Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Oil Prices The Last 16 Years

I received this through the email. I thought it'll be a great reference later on.


Harga minyak sepanjang zaman.. (dalam masa 16 tahun - sejak 1990)

Sebelum 90 - RM 0.89
Tahun 1990 - RM 1.10 (kenaikan RM 0.21)
01/10/2000 - RM 1.20 (kenaikan RM 0.10)
20/10/2001 - RM 1.30 (kenaikan RM 0.10)
01/05/2002 - RM 1.32 (kenaikan RM 0.02)
31/10/2002 - RM 1.33 (kenaikan RM 0.01)
01/03/2003 - RM 1.35 (kenaikan RM 0.02)
01/05/2004 - RM 1.37 (kenaikan RM 0.02)
01/10/2004 - RM 1.42 (kenaikan RM 0.05)
05/05/2005 - RM 1.52 (kenaikan RM 0.10)
31/07/2005 - RM 1.62 (kenaikan RM 0.10)
28/02/2006 - RM 1.92 (kenaikan RM 0.30)


Mind you, tu tak masuk list naik tol lagi, harga ayam naik, harga tepung naik, harga ubat naik...

Our gaji? Last review was 1992. Mujuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur tahun ni depa review. And you think the kenaikan can compensate with all the beratus-ratus perkara yang naik???

Hmph, you wish.



I think my house kat tingkat 5 ni memang akan jadi OSCC (one stop center for [lost]cats).

Duluuuuuu bulan Mac/April tahun lepas, Labu datang, terus for good.

Aritu, Chookie pula datang menumpang.

Malam tadi, while Labu Labi were having their wet-food dinner by the kitchen, from the bedroom I heard a peculiar meowing, a wee bit too close to our unit for comfort. I rushed out front, asked Abang yang masa tu tengah tengok TV, “Sapa yang meow lain macam tu??? Bukan Labi tu! Abang tak dengar ke???”, and saw Labu Labi abandoning their dinner and went straight to the door instead.

The peculiar meow came from right outside the door.

I opened to peer, and terus a teenage grey long-tailed cat darted in without kasi salam or even an inch of hesitation, like it was seeking shelter from something really scary outside. Labu Labi instantly jumped onto the tucked dining chairs, their normal hideouts, where they can safely observe the stranger. And the stranger nervously looked around, confused, and instinctively hid under the console table.

“Ahhhh sudah. Not another one!!! Dah la grey colour, Bang (one of my fav colour on cats)! Macam mana niiiiii.”

“Abistu… jangan la kasi dia masuk!”

Dia yang masuk terus, macam tengah lari dari rimau ke apa!”

“Dah, dah, pi ambil makanan sikit, letak dalam bekas, kita tinggalkan dia kat lif lobi. Alin bawa dia, Abang bawa makanan.”

And so I poured a wee bit of LabuLabi’s biscuits into a bekas, gave it to Abang, while I took the grey kitty into my arms.

Instantly it tucked into my arms for security… but when it saw Abang, suddenly kucing tu menggigil menggeletar macam dalam ketakutan yang amat sangat! Like, really, shaking like a leaf! Ish, kesian betul.

And when we took it outside, it jumped out from my arms and ran to our front door’s neighbour’s shoe rack and hid kat situ pulak… macam nak sorok dari Abang.

“Tu la Abang, pakai tuala je (masa tu Abang memang tengah nak sejukkan badan nak mandi). Kucing pun takut, hahahahaha.”

So I put down the biscuits near the door… but it kept meowing outside till late at night.

Aiyoh, tak moh bukak la lagi pintu, nanti dia masuk lagi, akaaaaaaak plak yang susah nak lepaskan semula.

Tapi pagi ni, grey kitty dah tak da di luar. Makanan pun nampak tak berusik.

Aiyoh I’ve got to stop craving for a small baby kittens. But occasionally, you know what… I still do miss Chookie, the good little boy I could not own.


Monday, July 30, 2007

Walking Baro of Sorts


At 5 a.m this morning, I woke up feeling rather belengas... all corners of my sendi berpeluh-peluh amidst the fan and aircond (I'm a fan person; Abang's an aircond man. So both gets the best of both worlds. But don't let Al Gore tahu. Mati kami.)

And it didn't help with Labu & Labi being extra manja this morning... Labu menyelit cari haba behind my pinggang and Labi at my betis.

Aiyoh. Like wearing furry jacket on one side of my body. No, make that both sides since Abang who is on my other side is quite furry, eh, hairy too. Heh.

As always, I know I'm a walking barometer, I told Abang. I think it's gonna rain pretty soon.

And boy it did at 7.50a.m tadi.

I can so work at the laundries and be their weather woman don't I.

(OK I'm just gonna put up previous weeks' photos here. Stories of them will be up later mkay. Purdy tight schedule today. 'Laters.)


The closest I got to feeling of wanting another small baby, like how people with (grown-up)kids would feel, was a few weeks ago. I felt like having another small kitty. All because Labi is growing out of his manja phase, dah tak moh sangat peluk-peluk dengan aku 24-7 macam dulu.

Nowadays, ikut mood Labi la... bila dia nak tidur or resting, baru la dia mencari Kak Lin dia, nak panjat-panjat la, gesel-gesel tangan minta gosok-gosok kepala dia la, baring meniarap berpusing-pusing kepala buat kiut minta kita garu-garu dia la. Kalau dulu, bila dia dapat rasa kita nak dukung dia, dia duk diaaaaam aje. Macam menunggu-nunggu kita datang nak dukung and peluk-peluk cium-cium dia. La ni, kadang-kadang dia lari menyorok bawah meja tak moh dipeluk dicium.

It's almost exactly like how kids are once they've grown out of their baby-ing phase, innit?

So, I been silently wishing another kitty to caress my soul. 'Silently', coz we both know that we could not have an additional furry-one in the apartment. Three's a crowd, lah. Nanti sekor lagi rasa tersisih, kan? Plus, vet bills makin melambung la kak oiiii. Kalau biasa balik kampung 3 hari and board Labu Labi Adi harga RM20/ekor/hari total cost RM180... nanti jadi RM240, tau. Adehs.

Anyway, last Friday the 21st, coming back from fetching Abang's nieces in Shah Alam around 10.30pm, a wee lil rumpapump dashed across the corridor into our lift lobby, as if seeking shelter from something. Alaaa keciiiik je, macam Labi mula datang dulu. Tapi yang ni lagi kurus.

Mind you, we noticed, ada loceng kat leher dia! Means, the kitty ada tuan! So I picked up the wee one, his meowing so besar tak padan dengan kecik.... very nasal "Mmmmmehhhh, mmmmehhhh..." (kucing kan biasanya bunyi “meow, meow” ;-P), and aku pujuk Abang to allow me bawa the baby naik atas for the night coz he clearly got lost. Abang was so reluctant ~ he knew I would easily get attached to it. But the kitty terus je baring atas my lengan macam keletihan gitu... aiseh. Cair akak and Abang Zul, deknon.

And once upstairs, Abang was very very reluctant to let the wee kitty inside the house for the night. Not because Abang’s heartless, but more of him being practical. He’s an animal-person, as I do. But we can’t afford to keep more than three (LabuLabi, plus Adi in Bangi), and getting attached to another one would be disastrous. He knows me that part too well, alright.

And so, me and the nieces wrote a notice about a lost wee kitty, turun bawah at the copier to make copies, and went around the blocks and areas with possible foot-traffic, and lekat the mini posters. Adala stengah jam juga. All the while, I had the kitty in my arms… mana la tau kot ada terserempak dengan tuan punya dia.

The next day, while waiting for any phonecalls from people hilang anak kucing, I spent almost most of my time with the kitty ~ kejap aku panggil dia “Laba” (after Labu and Labi, Laba seemed like a perfect continuity dak?), kejap panggil “Baby”, kejap panggil “Lobo”.

And this baby… sooo pembersih! I actually provided him another set of kitty tray, but he instead went on sniffing towards the existing communal tray kat dapur nun, masuk and kuis-kuis-kuis, peepee or poopoo, kambus properly and jilat himself afterwards so the very the bersih! Ohhhhhh I love I love I love!!! Even Labi, till now pun aku kena cebok dia everytime after Big Job, tau!

Also, he was sooo manja… golek-golek dengan aku. Mana-mana aku pergi, dia ikut. Tapi dia tak suka orang smother dia kat perut (i did that to check kutu kucing... he had two kutus), dia akan bising macam orang nak sembelih dia ke apa. And kalau the ever inquisitive Labi datang dekat nak check him out, dia marah amboi tak padan dengan kecik…

Finally, Abang had enough of me getting too attached to the baby. And no phonecalls at all. So he put down his foot and ajak me to go and try find the owners, go ketuk satu-satu pintu. Imagine that!

Nevertheless, with a heavy heart, I went with him, with the baby in my arms.

Once when we were outside, we met this one friendly boy upstairs nama Alif, and when Alif saw the baby, he exclaimed that it was his friend’s, Aiman, who lost the kitty but then the mom tak suka bela kitty.

So he took us up to Aiman’s place, and while Aiman was very eager that we found the baby, he told us that he actually found the baby wandering and decided to keep, but the mom tak suka. So all four of us went down to Alif’s mom instead to pujuk her to accept the kitty w’pun she’s already gotten a big ol’ Persian. And of course, Alif’s mom also refused to take in the kitty.


But Abang was adamant. Abang told the kids to try go around find the owner coz tak bertanggungjawab just leave a baby like that without the mother. So the four of us went back to our unit and aku bekalkan budak-budak tu dengan kotak, separuh tin makanan lembut and seberkas pasir kucing. And off they went for an adventure to find the owner of the baby, even a new owner for the baby jika perlu.

Almost an hour later, the boys knocked on our door. Aku dah gabra, takut they came back to tell us depa dah letih nak cari the owner.

But when I opened up the door, great news came… they said the owner actually bumped into them when they stopped to rest and give the kitty some food, and told them that he has been looking all over for the kitty for the past 3 days, nicked “Chookie”.

Aiyoh we were all so relieved.

But you know, till now… I still do miss Chookie. The really good and well-behaved boy that I could not own.


I guess… this is how people with kids crave for when their kids have all grown… nak another baby to smother to care to peluk to cium to manja, and to be dependent on you.

That’s the closest I could relate to their wonting. The closest of being the walking baro of motherly-instinct.

Cuba la compare saiz dia dengan Labi kat bawah kanan, tu!


Aie(atas), Tasha, Abg Ca'a, Mala, Along


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Minggu Panjang

I'm knaaaaaaaaackered. Both physically and emotionally.

I had grrrrrreat but very full weekends with Abang's grown-up nieces, them both bunking over at our place. The weekend then ended on a very very long day sampaikan kami dua letak je kepala atas bantal pukul 12.30 Ahad mlm tu terus mati sampai pukul 6 pagi Isnin.

And then, come Monday till yesterday was a Managerial course for me, course yang saaaaaaangat gereksss! Besssst!

So, 'tis my first day at the office today, dengan penuh kekobaran (maklum lah baru attend kursus yang sangat memotivasikan, kan) walaupun keletihan yang ammmmmmmet.

And of course, coming back to reality isn't that great after all. For one, I got to know that my tender docs missed the tendering boat just becoz the bloody responsible department couldn't find the docs that we've long submitted to them. Sakit tau ati. the VERY sakit. Bukan first time ni depa bitau tak jumpa cari docs la reports la hence miss the boat. Bengang giler.

Dan juga lain-lain masalah human resource yang tak sepatutnya jadi masalah aku tapi kalau berlaku aje telinga aku yang jadi panas sebab ada pihak yang mengharapkan mulut laser akak to bersuara instead of coming from the pihak yang bertanggung jawab themselves.

Eiii, why lah orang tak suka jadi unpopular. Akak tau la akak dah ready-mix fofular kan, hence giving some piece of my mind pun would not make me unpopular coz I'd still be popular at the end of the day. *angkat bakul ni*

Tapi at least pagi ni aku dah mula guna the quadrant management system that I've learnt yesterday to start my day. Wah, very refreshing rasanya. Itu saja penyedap jiwa aku untuk hari pertama bekerja. Will tell more about the quadrant... bila ada masa.

But before I end for now, I've two things:-

Kalau nak upah pembunuh, upah je anyone under-aged or dari kalangan ada connection kuat dengan "Wahyu Di Sana". You'll eventually be acquitted from it. And 10 years from now, berhati-hati bila engaged lawyer - he might once be a child-killer when he was 12.

Cikgu-cikgu kena jaga 200-500 anak orang. But mak bapak hanya kena jaga 2-5 orang anak aje. Jadi, bila cikgu denda suruh cangkung dalam pond sebab Mak Ayah tak pernah ajar anak supaya jangan buang pad dalam toilet, jangan la marahkan cikgu yang kena jaga 200-500 anak orang tu. Sila marahkan Mak Ayah yang hanya kena jaga 2-5 orang anak(monyet).

Kalau anak aku la yang balik ngadu sebab cikgu suruh cangkung dalam kolam, aku akan cakap, "Padan muka. Degil lagi."

Okeh gotta go. Samung karang.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Itch for Mitch

I went to work by train today, managed to squeeze through the already crowded car to lean against the window-panes at the end and continue reading Mitch Albom's Tuesdays With Morrie.

I was on The Twelfth Tuesday: We Talk About Forgiveness. Which made my eyes welled, screaming to burst, right there, in the car, on the train, amongst the crowd.

Aiyoh, this book, ah. How come I didn't come across this book soon enough, when I was a lot younger and confused and angry at the world?

And certainly during the time when I had to deal with a hell lot of painful goodbyes, both to the living and to the dead.

As I've passed to Farhi my copy of Albom's Five People You Meet In Heaven last week, I plan to pass this book to Celi pula lepas ni.

I just can't wait to start on Albom's For One More Day tomorrow, and am gonna try find the DVDs for the tv-movies of both Morrie and 5 People books.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hidup Rakyat!

Nat's free at last at 5.15pm!


Live updates from his sis Cheryl Tan as at 5.35pm (please read from the most bottom msg moving to top):

battery dying

but it’s held out well. Wow that was a lot of cameras. Jet is holding the banner.

family photo

then apparently we can go home. General confusion.

storytelling continues

talking about the remand hearing and the cause of the case anyway. Lots of bloggers. How nat was kept in the dark. His laptop and computer and his phone … And his monitor… Are still with the cops for forensic investigation.

tian also says

this is an example of how the osa can be abused even if there is no proof and no document. Oh nat gave li tsin the flowers. Asked about treatment. Denied a lot of information. We’re moving outside

siva is talking

and nat’s on the phone. I’m a bit far off so i can’t hear much. The lawyers filed the revision and that hearing will be tomorrow. Something about how it’s not academic the revision. Patting backs and all. The car council is coming tomorrow. Seeing nat’s arrest as something against freedom of expression. Tian talking now about how this will be followed up. Intimidation tactics. Defend freedom of speech all that. Jet standing next to me.


in malay. Thanks everyone. Case is loosely connected. Actually totally uncollected. Something about bullying the skinny kid. You’ll be able to listen and watch this speech soon i’m sure cos there is a video camera. Thanking thanking


he totally shouted hidup rakyat. Hugs kisses. Flowers. Oh they’re carrying him almost on their shoulders.

i see party flags

and cameras and people Quite a lot

uncle boy taking pictures

here in the reception. Grabbing our ic s and going to see the people waiting outside.

walking out

here we go!

about that liquid paper

it was like to mark it. Oh here he comes

they liquid papered his bag

and it’s with us now. Nat just came out of the room and went somewhere with dsp victor.

just got the phone back

the lawyers came and dad went to talk with then and took the phone. Four thirty came and went. Dad just came out. He said he’s signing the thing already so nat should be out soon. Standing with dad li tsin and lawyers. Waiting. Argh.


I seriously, honestly cannot imagine how things would be for me if Abang yang kena arrested. I'm not even gonna try to refute the fact that one day he's gonna be detained for his perjuangan. He's all there in the risky group. I just pray that Abang will get as much support as Nat does. I hope you readers would help be my pillar of strength too, should the need arises.... ya?


My First Vigil

Abang & I went to join and lend our support to the Bebaskan Nat candlelight vigil last night at IPD Dang Wangi. It was the 3rd vigil as a campaign to free Nat after a questionable arrest and, quoting on Tian’s words, “arbitrary detention”.

I’ve never been to any vigils before, unlike Eli who's a professional vigil attendee that she bought herself that big candle from Ikea which she can reuse when the time requires her to do so. I might just do that myself, keep one in the car for Abang's easy use. Great idea lah Eli! ;-)

And since Nathaniel Tan is part of Abang’s team-mates in SK, we, including DSAI since Nat is also DSAI's secretary for the "Foundation for the Future", were all there to give him support for his freedom. It rained LabuLabi&dogs when we both got there, but there were already many people around, all spirited-up in the name of camaraderie and solidarity.

I’ve never met Nat personally even though I occasionally drop by his & gf’s & gang’s blogs for some cerebral perusings.

Abang told me before hand that when the jinggeng got the news that Nat was arrested with nobody exactly know what the reason was, everybody went like, “Wha??? Nat??? Got arrested???”. Abang said that Nat’s such a well-mannered, intelligent, smart and soft-spoken guy, he wouldn’t even bat a fly. So his arrest came as a shock to them, even some find it rather comical.

Of course, eventually, they got to know what the arrest was all about. I heard fellow bloggers thronged at the 2nd vigil on Sunday night to show support.

It’s just amazing to witness the acts of comradeship and amity that transcends beyond all borders of race and beliefs. But of course ada antara kita kat luar tu yang masih nak mengungkit hal-hal gini. I just simply cannot see how the act of mengungkit ni helps to reflect Islam, especially so when this Nat-guy physically went down to help the Muslims in Acheh after the tsunamis tanpa mengungkit-berkira. Ish.

So, you know, in conclusion… quoting the Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (MAICSA) president Akbar Moidunny from today’s Star:

A good whistle blower protection policy could curb some of the corporate irregularities recently reported by several public listed companies. “If you have a good protection policy in place, that will encourage more people to come forward whether though hotline or some other methods”.

Ha ha, and he thinks the g’ment doesn’t know that already??? Sheesh.


1. video from vigil.
2. Eli's entry on last night's vigil.
3. The Harvard Crimson (Nat's alma mater)
4. Nat's impending release update.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Welcome to Thy World, Bitee Jr.

I wrote about the demise of my high-school senior in Doa Buat Abang Bitee before, he who inspired me to take up architecture and wade through the torturing years even though he couldn’t finish the course himself.

He passed away last year on the 28th of December 2006, leaving a 2-mth old pregnant young wife (Myra’s younger than I am) and a 3 ½-yr-old daughter.

Semalam 17 Julai 2007 tepat 7.11am, Danial Aman bin Saiful Bahari selamat dilahirkan. Myra mms-ed me at 9.46am, as promised that she would once baby dilahirkan.

Alhamdulillah… complete set of anak, even without the Ayah physically around.

And it still feels like as if Abang Bitee could reply my congratulations sms to him.

I don’t know where Myra gets the strength to go through her days with her daughter and unborn baby without Abg Bitee and the support of Abg Bitee’s family. She had to go through quite a bit since losing her husband ~ his family wasn’t supportive of her any longer, they practically took most of his belongings away and eventually she decided to move back into her family’s home with her kid. When she called me up after sorely in need of someone to talk to, she still sounded so…. strong. It was I who felt troubled and overwhelmingly sad after we hung up. I really wished I could be of help in person. She felt so alone since none of her own family members could help her. And she’s quite way down in Tampin…

I could only doa Myra, Damia and Danial to be happy, safe, healthy and strong. I know Abang Bitee’s always around, watching them. Didoakan agar anak-anak Myra dapat membesar dengan cukup kasih sayang w’pun ketiadaan Ayah di sisi, insyaAllah.


Friday, July 13, 2007

Mati Kejung Segala


I love fresh plants, especially flowers. But they just hate me.

Cactus pun boleh mati at my hands. Tapi everytime pass ke Fahy, elok cantik je pulak tumbuh kat taman cactus kat tingkap bilik dia.

The roses berkembang cantik pagi ni. Tapi aku tahu, under my care, the flowers won't kembang cantik for long. Pagi til tengahari aku dah borak-borak dengan them roses; dah puji-puji depa... tapi petang ni, some of them are beginning to show signs of withering.

Mind you, office aku ni central aircond dia ngalahkan kesejukan Scotland. Supposedly very good for fresh flowers, kan?

So, you know, right now, I feel the very the frustrated. I wish I had the green-fingers like Ayah & Fahy. Suma tanam menjadi.

This really make me hate coming to work this coming Monday, having to come to wilting flowers. I guess.... I'm never good at facing deaths...


Sangat-sangat mahu tonton The King & I tapi sangat-sangat tak mampu. Kot sapa-sapa ada dapat complimentary tickets and in need of company, ingat-ingat lah saya, ya *grins*.

Adik-adik & I grew up watching a hell lot of musicals including the original version of The King & I. We all especially love the part when they performed "Small House of Uncle Thomas" ballet at the banquet. We adik-beradik used to rewind the scene on our VHS sampai hafal every single detail. Best betul scene tu.


Apart from the roses yesterday, Abang took me to @mcorp M@ll for dinner and a movie despite him masih lagi keletihan and perut meragam. Caiyaaaaaaaaaang kat Abang, heh heh.

We saw Mati Kejung Manyak 'Suiiii. I kindalike enjoyed it quite a bit ~ scene lawan-lawan tak OTT-too-long sangat. Tidak la sakit kepala aku. And I must say the virtual-terrorism concept the writers came up with was pretty impressive and believable. Tapi, seperti biasa la, hero golek sana golek sini lantun sana sini masih lagi boleh bangun. Kulit tak tersagat apa pun. Itu je la yang aku tak berapa puas hatinya, kan. heh heh

Pi la tengok. Worth it juga tengok di big screen.


Esok mungkin aku datang ofis. It's Abang's working weekend. So I thought I'd just take the opportunity to datang kerja and sort my computer filing system on my hard-disk and then possibly come up with a standard computer filing system for the technical division. It's been put off a wee bit too long already.

Tidak la masing-masing menggagau nak mencari folder/document bila person in-charge cuti. So far I've gotten good feedbacks on my filing-system ~ everytime I'm on leave and ada orang perlu cari surat or document on my computer, they could find what they need pretty easily.

Cuma masalahnya, depa-depa ni rajin atau malas je nak ikut sistem aku nanti. Standard la tu.

Have a grrrrrrreat weekend y'all.


Thursday, July 12, 2007



ring ring.




Ihik hik hik hik hik hik dah dapat bunga, tenchewwww ihik hik hik hik hik hik!

"Ihik hik hik hik hik!"


Post YingYang

Oh, I really need to mention that my bro Ahy telah put up really nice double-layered curtains (sheer and non-sheer) in my living room at the condo on the eve of my birthday. Cantikkkkk. Murah pula tu… total expenditure (material, jahit, hooks) RM130 je! Pandai dia ek?]

Will put up photo of it… simple but noice!

Since the langsir is cantik yet murah, I thought I might as well guna the same sheer curtain to the other rooms pula lepas ni... insyaAllah.


As expected, the final half of my yingyangday last night did not end as memorable as I’d like it to be. Abang masih keletihan and his perut mula meragam as any traveling would do to your stomach. So we ended up having dinner at McD Connaught aje eventhough sebenarnya aku nak pizza tapi Abang tak suka pizza. Mujur tak preggie, kalau tak, meleleeeeeeeh air liur baby nanti, hehe.

At 8.30pm, Ayah & Umi called to say they’ve received the cuppies and prezzies and they sounded soooooooo happy! Banyak betul pahala Siti for making a hell lot of people happy in one day!!! Bless Siti’s soul.

Though I was badly in need of some distraction from the weight of things on the family front that I had to help carry since last week till yesterday on my birthday, I guess I had to forgo that and ended up crying my eyes out in the living room after Abang had turned in early at 9.30pm. Finally, aku menangis sepuas-puasnya. Lega gila.

Then bila dah lega I caught up with TV and reading till 12.30am ‘coz nak tunggu wish Ayah Happy Birthday pula.

Pagi ni rasa wayyyyyyyy better. Kepala aku dah tak panas, hati aku dah tak hangin, perasaan aku dah tak sayu. Semua lancar je, Alhamdulillah. Cuma perut Abang je still troublesome.

This morning Umi called to say she loved the black-beaded formal-selendang I bought her and Ayah pula called to say he loved the book I got him, Mahbob Abdullah’s “Planter’s Tale”. When I first saw the book last week, it automatically reminds me of Ayah, himself dealing in planters and estates once upon a time. So, it’s really nice to hear Ayah regaling and relating his own experience, at times coinciding with Uncle Mahbob’s – as how he referred the author as – own tales.

I suggested that perhaps he should write his own tale too since his English is almost impeccable and his own experience equally vast – masuk utan, keluar utan, teroka tanah, ajar orang-orang kampung of the new rubber-tapping technology etc. And he thought that was a swell idea, he might just do that one day.

And oh, the roses and lilies are beginning to bloom…cantik! This morning I divided the flowers into two vases, satu letak kat reception and satu in my own room. Alah, lovelies lah kalau masuk-masuk ruang ada something as beautiful as fresh flowers.

Perhaps I should just do that to myself occasionally – get myself or the office some fresh flowers. They really really brighten up faces and spaces lah. Like hearing babies’ laughter, you know. Nak stress pun tak jadi.

I bought Tunku Halim's 44 Cemetery Road from the airport bookshop last week. Sampai la ni tak baca lagi. Takut. Tapi nak baca. So how???


Listening to: Iwan Fals' Dongeng Sebelum Tidur

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My YingYang Day

click for larger image
If there is one birthday girl who bought herself cakes and give them away to her officemates to enjoy her day... that would be me, heh heh.

Kalau nak tunggu orang hantar birthday cake ke ofis aku, memang tak akan berlaku punya kan. So, I ordered cupcakes again, this time with kitty-theme, from who else, Siti Hajar.

I went to pick-up the cuppies from her office at Wisma Denmark nearby... itulah pertama kali jumpa this very lovely lady eventhough this is my third time ordering from her. At the same time, I hand her the prezzies for my mom's belated birthday (12th June) and my dad's tomorrow (12th July) so that she could deliver sama-sama dengan the other set of cuppies for my folks tonight.

My officemates, with the creative juice of Intan Nor'ain, made a really nice card full of kitty pics. So chomeyl. And Intan&Mom made a really nice mihun goreng as a birthday breakfast for us all at the office.

It's just so so nice to see everyone so so happy with the cuppies and the mihun goreng w'pun birthday girl eventually only get to keep one cuppy aja out of the 25 numbers. Tak pa, as long as everyone's happy and enjoyed each other's company! (Aiyoh, tak puas lah. Macam nak order je lagi dari Siti. Perasa baru dia sedap lah!)

And then at noon, I got a surprise delivery of a really gorgeous bouquet of yellow roses and lilies from my consultants. Mujur dorang ni memang consultants yang sangat rajin dan pro-active. Tidak lah terasa macam nak membodek aku, kan? hehehe

Can't wait for the buds to really bloom, though! Mesti cantik dan wangi!

Haven't gotten a designated birthday prezzie from Abang yet sebab aku malas nak pi recci apa yang aku suka walaupun Abang dah asyik tanya-tanya dah pi recci apa-apa ke belum, eiii malas malas malasnyiaaaa.

But last night Abang brought home for me a couple of collector's CDs that I been wanting to have and brilliant batik silk for Raya and buahtangan-buahtangan lain from his overseas friends, so for the time being I'm pretty much a one happy fat wife hehehehe.

Tonight? Entah, tak plan apa-apa lagi. Dok rumah tengok TV je kut. Tapi... hope not, though!

Apart from my family, I've also had great great surprise wishes from friends yang sangat lama tak dengar cerita atau berjumpa. Like, memang unsangkarable lah bila dapat birthday thots dari depa. 'So noice.

Also Dear Friend, who never failed to wish me at midnight of the eve of my Day every year since sixteen years ago. This time round with an extra umph.... an mms-pic of the recent full moon on the 1st of July. And thank you for your prayers, too...
Cantek, kan...? Sigh.

Oh ya... why I call my YingYang Day??? 'Coz it's my 34th year. And I thought since the superstitious Chinese believe that '3' is ong and '4' is sui, so the 34 is kindalike, for me, that the '3' negates the '4' equals to 'neutral' and 'balanced' i.e Ying&Yang.

Bah! Corny, whatever. But lemme just remember my 34th year as my YingYang year... Alhamdulillah, so far, my happiest year for quite a while. Semoga berpanjangan Ya Allah... Yaarabbal 'aaalamiiin.

Wokeh, nak samung buat kerja. Sangat busy sebenarnya. You guys have a great day like I have so far 'mkay?


Monday, July 09, 2007

Drama Drama


I find it funny pula.

'He' did not break 'his' silence over the photo which witness “Amy” mentioned in Court, but breaks 'his' silence over the FAKE photo. (plagiarized from here over this.)

'He' is so darn Bodoh. Serta juga kambing-kambingnya yang lain.

And what's worse, 'he' thinks 'he' can perbodohkan orang lain juga.


I been alone since Thursday night, and so far, things are okay. Cuma malam-malam tidur buka lampu bilik, and pagi-pagi pi kerja park kereta kat LRT station and naik LRT sampai Bandaraya.

Things have been pretty drama-drama on the family-front since Wednesday, a day before I sent Abang off at the airport. So, I kinda needed Abang's shoulder the past days. But the hikmah that he's not around at this time is that I can help settle these dramas without feeling much embarrassment and I have the car and my time at my own disposal.

I missed having dinners with Abang. And early morning embraces before heading off for shower. Huwaaaak.

Tak pa, esok malam Abang balik, insyaAllah, yeayyy-yeh!

With birthday present to boot too, yeayyy-yeh!

I'm at the cc, it's quarter past 8pm, and I'm beat. Tadi hantar keta for cleaning. Kat office soooooooooo hectic. Line also down. And Kak Dina's closed down again, since Wednesday too. Sigh.

See, I told you last Rabu was a drama-drama day.

Will write more later. Right now I just need my mawwwais, all manja and wangi baru lepas mandi last night.

And Mitch Albom's Tuesdays With Morrie. Uiiii, baca laaaah. Best betul.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Aku Pi Tengok...

I’ve one word for the movie Transformers


Me being the "emotionally attached" kind when watching movies, I find the movie so physically draining, though… lepas tengok tu, I was panting and letih macam lepas lawan-lawan robot sama! I think I had my knuckles all white for holding Abang’s forearm too hard, too!

Graphics were excellently cool. Abang&I will be buying it on DVD and nak tengok puas-puas in slo-mo masa part-part lawan-lawan.

And the details??? Foooh. The whole world’s hats-off to the team, right from the details of animation and visuals down to the military details of strategies and gadgetries! Pretty believable la, for laymen like us kan.

And there were funny parts, too! Bayangkan robot-robot main sorok-sorok kat kawasan rumah takut your parents nampak pastu tukar jadi keta-keta bagak right on the frontyard when all else fails, boleh?

The characters? I love the Sam Witwicky character, Autobot’s Bumblebee (Sam’s car) and Decepticon’s Frenzy Boombox.

Optimus Prime punya suara, fuhhhh, still bergetah sama macam dulu-dulu!

And Hugo Weaving’s voice for Megatron pun simply superrrrrb! Lepas ni aku nak tengok balik Matrix (Agent Smith) and LOTR (Elrond), nak tatap acting dia puas-puas!

Cuma I wish they could've adapted the original song dari katun TV tu.. nostalgic la sikit, kan. Heh heh

So, ok, nak siap-siap untuk pi UM, ada crit session in the ACAU Workshop (Asian Coalition for Architecture and Urbanism) at 2pm, and esok will be on leave to attend and prepare Abang for his long trip.

Eh, tapi, Friday and Saturday ada Seminar kat KLCC from 9am till 5pm… so, will probably write again on Monday kot. Kalau rindu sangat, esok malam pun aku leh menapak ke c.c... main YM dengan Abang, hehe.

Read more about the movie (and also the history of Transformers from the beginning of Earth) here in Wiki which has all the very very interesting facts and trivias about the movie, and also the fullcast here at the Movie Database.

Pi tonton jangan tak pi walaupun tak suka!!!


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Yok Skive Yok


I just love my ‘working’ relationship with Abang.

We’re like sparring partners when it comes to his art, especially so when he needs touch-ups or graphics on his cartoons using the photoshop.

So, do catch Abang’s latest cartoon here on Cartoonkini. Graphics and touch-ups by Rotikacangmerah®. Hehe.

Meanwhile, I found this cartoon of Abang's in Harakah being posted on the 'net.

Specially dedicated to Siti's "fans" with the likes of Zetty and co. hur hur.


'Tis so quiet in the office today. Except in the morning when my senior, my assistants, my consultants and I had a grueling morning preparing submission drawings and tender documents to be submitted to two different departments.

By 11am, it was all back to being quiet ~ my consultants went back to their respective offices, my assistants went back to joining the rest of the staff for briefings for the coming GE somewhere in wherever. Tinggal me, my senior lady officer and a married lady assistant. And not even the clerks around, you know!

OK, us the married lady-professionals je yang tinggal, I get it.

Hmmm… *rubbing hands and grinning devilishly*

Called Abang. He’s gonna belanja tengok Transformers (yeayyyyyyyyy!!!) and makan for the work done at item 1/3. He’s fetching me earlier than usual… by 4pm, he says (I finish work at 5.30pm).

"Let’s skive and watch Transformers at 6pm, yok!" he says.



Tengahari semalam, from his office.

“Abang dah habis deadline ni. Lauk lunch banyak ni. Kita makan untuk dinner, k? Karang boleh masak nasik aje.”

“OK! Tapi, ambil la Alin cepat sikit. Jangan la tidur sampai pukul 6pm. Nanti by the time sampai rumah, nasi lambat masak.”

“OK, kalau macam tu, nak Abang masakkan nasi dulu before keluar ambil Alin ke?”

Hek ele, macam la dia tau masak nasik, kan. Hahahaha.

*smirk* “Abang tau meh masak nasik???”

“Eh, mesti la tau! Tapi, periuk kat rumah tu jenis apa?”

“Toshiba, kot.”

“Hmmmmph, Abang mana reti guna periuk Toshiba. Kalau periuk National ke, Sanyo ke, reti laaaa.”



Monday, July 02, 2007

Hooking On Spooks & Emergencies


You, cantik kan bulan penuh? Since Saturday night.

I wished I could be in Bali or even at one of the islands on the East Coast this time of the month.

And thanks, Amy, for thinking of me! :-D


First, it’s Zetty’s June 6th entry, Ada Hantu Kat Tingkat 3.

Then it’s Kak Dins’, here and here.

And then my bro Farhi’s, and then Blabarella’s.

I’m spooked like nobody’s business… but also hooked! I couldn’t get myself away from reading them posts, pastu bila balik rumah terus jadi takut!

And to top it, Abang’s gonna be away from this coming Thursday till Tuesday (and the first time I'll be alone at home since gotten married!!!). Dah le the 1st night he’s going away would be a malam Jumaat, and Blab’s tale of the pocong spooning her when she was 11 definitely didn’t help mkayyyy….hwaaaaaaaaak.

I’ve never encountered any spooky stuff in my life (or maybe I had unknowingly, Allahu a’lam) and I certainly not gonna, ever, I hope! Hell my office I’m in now pun ada spooks juga actually, but minta dijauhkan dari usik-usik aku… insyaAllah!

And having two pengecut cats do not help either…but I’ve at least some company at home, right?

I just don’t get it… back in the U.K I was alone in my apartment for 2,3 months at times in spring or summertime, but never once did I felt any chills. Or are the M’sian hantus give a scarier impact than their gweilo counterparts, ah?

So… anyone wants to teman me at home for 5 days??? Please???


Ya, ya, I haven’t bought the Hurix Ginseng as recommended by Yonne nor the Apple Cider as recommended by Maria, but I been taking this herbal branded as “malac” everytime before bed, supposedly to help ease back troubles, which it has brilliantly.

I missed taking it last night, knocked-out pretty bad after an exhaustive hectic day. And now, here I am, at the office, in my slippers, my fingers and wrists and back of my knees and ankles swollen, and my back killing me like crazy.


I got this from Pika through the e-mail. Kindalike true, actually. Though the comparison to hookers/prostitutes leave much to be desired, but, itulah kenyataannya.

The Truth About Being Architects…

1. You work weird (night time) - Overtime ...
Just like prostitutes.

2. They pay you to make the client happy...
Just like a prostitute.

3. The client pays a lot of money, but your employer keeps almost every penny...
Just like a prostitute.

4. You are rewarded for fulfilling the client's dreams...
Just like a prostitute.

5. Your friendships fall apart and you end up hanging out with people in the same profession as you...
Just like a prostitute.

6. When you have to meet the client you always have to be perfectly groomed...
Just like a prostitute.

7. But when you go back home it seems like you are coming back from hell...
Just like a prostitute.

8. The client always wants to pay less but expects incredible things from you...
Just like a prostitute.

9. When people ask you about your job, you have difficulties to explain it...
Just like a prostitute.

10. Everyday when you wake up, you say: "I'm not going to spend the rest of my life doing this."
Just like a prostitute.

Hmm… terasa diri seperti dilacuri.


Oh, last Thursday night, at around half 10.

As Abang was washing off after supper in the kitchen while I slumping on the couch infront of the telly, the block alarm went off.

We first thought it was that typical accidental tripping. But soon the alarm on our level also went off. This couldn’t be good, I thought. so I went to see what was outside, and as I peered through the door, I saw the corridor filled with smoke!!!

I quickly shut the door and shouted to Abang as I reached for my handbag at the dining table, “Abang, the alarm’s real! Get your keys and wallet! Pakai baju cepat! Aaaaah, shit, shit, shit, carrier Labu Labi tak pasang lagi!!!”

I actually took apart their carrier the week before for cleaning up coz Adi pernah pee dalam tu and Labu Labi have been sniffing around inside and wouldn’t want to get in. And once the carrier’s dry, aku tak pasang-pasang semula balik in the name of procrastinating.

Anyway, Labu & Labi, upon our commotion and the deafening ringing of the bell outside, sudah takut and sudah sembunyi tah merata-rata like they always would… belakang cabinet la, bawah meja la where it’s difficult to reach… aiiiieeeeeeeey!

And aiyoh, since I never get to be in that kind of emergency, I myself sudah gabra… the locks and door to the carrier asyik fell off, the top and bottom of the carrier didn’t fit hence the locks tak boleh click, my fingers are numb with panic, and what’s more, I kept thinking, “Is this why my left eye has been pulsating the past one week??? That I’m gonna cry ‘coz something bad is going to happen???” Arrrrghhhh.

Abang was calm enough to actually told me to do anything I’d have to do while he went out to check what was it all about. From inside I heard him and the neighbours talking and checking all the 12 units on the level, and no, the smoke didn’t come from any of us.

That said, people have started making their way down in droves, so Abang came in and asked me to join. By then, the carrier was still in shambles!!! Aiyoooo.

So, lesson number one, always always put the carrier back together right after they’ve been cleaned so that shit happens less in times of panic!

And finally when the carrier was ready, satu hal la pulak nak pi mencari budak dua ekor tu la lagi! And when we finally found them, kesiaaaan diorang. Terus takut-takut and jadi timid. We shoved them cids (cats + kids = cids) in the carrier, locked the doors and off we went down the stairs amidst the onlookers from the adjacent block peering through their windows to see what was happening.

Half-way down, we met the guards who told us that the fire’s at Ground Floor and successfully been put off using the hosereels. So, pantpantpantpant with TWO sihat cids in one carrier (berat woh!), kami pun naiiiiiiik la balik to our unit. Mujur la we live on level 6. Kalau level 14??? Hah, turun je lah terus ke bawah, and tunggu till everything reda, and just hop on the lift.

Anyway, once we were inside our unit with icky peluh all over, we then heard the BOMBA.We looked outside and there, right underneath our unit, parked right behind our car! Mujur there’s a vacant carpark beside us, so there was actually some working space for the uniformed men if they had to do their stuff.

But they didn’t have to since the fire’s already been put off. They did however went in to check the particular unit. Abang went down to check whether he needed to move the car (and I thought I wanted to check on the uniformed men, but then decided not to, heh heh), but as soon as Abang reached down, there was way too large an inquisitive crowd that he decided to go back up. So, no, we didn’t get to know what caused the fire, which unit in particular, whether there was anyone inside and how bad was the losses.

But at least, we knew the alarm worked; the hosereels worked and the BOMBA could still maneuver-in amidst the packed road (tu la mulut aku capol sangat… just previous weeks I had asked Abang, “Kalau ada kebakaran kat sini, BOMBA boleh maneuver ke around these parked cars on this packed feeder-road into our condo compound ni ah???”)

Better still kalau ada speaker system so that the residences could get instructions on what to do and where to go apart from updates if the fire’s under control ke apa.

Final lesson… always always put your house keys, car keys, wallets, hp and passports at one place yang mudah dicapai when it comes to emergency. ‘Cos no matter how calm you thought you could be in times of crisis or disaster, you could never tell when you actually couldn’t.



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