Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dasar Pendidikan Baru

Courtesy of Khamisah@Khemy's email

Hahahaha! Betul, kan?

Truth be told, am not at all an Akademi Fantasia fan. At the office, aku lah yang paling ceghuk sekali, knowing nothing about the AF students or the activities. I despise the daily Diaries, and no offense but I personally think the AF Debate is an insult to the nation's intellectual.

We don't get to discuss, debate and argue about any policies that use our money for instance, yet kita sibuk nak bincang&debat whether or not pakai gimik masa AF bagus ke tak. See how triflingly insulting the Debat AF is? No? Ah well.

And unlike American Idols, I don't suppose any of the sms-$ gets to be channelled for charity causes.

Or do they?

Blegh. Whatever.


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