Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Wee, Lil Rump-a-pump

Labi is a Rumpy-Riser Manx Cat, a mixed-breed from Isle Of Man, kat Selat Irish, you.

Tapi nama macam Porn-Star je kan... "Rrrrumpy-Rrrriser", weeeehoooo.

Anyways, characteristics of a Manx Cat, which are all the very the uncanny like Labi, like, oh.my.God.this.is.so.Labi! :-

  • There are various legends that seek to explain why the Manx has no tail. In one of them, Noah closed the door of the ark when it began to rain and accidentally cut off the Manx's tail, who'd been playing and almost got left behind. Another legend claims that the Manx is the offspring of a cat and a rabbit which is why it has no tail and rather long hind legs. In addition, they move with more of a hop than a stride, like a rabbit.

  • The hind legs of a Manx are longer than the front legs, creating a continuous arch from shoulders to rump giving the cat a rounded appearance.

  • The Manx breed is a highly intelligent cat breed, and as such is extremely playful.

  • Manx behavior can seem bizarre, and very reminiscent of dogs; for example, some Manx cats will fetch small objects that are thrown.

  • They will walk well on leashes, enjoy going outdoors and riding in cars.

  • It is considered a social feline, and the breed loves humans, they need a lot of attention and leaving one alone for too long can be cruel. This attribute makes them an ideal breed for families with young children and people who prefer a companion.

  • A manx tends to bond with its human family.

  • Although not as trainable as dogs, Manx cats can learn simple commands.

  • They take great joy in attempting to outsmart people.

  • They may be sneaky and stubborn at times. Other cat breeds that share similar personality traits are Bengal and Ocicat.

  • If there are multiple Manx cats in a household, an owner might notice that they chase each other frequently; they'll also chase humans or other pets who are often displeased about being chased. This is common behaviour for Manx cats; they like to chase anything, be it an animal or leaf caught in the wind.

  • Their 'meow' may resemble a long, monotonous grunt or rapid chirping. Some seem to have extensive talents for communicating including anything from singing; heaving great sighs of irritation; glaring; yowling; long strange segmented meow/grunt/gurgle/squeaks; and specific meows for specific things.

  • Manx cats may also be very quiet, and most have very soft purrs.

  • Age is not an important factor unless you adopt a kitten that is too young and has not received enough nurturing from its mother. A baby Manx receives its best education in the "catly arts" from its mother, not from you.

  • Some owners have suggested that Manx babies need to be sold with warning labels attached. The owners know firsthand that love for the Manx can be contagious. Many times, for example, a wife drags a disinterested husband along to a cattery to see a litter of Manx kittens. The husband waits politely, obviously bored, while his wife selects a kitten. A week or two later, the Manx breeder is amused when the wife calls to complain that the husband has been charmed by the beguiling Manx kitten, and now the wife needs another kitten so she can have one too! (The Manx has been called, apparently correctly, the Man's cat that women love.) As a result, few Manx-owning households contain only one Manx.

  • The Manx kitten's fascination with water has surprised many a new owner who has found his or her little friend sitting in a bathtub or sink with water spray bouncing off its fur as though the kitten were meant to be a tub toy. Don't let this mislead you to believe, however, that your Manx will enjoy a bath. Like children who beg to play in the rain but must be forced to take baths, your little Manx will not have the same feeling about its bath water that it does about your bath water!

  • Yet this cat, with its lovely eyes, its wide-set ears and its serene, intelligent look, is capable of extreme gentleness and will serve as a loving companion to young and old alike.

  • The Manx is both a pleasure to the eye and a comfort to the soul. What else could you ask of a companion animal?

    My wee, lil Rump-a-pump

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    kak lin, u can cerita endlessly about cats........

    Roti Kacang Merah said...

    there's a trick to that... it's called "cut and paste", hahahahaha


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