Monday, June 18, 2007

Detoks Halia

Aku dah cuba, aku dah cuba. Dah cuba the Halia-Detox, I mean.

But first, I had a really bad back-ache after the Pameran Hartanah@Midvalley on Friday… so, after the FantasticFour movie (not Shrek 3, ticket dah habis), we headed straight back home and I rested the whole day Saturday. Perabiskan tengok Grey’s Anatomy Season 3, yes yes yes!

After dinner on Saturday, Abang& I went to the pharmacy. Rupanya Abang was quite interested in the detoxing and colonic-whatever thingee. So we recci-ed the nearest pharmacy and interviewed the pharmacists.

A set of detox tea (minum sekali sehari for 5 days for the initial detox program) cost RM30.00. That’s a box of 5 tea-bags, that is.

Juvanex (intensive 6-day detox for intial program ~ powdery stuff to be mixed with water or juice) cost RM160. That’s a bottle of powder, tak sure tahan berapa kali minum but I reckon it could also include the ‘maintenance period’ i.e after the intensive detox program.

And the pharmacists also recommended some probiotics for colon, ranging from RM30 – RM60.

We thought we wanted to try the Juvanex next month (i.e next pay-check la kan). Mahal tu mahal la, tapi kalau the powder can tahan up till maintenance period, then cost-wise secara purata lebih kurang sama je kot dengan yang lain, dak?

Then we went across the road to the supermarket and I bought myself 1kilo of halia, which cost me around RM12++.

The next morning on Sunday, I sms-ed Intan whose mother Makcik Saripah yang recommended this halia detoxing.

“Rebus semua 1 kilo ke? Dan nak buat berapa kali seminggu”, I sms-ed her at 9am.

She didn’t reply. Ni musti credit habis ni, I thot. And then I thot, kalau potong the whole satu kilo pun takkan mudarat kot? It’s only halia, what. Paling-paling tidak pun maybe the O.D (overdose) of halia could seep up through the soles of my feet and make me fart the whole day? Ah, Abang pun bukannya ada kat rumah, fart the whole universe for all I can if I have to.

And so aku potong-potong kasar halia tu, and rebus (see photo 2). And then I just realized I didn’t have a suitable besen to rendam my kaki in. The baldi’s too high for me if I were to soak my feet while sitting on the sofa. But then I saw LabuLabi’s litter basin. Contemplating at first… the idea’s kindalike icky, but didn’t have much choice left now do I?

So, aku pun pindahkan the existing pasir to their shallower litter that I used as a spare litter-tray (no, spare litter-tray not for me, but for Adi), letak atas half their carrier (see photo 1), cuci-scrub-cuci the basin like mad and voilah! I got myself a besen rendam kaki.

In the meantime, I put myself alerted every 1/2 hour of the boiled ginger… karang kering air rebusan tu karang, jadi kerepek halia la pulak kan.

I had the rebusan on the stove till 12pm, and then tapis the air into the besen, add some water to make it a lil bit warmer than suam-suam kuku, and got myself readied for the dip ~ warm drinking water, pumice, nailclipper, foot lotion, my astro remote control (see all at photo 3), foot towel, kain alas untuk besen and also my cats around me.

Just as I was making myself comfortable on the sofa, replied...

“Mak kata halia tu bahagi 4, rebus per 1 kali rendam kat kaki paras pergelangan kaki. Buat 2 kali seminggu pun OK. Tapi buat hari-hari pun OK waktu bila-bila pun OK. Lepas buat mesti berpeluh eloknya jangan mandi lap je tak pun madi dulu.”

Aiiiiiyak! Suku kilo i.e 250gm je??? Kak Lin dah rebus the whole 1 kilo da! So how???

“Lar yer ke? Tak pe Mak kata simpan le leh buat lulur. Yang dah guna untuk rebus tu jangan rebus untuk rendam lagi tapi untuk gosok badan OK gak.”

Ooo, itu macam.

Aku pun mula merendam, dari 1pm till 3pm (see photo 4)… that’s two CSI programmes on AXN, mind you. Besssssst. Mula-mula rendam kaki tu rasa tingling sensation at the ends of your toes. And then the warmth of the water just relaxes you.

TAPI!!!! Now I know what an OD of ginger could do to you, or at least to your feet ~ dah ½ jam into the soaking aku ingat amendeeeee la air ni, tak sejuk-sejuk ke? Makin panas, ada la. Ke, daging kaki aku dah sampai ½ masak?

And when I reached down and felt the water with my hands... laaa, dah sejuk dah???

Rupanya that was what an OD of ginger would do to your skin… kulit jadi pijar! Stings, ok!

By the end of the soak, I did some pedicure ~ potong kuku, pumice (wonderful wonderful creation la pumice ni!) and lotion. But then the pijar masih terasa… so I ran to the bathroom and soaked my feet in the pail of water. Fuh, lega!!!

Thing is, I didn’t perspire at all during the foot-soaking. Kenapa ek? But the after-effect was that it really made me fell relaxed and happy. I napped to a very deep 1-hour slumber till 5pm... like so (see photo 5).

I’d probably do this again sometime soon. Or maybe this weekend. Kalau nak buat time balik dari kerja (as recommended by Makcik Pah), time is a wee bit too short lah.

Kalau buat weekend ni, perhaps boleh buat untuk Abang sekali. Boleh pamper kawasan syurgawi aku ~ di tapak kaki itu. Heh heh.

Eh, kalau guna feet-soak in heated Ginger Ale, agak-agak apa jadi ek? Mudah sket keja, dak?

Okeh gotta run got a 2.30 mtg and script for tonight’s emceeing pun tak buat lagi aiyak.



Zetty said...

kehkehkehkeh...OD'd air rebusan halia.

lepas baca entry ni, mcm interested lak nak try :D...minus the OD of course.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

jom cuba jom! Leh buat macam family activity gitu kan... beli satu kilo, buat untuk 4 orang. OK, tu!

Yonne said...

After the rendam kaki session u can add some coffee, milk, sugar(up to ur preference) and wolla, u've got some ginger coffee... yummy:P

Roti Kacang Merah said...

very good idea lah, you. the very the crever.

might as well do ginger-wine while i'm at it, kan? Lebih lama, lebih vintage gitu ;-p


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