Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ijok In A Glance

Here are some photos from my first experience going to the "Pengisytiharaan Calon" last night. The photos are kinda blurry coz guna hp.

We reached the gathering area at Batang Berjuntai around 9pm amidst miles and stretches of overnight road-tarring (seperti biasalah masa mengundi kecil). It seems like the whole entire nation's of road contractors and machineries were ordered to work in Ijok.

(We even made some jokes about the nearby tanah lapang di pekan Batang Berjuntai ~ next thing you know akan terdiri megah Dewan Serbaguna Rakyat esok pagi-pagi Subuh tatkala orang nak pi solat.... that pantas lah kan, heh heh.)

When they announced Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim (who also hails from Ijok) as the calon, wahlauweh, havoc seh. Berderum-derum penyokong menjerit "Reformasi! Reformasi! Reformasi!". Such spirit perjuangan, tanpa ada saguhati pun. Berdiri-mak bulu roma aku masa tu.

And it surely was nice too to meet up with rakan-rakan pejuang Abang. Always warm and welcoming.

We made our way back to K.L at 11pm while DSAI was still at the podium. Nak avoid the crashing crowd later on.

In short, it was really an intense congregation, all fired-up to reform. It was really great too to see all races be it MelayuCinaIndiaKadazanSenoiIbanJawaBugis congregating under one roof one umbrella, rather than the typical segregation of UMNO-MCA-MIC berkumpul under the Dacing.

Meanwhile, at nearby hall some 5kms away, the BN supporters gathered with The Dentist. Nampak crowd sungguh tidak mengujakan... seriously, no joke. They even had to bait supporters by inviting Mawi to make an appearance, boleh? Habis semua macam orang bodoh ~ ada selebriti baru nak tunjuk muka tanda menyokong.

Ibarat budak kecik bodoh... tunjuk gula-gula cekelat, baru nak pi mengaji. And depa-depa ni, yang kebanyakannya orang mengaji belaka, tak sedaq dighi jugak diperbudak-kecikkan sedemikian rupa. Apa nak buat. Bila Duit menjadi Tuhan, inilah dia jadinya.

Dan kot ada sesapa terasa cilinya, akak mintak maaf banyak-banyak-banyak ya. Tapi inilah kenyataannya.



ali bakar said...

I read your comments with interest regarding Keadilan's credibility. But more important I feel is if Ijok voters are Machap, the new wikipedia terminology for "people who don't have the gumption for change although they are pissed off because they are side-lined, etc but at the same time are willing to pick up any crumbs thrown at them". I believe the Malays Ijok voters will show all Malaysia come election day that they, more then anyone else are willing to risk all for change as compared to the non-Malays in this country who just about complain, complain and complain but still vote in the BN. If ever Anwar or whoever comes into power, we should perhaps review voting rights given to non-Malays for being Machap. Be it business opportunities, contracts, scholarships I believe non-Malays should forever be sidelined in Malaysia for being Machap.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

mr.ali bakar,
partly true. but as i said, unfortunately Duit dah jadi Tuhan among the silly voters. they complain complain complain but suddenly they get money money money by "them" come voting day and these voters terus putihmata putihmata putihmata and lemah lemah lemah coz they'll say that kita di M'sia ahh are mostly brought up to be berbudi berbudi berbudi and not makan Tuhan yang ada duit duit duit.


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