Friday, June 22, 2007

Ikut Saja Laaah

(Ni nak tiru-tiru style The Kimster ni, letak number before any new topic)


Aiyoh, dah Jumaat dah????

Tak pasti kenapa, but am not really looking forward to this weekend padahal it’s Abang’s weekend off (yayyy to Abang's off-days!).


I saw Jack Neo’s “Just Follow Law” on the DVD last two nights at home and finished the rest today during the long Friday prayer’s break. Aiyoh the very the kelakar one lah! I so thoroughly enjoyed it! Abang doesn’t like it though, perhaps it’s the switching of souls between the two main characters that put him off the film.

But I thot the switching of characters (between Gurmit Singh and Fann Wong) was brilliantly done ~ Gurmit wasn’t flamboyantly OTT with him supposedly having a woman’s soul switched into his body, and Fann was funny as a man… especially the earliest part when she first discovered that she’s a man while in the bathroom. I know I know mesti korang kata alah mesti lah part yang dia discovered dia tak da anu. But this time, there's additional twist! Kena tengok sendiri, lah! Hehe

I also love ALL the supporting characters… Bamboo (the only Malay actor on board, Suhaimi Yusof) and "Jackstick" (or is it? Aiyak can’t remember the other guy's character), Muthu the guard, the senior corrupted officers, the follow-by-the-book secretary, and all the other tukang-tukang ampus… really, Job Well Done to the casting director!

I love the humor (which I, as a civil employee, can relate to), I love the Singlish and I love how racially harmony the film portrays!

I’m quite surprised too that Singapore, which is very well-known for its rigidity and hush-hush opposing world (and apparently worse than the M'sian administrators), could actually release this kind of film.

Kalau kat M’sia, sedangkan citer Dukun tu pun kena ban (if you can still remember, Dukun’s based on a real story of Mona Fandey who was hung for killing some AmNoe MP who initially went to her to get some ilmu kebal of some sort in his quest to be the next Menteri Besar … or so I heard from the grapevine, ok, of the real reason why Dukun’s being banned. Not at all my own presumption), apatah lagi kalau citer macam Just Follow Law ni. Jangan lah harap even trailer dia nak dilepas-tayangkan.

But let’s not be too pessimistic over the system here in M’sia, shall we?

Ingat tak dulu, satu ketika, the M’sian censorship board banned any production of cerita-cerita tahyul and hantu by the locals, and then quite suddenly we were hit by a wave of them cerita hantu & “tahyul” from Japan, Thai and Korea? Nah, sekarang ni? We have the Pontianak Sundal la the Jangan Pandang Ke Belakang la Chermin la Waris Jari Hantu la.

Perhaps lepas Just Follow Law ni, some local folks would have enough guts to come up with such satire based on M’sian life and civil service, say, aptly named as “Bayar Saja Laaah”?

Oh ya do check out on the blog that Fann Wong’s on-screen mother has. I thought it was only a script she said “I also blog, maa” and then revealed her website ~ Betul wujud, rupanya! Heh heh

“The film takes a satirical look at the inflexibility of outdated governmental rules and regulations and the rigid mindsets of civil servants who follow rules to a fault, charming and delighting audiences with its humorous and perceptive insights.”
~ quoted from Just Follow Law official website


Oh, I know! I need to do the rendam kaki in air halia lagi this weekend!

My best friend Maria had one halia-detox session yesterday evening. She bought 300gm of halia from C@rrefour3 which cost her only RM1.00 (how come mine cost me RM4 at H3ro???!!! ‘Nnateyy.), cuci-cuci, potong-potong kasar, rebus and rendam kaki.

For someone who doesn’t perspire even lepas jogging 2 kali pusing kat Tasik Titiwangsa, the foot-soaking managed to make her sweat! Finally (ni macam masalah aku gak la niii)!!!

So, she’s officially hooked to halia feet soak ok. Cumanya….. she also experienced the pijar-pijar kulit less than 30minutes into the soaking. So I guess the halia does make one’s skin stings after all, no matter jumlah dia sikit ke banyak. Ah well.

So… Ginger-feet weekend y’all!



Tok Rimau said...

Suhaimi is very talented. Love his humour.

goboklama said...

'diaorang' kan pantang ada benda negatif dikait2kn,mustilah awal2 dah dicaras.

well,itu halia bentong kut,mmgle mahal... Tapi kalau kuar peluh saje,lemak,toxin dlm.badan tak kuar camner?

roti kacang merah said...

Ya, ya, suhaimi sangat kelakar dan bersahaja! Cerita lain apa lagi yang dia berlakon, ek?

ooo ada halia bentong mari, ka?

anyway, peluh tu nak keluarkan toxin lah. lemak pulak... peluh tu maybe leh tlg encourage the metabolism to work better, kot? and of course, kena exercise juga, hehehehe


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