Monday, June 04, 2007

Tahniah, Takziah

:: Congratulations to my first matchmade-couple (‘matchmade’? ‘matchedmake’? ntah), Sharifah & Mahadi for their lil baby Ahmad Muaz bin Mahadi born on time (amboi kecik-kecik dah ikut kata, yea… hehe) on the 26th May 2007.

Ahmad Muaz bin Mahadi, HUKM, 26-05-07

Cik Lin & Uncle Zul dok la pi berkejar ke HUKM hari Ahad tu masa Uncle Zul masih tak larat jalan lagi sebab demam teruk. Punya la jauh nak jalan ke wad specialist kat tingkat 7 tu. Sampai-sampai je, rupanya Muaz dah dibawa balik ke Rembau 2 jam sebelum tu, ya? Hmm, tak pe lah, nanti Cik Lin jumpa Muaz, k? muah!

:: Congratulations too to my second (and so far, the last) matchmade-couple, I & H, yang telah merisik dan dirisik baru-baru ni dan akan bertunang, insyaAllah, tidak lama lagi.

(depa tak kasi aku announce apa-apa on the blog, tapi aku nak ucap tahniah jugak heh heh)

:: Takziah buat aku sebab Adi kena masuk hospital lagi semalam tengahari kerana sembelit… tak poo-poo since last Wednesday and pee-pee since Saturday.

Kesian ke Adi.

I went to fetch my sister Da and Adi my cat from Bangi last Wednesday night sebab UmiAyah were going back to Kelantan for a wedding and nobody will be at home.

And Adi, being the ‘exclusive and non-sociable cat’, dah even stressed-out long before we fetched him. Apatah lagi bila dah sampai our kondo where his litter tray dah rupa lain his water bowl and food bowl dah letak kat tempat lain what more with additional two other cats (Labu & Labi). Aiyoh. Susah la laidis.

Every morning and evening, we manually syringed Adi air supaya lawas. And gave him more canned food instead of biscuits.

He drank, he ate till Friday, but still didn’t poo.

So, on Saturday morning, Da and I took Adi to the vet. Since Adi was so garang-garang coz he was in pain, the vet checked him and then gave us some prescription and allowed us to take Adi home and put him under observation for two days.

She gave Adi a liquid laxative (to be taken 3 times a day, 8 hours apart), appetite pill (coz the vet said with the laxative Adi may lose a wee bit of appetite) and asked me to buy ‘physillium husk’, kindalike a fiber-supplement for the constipated which is sold at almost any pharmacies. The husk is supposed to be mixed sikit with the canned food, so that lawaskan poopoo dia. We gave him all that, yet tak poo. Worse, after all that meds and husk-mixed food, dia still tak pee la pulak!


That Saturday night, I surfed the net more about constipation in cats and urinary tract problem in cats. Just to get more infos.

And the worse to happen kalau constipation berterusan is that the cat will get Megacolon, where the dilatation of the colon gets dysfunctional due to prolonged constipation/”obstipation”.

"the colon loses its ability to contract, and as a result, relaxes and enlarges, resulting in a colon that's much larger in diameter than the anus is. When this happens, stool fills up in the oversized colon and can't easily pass out of the body. And sadly, a majority of the time, the stool can't pass out of the body at all. Over time, the colon continues to draw moisture out of the stool, making the stool harder and even more difficult to pass out of the body. Add to that the fact that additional stool is moving down the intestinal tract towards an already-full colon, and you've got a potentially dangerous situation."
From here.

Read more here kalau nak tengok xrays of constipated cats and surgeries of megacolon.

The whole of Sunday morning, Adi kept growling even when he was by himself. Keluar masuk litter tray, kangkang-kangkang teran-teran, but nothing came out. So kesian tengok dia. I bet he was in so much pain...

And then when he finally puked green slimy stuff at 1pm yesterday, and that was it for me! I took him back to the vet straight away. Adi tak makan, tak minum, nak berak tak boleh. Pasti la muntah, kan? Keluar gastric juice pula tu.

But that same evening, Dr.Teoh, the vet, called and said he’s managed to put Adi to sleep and tarik 50% of Adi’s poo out… all hard and keras. The location of that 50% of the poo was already in the colon, means that Adi dah actually teran keluar tapi either too keras or Adi’s pelvic dah too narrowed to further teran keluar and so the poo paling near to the hole tu jadi keras so nak teran yang lain keluar semua tak leh keluar. Alah, kesian tak.

Dr.Teoh has also managed to give some meds to kurangkan resah Adi. And this morning, Doc kata Adi dah makan sikit, dah mula kencing, tapi tak berak2 lagi the rest of the 50% tu. So, still kena put on observation. Takut-takut megacolon. And if it is (NA’UDZUBILLAH!!!!), then Adi may have to go under the knife to cut his big colon away…

And eventhough Dr.Teoh said Adi’s recurring constipation may not be due to his diets (the previous normal cat biscuits in the market that I been giving him are known to cause stones in the bladder to cats. In this case, let’s call it the F-biscuits), but when Umi got to know that Adi’s being hospitalized yet again (which, she knows, cost pretty much a bomb), she secretly called me from Kelantan and informed me that apparently Daddy Dearest still feed Adi with the F-biscuits at times instead of the formulated biscuits that I bought (which cost 3.5 times more than the normal ones). He argued with Umi that Adi doesn’t like the new diet-biscuits.

But then bila aku tanya Ayah, depan-depan muka mak aku dia tak mengaku ke aku yang dia beri Adi makan F-biscuits tho I specifically told him since Adi’s first constipation and urinary problem dulu that the F-biscuits that he gives to the stray cats kat belakang tu are not to be given to Adi at all dah. And then he even had the cheek to tell me that the diet-biscuits may be the thing yang poisoning Adi.


Aiyohhhhhhh. Really. Dugaan. REALLY.

Aiyoh. Past stories of lies and deceptions and hurt came back hurtling around my head and my soul. Rilingly bitter I was.

Nothing to do with the cat. But the whole point is, his lies are now becoming habitual.

Howwwwwwww lah.

So now, waiting for Dr.Teoh to call back.

Will update. Hati too sakit to continue.



kemi said...

3.7kg en. mad featured in rotikacangmerah blog.....kecik kecik dah exposed kat internet nih...

Roti Kacang Merah said...


wow, semangat! alhamdulillah! ni mesti kena badi cik lin and uncle zul dia hehehehehehe


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