place yang mudah dicapai when it comes to emergency. ‘Cos no matter how calm you thought you could be in times of crisis or disaster, you could never tell when you actually couldn’t.



Amy said...

Teringat kak Lin pernah citer maaa pasal bulan penuh. I even took a picture of it. nanti tengok dlm my post. Best ke ubat herbal tu? My back pun kadang2 sakit..isk, must be my body weight. Amy pun tak pernah la lagi alami mende2 pelik nih, macam duduk hostel 4 tahun pun tak kena 'himpit' ke apa ke, alhamdulillah la. Sure amy panic kalau kena. sekali je la masa lepak dgn member minum2 kat kuar sampai 2am lebih, on the way balik, both of us saw mende putih terbang depan keta that I drove. Dedua senyap, pastu serammm. Padan muka, mama dah kata anak dara tak elok kuar malam2 :D hehheheh kalau Amy tak kahwin lagi, Amy volunteer teman akak, bleh borak2..tapi takmo citer pasal hantu!!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

mana mana mana gambar bulan on your post??? tak sabar ni!!! I have way so many gambar bulan, tapi sebab tak guna camera with fast shutterspeed, the cahaya dispersed, making gambar jadi tak sharp.

yup. back-pain and body weight mmg ada kena mengena. tapi kdg2 tidak juga... kalau kurus and pernah ada back injury or kerja extra kuat masa muda-muda, pun akan sakit-sakit juga. I took that 'malac' bcoz it's so easy to makan ~ one pop before bed, that's it. hehe

kak lin pun, since umur 13 dok asrama, alhamdulillah tak pernah kena ganggu wpun kak lin pernah duduk bilik yang jadi "laluan"! but of course i don't want to take any chances, kan??? hahaha

hmmm mesti kak lin buka tv satu mlm and tidur with the lights on masa abgzul tak da nanti ni.... huaaaak.

shabar said...

ala faszt...ko kekena tinggal 5 hari je. aku ni kena tinggal 3 minggu! imagine la...time tu la baby nak kena inject, anak sulung nak masuk uni, yang 3rd mintak dtg sign report card kat sekolah, ada training plak know what? enjoy your time being only two of you. i never had that privilege. the moment i married, i owned 3 kids already...enjoy while you can...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

alah 1st time kena tinggal, memang le rasa cenggini. Padahal yang 32 tahun membujang tu, semua boleh buat sendiri, kan? haha

yup, memang tgh enjoy gila-gila being the two of us and the cats. very very blissful, alhamdulillah!

Zetty said...

so, ada encounter yg menarik tak?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

alah, the usual bunyi kerusi diheret-heret from the levels above. Dulu bila kak lin tanya jiran atas about it, dorang kata dari orang-orang atas diorang... so how? Pekak tinger je la. hehe


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