Friday, June 01, 2007

*Wave Wave Wave*

It's part and parcel of life of perjuangan - baik perjuangan hidup, perjuangan kerja, perjuangan belajar. Perjuangan apa-apa pun.

You either get love... or you get hate.

You either have selfless passion of what you're fighting for... or just being plain selfish with deep embedded personal interest.

You either wake up at 5 or 6 in the morning doing work work work, almost every other day, on working days or on non-working days, and then continue at the office, at then come back home at night and continue with work, without ever thinking the fact that you're being underpaid for your effort even if your enemies think you're paid millions... Or you get on with that attitude, "gaji bukan banyak pun. Buat apa susah-susah kerja lebih-lebih? Lebih baik kita joli."

You either face even the harshest criticisms constructively and dengan izin Allah, try prove them wrong... or fall-flat and thus prove them right.

You either work hard sincerely, with clear conscience and feel good about it... or you play bad politics and stab people front back left and right and do not mind being thought as a scum.

Or even, have a mixture of everything.


Abang was clearly deeply upset that I was equally being bashed personally through him.

Why la I'm not surprised (of me own personal bashings).

Aku pun tak tahu apa (being thrown at me), siapa (who lashed and bashed), bagaimana (thro blogs or phonecalls or emails), or how damaging (the lashings and bashings)... I just don't want to know and refuse to know the details.

My conscience is clear ~ I have no problems with them who apparently, EVIDENTLY, have problems with my husband (or even with me now). They are of no importance to me per se, and nor I to them. If I see them in functions or gatherings, I probably still shake their hands or talk to them and get friendly with them unknowingly, but I don't care, coz I lashed out to only ONE UGLY PERSON and I don't have any business with the rest who lashed back at me or those who now have problems with my mere existence.

I've said sorry to Abang for riling up over the unbecoming comments on him when he's been working damn hard at the office and even back at home sampai terlantar sakit almost every other week coz bekerja terlalu kuat and itu sahaja cara it seemed that he gets rested, while I get heartbroken watching him working relentlessly so tanpa memikirkan apa-apa imbuhan pun. Of course no one knows about this, how hard he's been working and all. Takkan nak heboh, kot?

Or perhaps, let me just do what I think I should do graciously....

*wave wave wave wave* Hi y'all! Thanks for dropping by! See ya around, ya! Luv ya too! Mwahs!



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