Saturday, May 26, 2007


"pindah pjbt sbb tnh runtuh kliling pjbt,gaduh dgn intn n nkmah coz x ambilkn brg2,trpaksa tidur bwh loteng n bwt keja,tlg ukur2 bilik org 4 perabot,celi ada n bising psl basuh rmbut,kembn bsuh rmbut kt dlm bilik yg ada mtg dgn en.m*s,raymnd etc. N citer ke m*s pasal bts segala n thn bilas dpn2 org.depa mtg dlm samar2,balik bilik ada umi n labi almst kering fr dmandikan,ada pageant org tgh sanggul2 n jmpa linda mekapkan jue"

Like, wtf, right? I came across this in my sms draft.

Totally forgotten about this, one of those vivid dreams I been had the past months. This dream however, was, maybe, 3 mths ago?

I usually have Labi in my dreams. So sweet, kan? Sampai ke mimpi Kak Lin dia nak temankan Kak Lin. Mwah!

Intan and Nekmah are two of our Penolong Pegawai Perancang in the office, two colleageus yang sangat-sangat rajin dan efficient bila buat kerja.

En.M*s is the Timbalan Pengarah Bahagian Peperiksaan (or smnthn to that effect); Raymond is... I think, a senior engineer.

And what "bts" means is beyond me.

Why tiba-tiba ada beauty pageant is also beyond me.

Linda? She's a very very old friend masa MRSMJasin. The last I saw here was when I was 18 kot, we went to her house in Melaka. Now, why she was suddenly in my dreams was also beyond me.

Jue is also from MRSMJasin. The last I met her was at the Jasin Alumni last January. Thinking about it, I may have dreamt of her being made-up because of her icon on the YM ~ she uses her studio-made photos looking so demure and lovely, macam Camelia gitu, no joke.

I think I may start my book of dreams. Maybe I could get some inspiration from it, or warnings off it... who knows?

Now that again reminds me of a dream I once dreamed a couple of weeks before I met Abang, maybe, early January 2005.

I dreamt that I put on a pair of huge anting-anting but tercabut sebelah belah kiri, and then in the same dream I ate my cat Adi hidup-hidup macam Adi tu gula-gula tapi Adi pandaaaang je aku like as if he allowed me to eat him and yet it didn't seem to be hurting him at all.

Bangun je pagi tu lepas Subuh, aku terus sms my friend who has a Tafsiran Mimpi Di Dalam Islam book and told her about my dreams. She said the book didn't detailed out that much, but mentioned "kalau anting-anting dipakai oleh seorang wanita membawa maksud kebaikan, and makan daging kucing bermaksud akan datang harta benda".

And soon after that, I met Abang after shutting him away for 5 years.

So much about orang kata kalau mimpi ular tandanya nak kawin, huh? heh heh.


Abang tak jadi pi Seremban today. He's still feeling unwell.

It's half four, and I feel like going for a dip at the pool. I hope by late evening, Abang sempat sihat for us to go to Cik Su's together. 'Coz in all honesty, it's getting a lil bit unnerving to be going to my family gatherings alone, with valid reasons (not excuses, definitely), yet again. Sigh.

And, oh, oh, I so love Surprise By Design and the hosts, Rebecca Cole and Robert Verdi. They're both so cool and funny together, they've got chemistry and so compliment each other... I wonder it they're an off set couple too?



Amy said...

Shutting him away for 5 years? Hmm ngapa la tu? Amy kalau ada event keluarga, kena ingatkan hubby berulang kali supaya dia tak 'accidentally' agree to do OT or replace someone at work. *tarik rambut* and I hate going to family events alone without him if he needs to work. Ni dia gi memancing plak ni sampai besok *sigh*..:D

rotikacangmerah said...

hmm kak lin pi sorang-sorang jugak ke family gathering tu malam tadi. same questions thrown, "mana Abang?", berulang2. same reply, "his fortnightly demam!" (or, "kerja, deadline!"), berulang2.

very jayyyyyyyyyyyded.


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