Monday, April 16, 2007


Kome orang tengok tak Astro Ch70 (ke, 71? 72? Doesn't matter lah), the Top 40 Internet Celebrities? At No.7, there were these two Chinese lads dubbed "The Chinese Backstreet Boys" who love doing lip-syncing home-made videos posted on the YouTube.

Apparently they got really hot, Pepsi sponsored them for some appearances with Pepsi merchandizing, and got paid millions, woh.

Aku Google la Chinese Backstreet Boys ~ and they are even listed on the Wikipedia, you! Hebat.

Try typing "Back Dorm Boys" on YouTube and you'll get 2,270 results!

I've actually seen them before somewhere late last year, but never thought they get to become some celebrities! Itu la rezeki namanya... heh.

Acu kita lihat depa ok, them lip-syncing BSB's I Want It That Way. Oh by the way, in every videos of them that you see, check out their other 'sleeping' mate behind them, he'll be there without fail!

~ them lip-syncing Peking Opera ... fckn hillarious!!!
~ them lip-syncing BEP's Don't Lie ... equally fckn hillarious!!!
~ them lip-syncing BSB's As Long As You Love Me
~ Paper-clips

Fun, kan??!



Zetty said...

memang kelakar giller la clip ni. thanks for sharing. elok utk melepaskan tension ni.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

zetts, tu lar!!! my faves are I Want It That Way dengan BEP's Don't Lie!


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