Thursday, June 14, 2007

Detox, Anyone?

I read in today’s theSun, “The ‘Hidden’ Secret To Slimming”.

That got my attention ok. Mana la tau, ada secret-tips lain ka… like, extra gomol kucing will help, watch more DVDs ka, more hot steamy kisses with hubby ka…. Maaaaaaaana la tau.

But it says (ni kaw-kaw punya plagiarize):

”…These toxins build up and can remain in your body for years. Left unattended, these toxins slowly clog up our digestive system and liver, slow down our metabolism and make us feel sluggish.

The immediate signs of these are unexplained weight gain, difficulty in losing weight, and cellulite formation. Therefore, an effective weight loss always starts with inner body cleansing.

If you are one of those who have tried all sorts of slimming diets without much success
(Aku la tu! Aku la tu! TERMASUK a weekly total of 3-hour swim, ok!), a detox programme might be the way to kickstart your weight loss efforts.

A detox programme’s primary aim is to cleanse and detoxify your body by flushing out excess toxins and waste.

On average, most people carry between 2kg and 5kg of old, dried-up faecal matter in their intestine
(iyewwww!!!). Going through a detox programme helps flush out these accumulated waste and makes you feel ‘lighter’…”

Hah, apa lagi??? Tolonggggg la recommend ke akak satu detox programme yang bagus, mudah, affordable (less RM100) dan yang paling penting, berkesan!!!

Depa also ada suruh log-on to Nampak mudah je caranya… telan their pills, light detoxercise, take plenty of water and fruits, massage and all. Cuma tak tahu if their detox pills work or not la kan.

Now akak rasa akak tau naper among my adikberadik (and among my sepupu-sepupu… kesian akak, kan) that I’m the odd-size out. Masa kecik-kecik dulu I had intensive asthma medication programme for the first 10 years of my life ~ pills, ubat liquid, puffs, weekly injections ~ you name it, I had it. And since then, not even once did I do any detox programme! So, bayangkan berapa kilo faecal matter tah in my intestine ni… after twenty-flaming-four years…. iyyewwwww!!!!

And all ‘they’ do is make fun of me without trying to seek the root of the cause. Guess they don’t realize the damage and scar they left me all these years, huh? And when I say ‘they’, I mean my own parents, gramps and a few other relatives. Damaging, kan?

Maybe for a start, I just go get myself this Juvanex product, kot. And see how it goes!

Oh ya! Baru aku teringat... Akhir tahun lepas masa aku mengurut dengan mak officemate aku, dia ada ajar a typical cheap detox method ~ beli sekilo halia kat supermarket atau mana-mana kedai, rebus sampai air tinggal sikit, lepas tu tambah air supaya suam-suam yang kita boleh rendam kaki kita, and then rendam kaki kita dalam air rebusan tu sambil-sambil baca buku or tengok TV. Buat seminggu sekali ke. InsyaAllah boleh kuruskan badan, Makcik Pah cakap.

Tu la degil tak moh ikut cakap Makcik. Weekend ni aku nak buat rendaman tu.

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    DocYana said...

    It's not so much the poo left nicely on the brim of the toilet seat that made me go 'ewwww' but I was more revolted by the state of the person's toilet!

    Amy said...

    Tima kasih atas info itewww..:D

    Roti Kacang Merah said...

    EXACTLY what I was thinking of, too!!! Tapi kasi chan, la...maybe baruuuuuu je kotor masa tgh detoxifying, kot...hehe

    jom ah buat sesamaaaa. my abgzul tak moh join, ar... hmph.

    aimamahs said...

    kak! dah beli ke Juvanex? just nak tanya kat mana bole dptkan mende tu hehe saya pun baru nak coba try test ;) kot2 la ade rejeki buang lemak tepu ni hehe

    goboklama said...

    aiyoh roti, it's soooo yucky I can smell the aroma lah!! I also heard about colon detoxifying program where one have to lie down in treatment room, masukkan air dlm itu usus & then all the faecal waste stuck inside will be flushed out. It cost only RM100++ kat hospital mana ntah somewhere near sungai buluh.

    goboklama said...

    hah,dah jumpa! it's a colon hydrotheraphy treatment

    goboklama said...


    Roti Kacang Merah said...

    tak, belum beli lagi. mungkin nak cuba guna the 1kilo-halia method dulu, kot! Will report! ;-D

    i dah tengok the site, like... aiyak, macam seram la pulak, kan. tapi very interesting! nak try forward kat abgzul, mana la tahu tiba-tiba dia nak try sama! many thanks muamuah!


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