Friday, April 13, 2007

Easy Advert ~ For Sale

A month ago on th 14th March when Abang & I drove up to Penang to sambut Kak Rose & family coming back for good from Perth, we came across Abang's friends, Gobala and friends, honking at us just before the Hentian Sg. Perak. We exchanged waves, and when they cut to drive infront of us, we laughed our heads off t o Gobala's funny banner-advert to sell off his car.

Come take a look at it yourself...

For Sale:
Regret buying Ni$$@n Frontier. Looking for a sucker to buy mine. Clutch needs changing at less than 25,000km. Toyot@ H!lux last more than 100,000km.


Oh, by the way, website Gobala kinda menarik. I never knew there's a "Kelab Penyokong PAS India", you know. And the Non-Muslim PAS Supporters Club in Kelantan is headed by a Chinese who contested in the previous Batu Talam by-election. Pretty amazing facts for me, at least. Politically, I'm not a fan of PAS myself, but aku suka tengok benda-benda multi-racial yang sebegini. Sejuk hati.


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