Sunday, April 15, 2007

ExPM the ExTok Mudim

God it's so funting warm and humid this past two days, I feel like my lungs bursting with heat whenever I'm out even walking along the kakilima kedai. We had the a/c to the living room and bedroom switched on almost the entire time we're at home. It's so warm that am gonna go down and rendam in the pool at 9pm nanti... which is in 20mins time.

Oh by the way, Ladies, do ask your men to swim along with you. Not only it's good exercise, it sure does give your men more confidence with that certain, ekhem, boosting energy. Seriously ni. Kikikikikiki *grins*

Reading Goboklama's entry, Tina, remind me so much of our family's own dentist before he became the present Selangor MB.

But what's funnier fact is this:

Cuba teka siapa my husband's parents took my husband for berkhatan to?

Heh, the ironic that my husband now has him as the utmost iconic character in his cartooning career, it's little wonder why that certain doctor, Tun M, tak ‘potong’ Abang habis siap-siap, hahahaha. If only Tun M knew!

Syyy, jangan bitau laki aku that I post this. Don't think he's proud of that trivia hahahahahaaaa


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