Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Safwita came over for lunch, taking the Star LRT from her office in HSBC-KL down to mine. Dah lama tak hang out dengan dia. I used to hang out at her place whenever I went down to Sheffield to visit Yussof. She reeks nostalgia. I knew her since 1989, as long as I’ve known Yussof. We were all best mates back then. We all still are, in fact.

Aiyoh I remember hanging out at her place for Yussof’s and her graduations, both at different times and at different unis in Sheffield. Way back in Summer 1996. Whoar, eleven years ago. Pejam celik pejam celik.

I could write a book about this lady. One of my friends that I highly admire, up till now. I can’t say that she’s my bestest of friend (like I could die for her or she could die for me kindathing), but we could catch-up with lost times even before we could finish say “Hi!” to each other.

She used to call me “Oi bontot!”, for very obvious reasons. Or she could greet me, “Oi apasal kau gemuk sangat sekarang ni?”, but coming from her, I knew she meant it as purely love & fondness, heh2. Pelik naper aku tak pernah nak ambil hati kalau dia cakap macam tu. Kalau orang lain la yang cakap... wacchhhaaaa, tak sensitive langsung nei.

You know, masa belajar dulu, some of us even had to work part-time to make ends meet. Instead, this lady, she was so thrifty & prudent, she could send money back home to her only sibling (a younger brother) and her single mom, who both back then menumpang kat rumah auntie dia… and save up money to go visit her then boyfriend (now dah jadi husband) in the U.S. Terror, kan? Kagum betul. Worked darn hard, she did. Top of the class, she was. And she passed with flying colours.

Oh, by the way, hubby dia same batch as I was in MRSM Jasin. Batch ’86. Keciiiiiiiiiik dunia ni

Eh I could regale endlessly about her… about our time in MRSM Jasin; in U.K; back in M’sia ~ how she got to work in the same office as my cousin and my ex-bf at MEPS (keciiiiiiiiiik dunia ni), the time when she was ‘discovered’ by modeling scout at KLCC, the time her husband had tumor (now clear, Alhamdulillah!), when her dad passed away last year 15-08-06… aiyoh, banyiaknya.

She just found out about my blog and My First Love entry last Sunday, the day Yussof bersanding belah his family. She just got back from her holidays in the Cameron Highlands hence accidentally missed the event; while I, for very obvious coincidental reason, just got back from my holidays too.

And so she decided to come over and have lunch at my office and catch-up. We spoke on the phone, like, once in 6 mths? And the last time we met was Christmas 2005 ~ my wedding. Gila lama. Tapi, best betul tadi ~ borak borak gossip gossip gelak kuat-kuat tengah-tengah cafe. Like the old times! Sayangnya Ezlina tak da! Kalau tak, lagi havoc!

And did I mention that I never forget her birthday??? And if I did, she would actually ask me on the day itself kenapa aku tiba-tiba terlupa nak wish dia. Hahaha tak maluuuuu, wuek.

Eh, baru teringat, I’ve never even met his daughter yang sangat pandai itu lagi. Dah nak masuk Darjah 2 dah dia kot. Ish. So much for being a close friend, huh? Heh heh.

Wokeh Saf, see you around again… perhaps in another two years’ time? Hehehe me bad friend lah. Great friends like this are hard to find, though.

Reminds me one day I’d have to write about Fairuz, Remo and a few other great friends, too.



Shabar said...

Next time when you call her, kiim salam ek. I think I last saw her masa your wedding la jugak...how time flies...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

OK! Will do!

BTW, kau nak tahu... laki dia Edily skrg ni selalu hang-out dengan Amin Jendul Ketua Mafia Form 1-3 dulu tu. Saf kata Amin tak de rupa ex-ketua mafia langsung... dah la kelakar, kaki gossip plak tu! hahahaha. Padahal masa sekolah-sekolah dulu, orang-orang macam Edily la Amin will call as LDPig heh heh. Keciiiiiiiiiiiiiik dunia ni.


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