Friday, May 25, 2007

Jaded Yaks

I been on leave since yesterday. Sepatutnya kena balik Kedah on Thursday, coz Abang nak tolong sama-sama sort out in getting a helper for Mak. But on Wednesday night Mak called Abang and told him dia dah dapat helper, orang sekampung juga, Mak sendiri yang tanyakan. And Mak seems to be very pleased with her decision.

Tapi the lady won’t be living with Mak b'coz she’s married and has a family of her own. And Abang went like, what-thah, kan? The reason nak dapatkan helper is to tolong temankan Mak di rumah, especially at night since Mak totally refuses to stay at her kids' places. So kalau takat datang siang aje... entah lah. Tak pa, tengok je 2,3 bulan ni macam mana. We don't think that kind of arrangment could last that well tapi tengok lah how it'll turn up. If she's happier like that, then we should be too, or at least pretend to be happy with her decision, with fingers crossing behind our backs.

Anyway, even with the helper-issue kindalike sorted, we still planned on going back to Kedah, like, today. So, yesterday, since I was on leave but Abang had to attend meetings, I vacuumed the house, cuci baju, lipat baju, sort out Abang's work-desk and bills, cuci the bathrooms, lap rumah, even re-colour my hair... all in the name of nak balik kampung today till Sunday and that I won't have my weekends to do those things.

Bangun pagi ni, my pinggang heavy from the back-breaking on-my-knees bathroom-scrubbings semalam (my back kan a bit fragile), Abang announced that he decided not to go back to Kedah coz he's got way too much on his plate... about some issues at the office and also the Kongress PKR at Seremban thing.

And whaddya know, right after breakfast this morning, Abang had his fortnightly-fever (yes, fortnightly, and sometimes even weekly, tell me about it. I also don't understand how or why that happens) and slept throughout the day. I thought, man, this means it’s the livingroom again for me tonight ~ coz Abang cannot sleep with the ceiling fan or the aircond switched-on when he’s demam. I guess that Guest-room’s 6” mattress is definitely gonna be a fixed fixture in the living room since I’d have to not sleep with Abang whenever he demams and I just hate sleeping in the Guest Room.

And so I spent my whole day today with The Boys slumping around me and me catching up with last-night's American Idol finale and Lake House on DVD. Oh some interesting off-days or what.

And esok he has to go the Kongress in Seremban with Abg Zul Noordin. Tomorrow night patutnya ada bbq at Cik Su's in conjunction to my wee cousin's and my gramps' birthdays. I really hope he can make it by then, or he's not too tired to go, 'else he may be facing me grumpy face the whole night Saturday and the whole day Sunday.

Ughhhhh. Bila laaaaa nak dapat pi a really relaxing and enjoyable holiday sama-sama and alone together, tah. Tiap kali cuti or ambil cuti it's either because of family matters or Abang has to work work work or when things are almost getting there and wham! Abang demam. It's not even two years and I'm already feeling jaded. Pi theaters alone, pi rumah sedara-mara alone, pi family gathering alone, pi swimming alone...

But that said, most 85% of the other times, I'm never alone and Abang's always there, heh heh heh heh. Just that the things we do together are getting a lil bit mundane... balik-balik movies, jalan-jalan kat Pertama Sogo Jusco Wangsa Maju Carrefour Wangsa Maju, beli DVDs...

And when I told Abang we need more romance (b'coz, yes, in case you haven't noticed, I am a romantic freak), just like the movies we saw or the blogs or articles I made him read, he dismisses them by saying, "...itukan filem untuk tontonan dan bahan bacaan aja...". Argh. Someone please help shake him up!!!

Well that just sums it all, how jaded I am right now.

Oh please don't tell me that this is normal in a marriage life, 'coz of course I know. And of course I know I'm lucky to have Abang who loves me with his life and that at least he's either at work or at home and nowhere else if it's without me or without my knowledge.

Just that... maybe it's almost that time of the month, and it's weekend nights, I been off for two days for nothing, this tmn3t 1S15 sucks like no end and Abang's already asleep since 9pm, sekian terima kasih.


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