Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Four Years Later

Kawan-kawan traders Abang di Jalan Masjid India beritahu Abang petang semalam, the last big KL flood (that flooded Actor's Studio underneath Dataran Merdeka) in 2003 also occured on June 10.

And if you read here, major flood events were cited on June 11, 2002 and June 10, 2003. And now, masuk satu lagi eventful date... June 10, 2007.

Macam tsunami/earthquake happened on Dec 24, 2004, and the previous year Dec 24, 2003 in East Asia.

Strange coincidences, huh.

So much about having the SMART Tunnel, being not-so-smart after all. OK la towkey, I kasi you chan... not yet fully proven. Maybe going to be smart after this July, the tunnel that is.

When the idea came on board, they claimed that the tunnel would help dissipate flash floods.

And then when flood still happen, they claimed that the tunnel is only for dispersing storm water, bukan to prevent flash floods (I always thought storm water is the biggest culprit in flash floods? No?).

Then, the Deputy DG of DID yesterday admitted that ya, tunnel itu boleh tolong prevent flash flood 'coz flood in KL mostly happened due to overflow of rivers. Deyyy, apa da, kejap ya kejap tak?

And then we would still have to pay for the SMART toll this Friday even if the tunnel would only be fully-useable (for stormwater dissipation purposes) in July when all of the retention ponds are supposedly to be readied by then. Apa kah? Kalau tak siap sepenuhnya, buat apa nak bayar lagi? Entah lah.



Amy said...

Frustrating kan kak? I still think the revised toll rate is too much

Roti Kacang Merah said...
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Amy said...

My Abang Zul will be the happiest person kalau Amy pindah Kuantan kak. Hari tu while eating kuih tepung pelita 3 keping RM1 (besar tau!)Amy dok puji2 kata Kuantan food dia murah and sedap, terus dia suggest kitaorg pindah ke Kuantan.. Amy jawab "Takmo ah! Panas, nanti gelap" kwang kwang..

Roti Kacang Merah said...

it's not a 'revised' rate. it's already set prior to the construction of the tunnel. Kawan-kawan AbgZul got hold of the concessionaire agreement, and in it stated also that the rate will be revised a.k.a increased every three years.

Ibu negeri Tol(ol) kita ni.

Jom ramai-ramai pindah Cherating, heh heh.

Atau kita pindah K.T, yok... pagi-pagi pi keja, tak jam. Ikan murah dan fresh. Pulau-pulau just within reach!!! Tak pe la itam pun, kan dah kawin? Saham dah fulfilled dah, hehehe


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