Thursday, May 31, 2007

To Whom It May Concern

You know,

...the thing about my husband is that, he's a very very laid back person, I bet you none of his comrades even know about his family. He's the most peaceful person I know (apart from masa Demo la kan, heh heh), sungguh tak suka nak attack orang personally, cucuk tikam belakang, dan suka memerhati aje tanpa masuk campur (yes, SO very unlike me now, innit? haha).

Sometimes when I read about this politician&friend and that friend tak member-member (not in good terms), then I'd find myself asking Abang..."Hey, I never knew they are not really in good terms with each other... but how come you rapat dengan depa semua?". Abang's answer would always be, "Itu antara diorang. Nothing to do with me, what. I've no interest to kejar kepentingan apa-apa."

THAT just says it all.

My husband may look like he's got some barrier or wall infront of him, but truth be told, he almost tak memilih kawan at all. Orang je suka nak bermusuh dengan dia.

UNLESS, of courselah, Si Hidung Besar, Si Bapa Mertua, Si Bibir Merah, Si Anak Menantu, Si Tua Bangka serta Si Kroni-kroni. Understandably, he doesn't find any reason to even shake their hands sebagai tanda persahabatan dan ingatan, kan? heh heh

I'm actually not feeling well. I dreamt of something last night, but woke up at 4am to a really terrible headache that made me sleepless. I'm on M.C.

But Abang was upset that I actually dropped a comment on the poison-entry blog yesterday. Like I was betraying his trust. Which admittedly, I kinda did, didn't I.

So here I am right now, kat cc by the pool.

But hey, you know, like they say, "Behind Every Great Man, There Stands A Great Woman".

Maybe I'm not that great a woman. But I may not just stand behind this Great Man all the time. This is a modern world, maah. Occasionally this woman may want to stand infront of the Great Man to help him dodge bullets, so that the Great Man could move on further, even at the price of others thinking that the Great Man is just using this woman. Padahal it is sooooooo not the case.

I speak for myself, I bangun for myself. I have my stand. NONE can make me speak-up or not speak-up for anybody, not even my own husband for that matter.

So, if I choose to speak-up for my husband, it is my own calling and doing, not my husband's asking.

I was once a pejuang too, just so you know.

Ok, nak naik atas balik, nak rest. My head is spinning like crazy. God my hormones are getting crazier...



Anonymous said...

Yalah ur husband is a peacemaker, because he is earning RM4k per month without doing his job like a RM4k employee. And he dont want any troubles to interrupt his earning. Because it feels good to earn that much without doing a good job. Most important thing for him, as long as he has the money (from being an editor and drawing cartoons) is good enough!

ur husband sux!just wait and see... motha!

Roti Kacang Merah said...


are you MOST kidding me, he gets 4k a month???? *hahahahaha*

I know how much he's being paid. I personally keep his record. You nak challenge me kat court pun boleh.


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