Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kempen Letting-Go

Given the chance that I could contribute ideas to the present arrays of campaigning that we Malaysians already have, I would like to put forward three of my humble suggestions:-

1. Kempen Menderma Organ.
- as what I, Rotikacangmerah, support (here).

2. Kempen Memberi Laluan (branching out from the Kempen Berbudi Bahasa)
- like, holding the door open for someone regardless of age, sex, status, race or affiliations. And also “kempen memandang jika ada orang lain di belakang anda yang hendak keluar melalui pintu yang sama supaya anda boleh pastikan pintu yang anda lalui itu tidak menghentam muka manusia di belakang anda”, regardless of age, sex, status, race or affiliations too.

- that when someone in front of you is trying to reverse his/her car, please give way for him/her to finish his business rather than honking from 500m away to inform that you’re about to zoom past from behind.

- that when someone in front of you is trying to reverse his/her car, please give some space for the event to happen rather than inching your way closer and closer to the reversing car that could end up semua orang tersepit.

3. Kempen Idola Keluarga
- that it is very very important that you be the idols of your own kids or siblings. So that in their growing years, when the young ones are learning more about life and in dire need of some sort of validation of their individualities & approval of their decision-makings, it must come from you, someone whom they look up on and could turn to, whom they put high on their pedestals, wishing that they could grow up to be like you and proud to be loved by and associated with you. That they won’t have to look for whatever they’re looking for from some other strangers who may take their vulnerabilities for a ride. I say this ‘coz I know, and I’ve seen, and I’ve been there, and I’ve learnt.


Some may wonder what is it with some people (like moi) who have issues about letting go.

The answer is, I think, that the letting go exercise, in some isolated cases, sometimes still require sound answers for it to be really being let go of.

Having answers like "Itulah Allah" and listing down the blessings pastinya boleh mententeramkan jiwa, no doubt about that awright. And to forgive and to walk away are of course two of the best acts in order to move on.

Tapi di sebalik itu, deep down inside, kita masih akan tetap bertanya dan bertanya dan bertanya...

Like, kenapa some ladies sanggup berpuluh tahun tahan dengan mentally abusive spouses padahal they are way better off without ‘em (I found the answers for this though not really the kind I was expecting it would be. Nevertheless, it helps me to let go and be more receptive of the situation, a whole lot).

Or, kenapa dia......... ah, this almost-a-decade-long question in my head right now yang hanya Allah, me & hubby sahaja yang tahu of which badly needs answers at the mo dan hanya tuan punya jawapan sahaja yang boleh menjawabnya.

So, please bear with me, yah, while I'm still battling with this devil inside me? I've prayed, counted my blessings, forgave, walked away whenever I can, all in the name of moving on. But until I could really get the answer(s) that satisfies my soul, I'm still fighting. And with that, I am so so blessed to have Abang as my idol right now, and I pray hard, till forever... *love*

Aaaamiiin. Allahu a’lam.


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