Sunday, May 27, 2007

My P Story

The first time I got my P(eriod), I was 11, my mom just gave birth to my youngest bro the day before, which was a Christmas Day, and she was thus at the hospital.

I found out about it while watching some Christmas specials on the then SBC (Singapore Broadcasting Corporation) channels ~ I had a bad cough since a week before, and I felt something uncomfy keluar from down there everytime I coughed. I went to check in the toilet, and to my horror, ada bloodstain.

Aiyok aiyok aiyok, what was I supposed to do???!!! I thought.

I knew what the P was all about, but being the first of the firsts (the first child and first grand-daughter), I did not have any point of reference at the time! I was very very ill-prepared ~ physically and mentally. Ye la sapa boleh agak dapat P by 11 years of age, kan? Dah la mak aku kat hospital. I only had my dad, my gramps and my maid at home at the time, and being very segan with the situation, I didn't approach my maid about it (lagipun, maid & I selalu gaduh, so, aku sombong ar tak moh cakap dengan dia).

So, I braved up telling Dad instead. "Ayah, I think I got the P lah". Quite taken aback with the news, Ayah flustered for a wee while, and then answered, "Oh ye ke? Dah, pi siap2 cepat nak lawat Umi kat hospital ni."

Aiyoh. Laidat only aa?

I was like... Howla? Howla?

My mind spins ~ apa nak buat ni apa nak buat ni. And then I remembered not so long time ago, I had an older cousin (a girl) staying over at my house. I saw her bringing into the toilet with her a couple of pieces of newspaper and when I asked her what was it for, she told me, in sign-language, kinda meant like it was for her P.

Like, how was I supposed to know it was for bungkus pad lepas cuci pad, kan? She was deaf-mute, you see. Hence the sign-language.

So, upon remembering that, I took some papers and yes, lipat lipat lipat and used that as my pad! "Nanti sampai hospital nak beritahu Umi," I said to myself.

Kesian, kan? Folded newspaper as my sanitary pad. Imagine that.

Hell it was uncomfy. I kept thinking, macam mana la Kak Ani (the deaf-mute cousin) boleh tahan pakai newspapers lah wei.

Anyway, I got ready, making my darndest sure all the time that the ends of the folded newspaper did not stick out to show off some bumps underneath my skirt, and off I went to visit my mum. For some reason, I didn't go with my dad but with my gramps instead. So, in the car, I decided to tell gramps... desperately in need of help, ni!

"Ba, Ma, Alin rasa Alin dapat haid..."

They went quiet.

But suddenly Ba happily chirped, "Haaa??? Alin dapat haid??? Bagus laaa dapat haid girl kat sekolah!!! Belajar sungguh-sungguh, ya?"

I was like, whattaaaa???

And then I realised what my gramps thought ~ I got to become a "Head Girl/Head Prefect" rather than "dapat Haid (period)". Aiiiiyyyyooooohhhhh!!! Imagine my frustration la, aiiiiyohhhh! But I just kept quiet. My mind had gone numb, man. Two rejections in less than an hour, no 11-year old could take that!

Lagipun, I'm their first cucu perempuan. I'm sure they didn't expect I got the P at the age of 11, kan?

But soon when we reached the hospital, after salam cium Umi and coo-coo my new yet-to-be-named baby bro, I whispered to Umi the same thing I told my Ba and Ma. Umi beamed and smiled broadly, told my nenek wide-eyed, "Waaaaah Ma, Alin dah besaaaaar", and then baru Ba & Ma realised what the "head/haid" in the car actually meant!!!

And when they knew I had kertas suratkhabar as my temp sanitary pad, of course they all laughed their heads off, naturally. And from that onwards, I, Rotikacangmerah, became a legend among my aunties and uncles, thank you very much.

From that on too, Umi and all my aunts and uncles dah ajar about the P and sediakan pad to their daughters (including my baby sister) by age of 9 and 10!

"So that tak la jadi macam Kak Lin, jadi Head Girl tapi pakai suratkhabar! Ha ha ha ha!". Boleh.

But at least one thing for sure, I've my baby brother Udi to gauge the age of my reaching puberty... his birthday is on Christmas Day of 1984, and my IAmWoman Birthday’s the day after. *grins*



DocYana said...

I think I should write a story like this too! Mine even more horror, okay!

Anywho, mana citer about you and hubby? I tunggu tau....

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Maybe we should all buat tagging of the P story, no? heh2.

And then buat blook, ke. Jadikan iktibar untuk mak-mak. grins.

citer AbgZul... on the way on the way!!! ;-D

Iron Butterfly said...

hey.. just passing by and read the post.. ahahahahha. damn funny and kesian pakai newspaper.. adoi!!!! i went to all girls primary and am 2nd from 8 daughters. so i knew since young what is pad for. huehue.. still scared to try tampons though.

Miss Aida said...

That's hilarious - but oh so common.

I remember in high school the pad companies coming around and having talks with the girls, and the guys would always laugh, and at some point during the day, one of the free pads would inevitably find itself stuck to the classroom wall unceremoniously.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

kupu-kupu besi,
i read about your family... goodness, your parents must be the luckiest in the world, anak-anak pandai-pandai belaka!!! and me mom's your super-duper senior lah, heh heh.

even i'm married now i don't use tampons. ada bad experience that my friend had gone thro :-|

cik aida,
can't remember if MRSMs have sanitarypads reps sent over... well at least not my MRSM la.

rotidua said...

muahahhaha! babe, first time i heard of such. I *know* one should use pad because I was the runner to purchase pads for mak, every month.

Only i was not sure how to wear them the first time. Terbalik siut. Adoi melekat!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

the first i used (which was at the hospital, using my mom's) was the sanita to be used with belt tu. adoi, gatal2 keliling pinggang i masa tu because of the elastic belt. and stick-on pads were not so popular back then.

aiseh, tetiba rasa tua ~ reached puberty in a very different pad era!

Amy said...

ROTFL - Penat la gelak kak lin punya entry ni!! Ampun! Tak pernah lagi baca pasal org pakai suratkhabar. Aduih *kebas pipi ok gelak sorang2* I am familiar la bcoz of org datang sekolah tunjuk, the free sample bagai tapi I form one baru dapat period - contrary to what people always said kalau badan besar cepat dpt period. It was so uncomfy to wear those tebal2 Sanita - of course I used Mama's one masa first time. Yg kelakar , everytime pegi toilet, check. Ada bloodstain je, sket ke banyak ke - asyik tukar pad baru sampai mama gelak..aduih la. And I definitely agree that you should do a tag on this P thing ahahah.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

guess now i'm officially one of the legends in your book too huh hehe

Nah! I tag YOU!!! hehehehe

Anonymous said...

hey Cik Lin
had some free time today so i thought i'd drop by and read some of your stuff.
this one made me LOL!!
completely and utterly HILARIOUS!!
anyway should get going now, i have a lecture soon and need to find out when my uni break starts
love ya
and say hi to pak ngah and the boys for me
Ciao <3~

ubisetela said...

you got me in stitches!!.. mwahahahah... giler tak selesa ok kalau pakai suratkabar... mwaahahahhaha... I used tissues though (that needs a blogpost!).


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