Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hidup Rakyat!

Nat's free at last at 5.15pm!


Live updates from his sis Cheryl Tan as at 5.35pm (please read from the most bottom msg moving to top):

battery dying

but it’s held out well. Wow that was a lot of cameras. Jet is holding the banner.

family photo

then apparently we can go home. General confusion.

storytelling continues

talking about the remand hearing and the cause of the case anyway. Lots of bloggers. How nat was kept in the dark. His laptop and computer and his phone … And his monitor… Are still with the cops for forensic investigation.

tian also says

this is an example of how the osa can be abused even if there is no proof and no document. Oh nat gave li tsin the flowers. Asked about treatment. Denied a lot of information. We’re moving outside

siva is talking

and nat’s on the phone. I’m a bit far off so i can’t hear much. The lawyers filed the revision and that hearing will be tomorrow. Something about how it’s not academic the revision. Patting backs and all. The car council is coming tomorrow. Seeing nat’s arrest as something against freedom of expression. Tian talking now about how this will be followed up. Intimidation tactics. Defend freedom of speech all that. Jet standing next to me.


in malay. Thanks everyone. Case is loosely connected. Actually totally uncollected. Something about bullying the skinny kid. You’ll be able to listen and watch this speech soon i’m sure cos there is a video camera. Thanking thanking


he totally shouted hidup rakyat. Hugs kisses. Flowers. Oh they’re carrying him almost on their shoulders.

i see party flags

and cameras and people Quite a lot

uncle boy taking pictures

here in the reception. Grabbing our ic s and going to see the people waiting outside.

walking out

here we go!

about that liquid paper

it was like to mark it. Oh here he comes

they liquid papered his bag

and it’s with us now. Nat just came out of the room and went somewhere with dsp victor.

just got the phone back

the lawyers came and dad went to talk with then and took the phone. Four thirty came and went. Dad just came out. He said he’s signing the thing already so nat should be out soon. Standing with dad li tsin and lawyers. Waiting. Argh.


I seriously, honestly cannot imagine how things would be for me if Abang yang kena arrested. I'm not even gonna try to refute the fact that one day he's gonna be detained for his perjuangan. He's all there in the risky group. I just pray that Abang will get as much support as Nat does. I hope you readers would help be my pillar of strength too, should the need arises.... ya?


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