Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Abdullah-Ramlah 1st Family Gathering

I had a family day gathering in P.D on that Ijok voting day. Went there only with Sherli ~ UmiAyah baru sampai dari umrah the day before, Farhi ada hal, Udi kat U.K, and Abang di Ijok.

It was the first gathering for the Abdullah-Ramlah clans. Abdullah and Ramlah are my paternal gramps i.e my dad's parents. Atuk Dollah (Abdullah) passed away in 1990, while Nenek Labu (Ramlah) passed away way back in 1978, I think.

My dad has a big huge family:­ 17 siblings. 3 died when they were babies, so, there are 14 of them left. The idea for this gathering came about during one small gathering at my aunt Induk Abie's place, sometime around earlier in the year. They just lost one sister to breast cancer (Endek Akam), and my grown-up cousins, especially Endek Akam's kids, thought that it's a swell idea to get everyone together.

At Endek Akam's 100-Day kenduri, the announcement was made, and from thereon all the AJKs were full steam ahead.

I wasn't part of the AJK, naturally. Transportation & time-wise­ manyak susah wo.

We had the gathering at Kayns Resort, P.D. Aiyoh..­. Fun fun fun lah!!! So many cousins and nieces and nephews yang either aku dah lama tak jumpa and they're all so grown up now and even those I've never met since they were born!

My youngest uncle, Pak Mat, even made scrolls of Family Tree­. All in all, we have a total of 147 among us. So very many juga ya?

Our grown-up cousins ordered welcoming buntings and banner, also t-shirts and caps bearing "AR" for Abdullah-Ramlah. Anak-anak & menantu pakai t-shirt beige-black; cucu-cucu pakai t-shirt orange-black; cicit-cicit pakai t-shirt yellow-black. Neat, huh???

We had games that Saturday evening (I volunteered in the tarik tali­. TAUBAT tak moh masuk lagi without proper warm-ups! I almost passed-out soon after, and the whole of my being ached like hell for 2 long days!), karaoke session that night (OF COURSE akak menyanyi, kan. Lagu Seiring Dan Sejalan, gitu. Budak-budak punya la suka lagu tu, especially part "Lalll-lalalalalalalllaaaa"), usrah Subuh on Sunday subuh, and time in the pool the whole morning before checking out that noon.

I just wished my husband was around that time (he was in Ijok), and especially so my parents. Celi&I were the only two without parents there.

Tak tahu lah sampai bila akan terpaksa jadi "bridge" between my dad and his siblings. I'm just glad and happy that my siblings & I are never being looked down by my aunts, uncles and the elderly cousins. Or, if they ever did, they did a great job by not showing it infront of us.

I don't know about Celi, but I had fun fun fun!!! My cousins Abg Zizi The President, Cik Ya, Abg Mi, Kak Lang, Abg Zila etc and my aunts and uncles Pak Mat & Induk Milah, Pak Maer & Induk Midah, Pak Kirin & Induk Yatie etc did really a grrrrreaaaaaaaaaatttt job. The rest of the clans pula were all easy-going and tak membawa masalah, that's what so damn great about the gathering. Semua satu kepala.

Their warmth touched me & sis to my very core. Tak faham kenapa Ayah berdegil & nak bertekak selalu dengan semua. But I've promised myself that for the next gathering, I want to try volunteer to contribute something, b'coz, you know, blood will always, always be thicker than water.


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