Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Enema My A** II

Hari paling ramai guests before lunch tadi.

At 10am, Said (my bro Ahy's closest friend a.k.a Ahy's 'Big Bro' a.k.a dah jadi part of my parents' anak and my own siblings) datang lepak at my office after an interview kat SPA before heading off for lunch with his mate kat MARA.

At 12pm, another adik, Iri, dropped-by after done interviewing people for lesen penjaja 5 levels above my office.

At lunch time, my aunt Induk Midah dropped-by for lunch from her Tradewinds office across the road, just to lepak and story story story.

So, fuh, hari gaji buta sey, heh heh. But at 2.30pm ni till God Knows What Time, ada meeting and presentation... so, nosssobad la kan.

I been getting quite a number of responses about the detoxing thingee actually. All of them called sebab beritahu nak try the halia detoxing la the juvanex la the tea la apart from saying Hi.

But I got one email from an ol' mate, Achen. Thot I could just share her enthusiasm. Really, I'm having serious thoughts of giving it a try even though I'm very lucky to have very very regular bowel movement daily.

Cuma aku tak pasti kalau my knees can touch my chin lah kan (Achen ni selim-melim tinggi-lampai kuruih-muruih orangnya. Kalau dia preggies kembar 3 pun, I'm sure she can still pull her knees up to her forehead! Serious ni!)... I suppose, for the time being, that (knees touching chin) being my only reservation and problem lar, heh2.

"...Ni Achen la…Sorry unable to leave comment on your site… M** dept ni suka nak filter2… I dapat baca je… gambar pun takleh tengok…amende ntah… dizaman sains dan teknologi ni….

Anyway, I read your blog on Enema… Hehehehh.. guess what? I’ve used it many many times, many times on my kids…..kesian tau… menjerit2 anak ong… and thrice on myself masa nak beranak (3 separate times ok for each delivery)….nurse la tolong picit kan….i had to lie down on my side with knees touching my chin then I sat for a while and off to the toilet… (actually same procedure masa nak masukkan epidural, except dia cucuk kat your spine instead of the anus…heheheh..)

Syokkk ooo rasa dia (not the insertion part yeh…) sebab for some one who constipates, its really effortless and such total relief I tell u… Cuma saspen je takut tak sempat nak lari ke toilet…. Hahahah… agaknya if u don’t have constipation problems like me, it wouldn’t be as thrilling and exciting kot… it took less than 10 seconds for the thing work… I felt the urge immediately…..

So don’t worry…enter the unknown…u might like it….hehehe…"

Dia cerita macam effortless betul. Of course I know kalau kat Colon Spa tu tak yah la lari2 ke toilet coz the website says they have proper stuff to 'sambut' your gunk immediately kat tempat perbaringan anda. Hehe

Anyway, thanks a bunch ‘Chen!



goboklama said...

knees touching chin? dulu kita baring jek wak tapi kaki kena bent lah.

Rasanya kat spa tu,kita baring jek,b0**t*t dihulur je kat lobang yg.dah ada,takyah susah2 lari kut? hehehh,kelakarnya!! tak sabar nak tunggu u try dulu ;)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Laa yang kat spa tu you belum cuba lagi ke, ingatkan dah cuba... hehehe rasa macam pressure la pulak nak kongsi pengalaman ke orang nanti yang kita buat enema kat spa. agak-agak nak boh gambar jugak, tak? ish, malu, ah. hehehehe


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