Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Aku Pi Tengok...

I’ve one word for the movie Transformers


Me being the "emotionally attached" kind when watching movies, I find the movie so physically draining, though… lepas tengok tu, I was panting and letih macam lepas lawan-lawan robot sama! I think I had my knuckles all white for holding Abang’s forearm too hard, too!

Graphics were excellently cool. Abang&I will be buying it on DVD and nak tengok puas-puas in slo-mo masa part-part lawan-lawan.

And the details??? Foooh. The whole world’s hats-off to the team, right from the details of animation and visuals down to the military details of strategies and gadgetries! Pretty believable la, for laymen like us kan.

And there were funny parts, too! Bayangkan robot-robot main sorok-sorok kat kawasan rumah takut your parents nampak pastu tukar jadi keta-keta bagak right on the frontyard when all else fails, boleh?

The characters? I love the Sam Witwicky character, Autobot’s Bumblebee (Sam’s car) and Decepticon’s Frenzy Boombox.

Optimus Prime punya suara, fuhhhh, still bergetah sama macam dulu-dulu!

And Hugo Weaving’s voice for Megatron pun simply superrrrrb! Lepas ni aku nak tengok balik Matrix (Agent Smith) and LOTR (Elrond), nak tatap acting dia puas-puas!

Cuma I wish they could've adapted the original song dari katun TV tu.. nostalgic la sikit, kan. Heh heh

So, ok, nak siap-siap untuk pi UM, ada crit session in the ACAU Workshop (Asian Coalition for Architecture and Urbanism) at 2pm, and esok will be on leave to attend and prepare Abang for his long trip.

Eh, tapi, Friday and Saturday ada Seminar kat KLCC from 9am till 5pm… so, will probably write again on Monday kot. Kalau rindu sangat, esok malam pun aku leh menapak ke c.c... main YM dengan Abang, hehe.

Read more about the movie (and also the history of Transformers from the beginning of Earth) here in Wiki which has all the very very interesting facts and trivias about the movie, and also the fullcast here at the Movie Database.

Pi tonton jangan tak pi walaupun tak suka!!!



Yonne said...

Dah pi tengok dah kat Imax during office hours, hehe...>D

Roti Kacang Merah said...

ada kat imax??? YESSSS! nak pi tengok nak pi tengok nak pi tengok!


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