Friday, April 06, 2007

i'll be d@mned

SOOOOooooo much to write about, yet SOOOOooooo little time and SOOOOooooo much work!!!! Tahu-tahu dah Jumaat dah! Aiiieyyyyy.

I've stories to regale and views to opiniate...

... about Labu wretching and vomitting;

... about Abang's fresh-from-The-Oz nieces' weekend visit;

... family front;

... office front;

... about the civil servants' gaji in Singapore;

... about civil servants to work longer hours (WTF??? I don't really mind 'coz I'm used to work long hours, but what about others who are very lowly paid???);

... some jokes by Tok Rimau, Abang and Abg Dinzja;

... AND stories that I owe QisstinaGoboklama and Tok Rimau.


(I've got all those pointers already written up on the Word, though. So that I don't forget, heh)

And NO, I could not even find time to go see Mukhsin, which is already taken off from cinemas (huaaaaaaaaaaaarkkkk), have not find the time to go get Kak Dina's book (KLCC's Kino still had it sold out last weekend) and this weekend is set to be very very full too.

But am gonna try finish whatever I'm supposed to finish, and we'll catch-up laters!



Zetty said...

aiyohhh...soooooo cant wait for the update.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

i also cannot wait for my own updates, just have to find time jek. aieeeyyyy


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