Monday, April 23, 2007

Buying By-Election

Abang & I watched the sudden developments in Ijok on the telly with utmost bemusement and hilarity.

Bayangkan, for the past 20 years the penduduk estate duduk berdepan dengan tanah merah yang berdebu-debu… tiba-tiba within a week, sub-standard tarred roads are being built miles and miles and right up to the front of their footsteps. Whoaar.

Kalau boleh agaknya, kat dalam-dalam sekali pun depa nak pi pasang tiles.

And that Semi-Value claimed that the tenders for the development in Ijok have long been approved and given out to.

Dey, who are you kidding with da. Big huge tenders like that ah, paling-paling tidak take 2-3 mths to rationalized and awarded. Don’t tell me you had anticipated the late Mr.Sivalingam to die way back then, have you?

What a joke, dey.

If this the case ah people, jangan terkejut kalau ada orang akan doakan mana-mana DUN BN to die one by one so that tempat depa dapat development serta-merta. There's even people out there making fun that among those second-rated or opposition constituencies akan ada professional killers so that akan ada by-elections and fast developments to their area.

It is sooooo beginning not to be funny now, ladies & gentlemen. Macam boleh buat another episode of Malaysian Conspiracy Theory pulak (in additional to many other episodes!).

Even in INDIA itself, kalau ada development yang sudden like this during the by-elections, the contesting party whose developments are being ordered from would stand disqualified. Yes ma’am, DISQUALIFIED.

And you know, if I were to be the family members of the late Mr.Sivalingam, I would be damn pissed and insulted. It’s as if Mr.Sivalingam did not do his job well enough as a BN-representative when he was still around. Dia dah mati baru lah development datang. At a rampant rate pulak tu. Tak rasa terhina ke?

God, people in Ijok. GOOD LUCK.

pssst, by the way, did you know that Tan Sri Khalid, Jeff Ooi Screenshots and friend were attacked by the BN Supporters at a restaurant in Ijok during lunch-time just last Saturday? No? Of course not! Not from the papers or tellies, you won't know. Kalau nak tau lebih lanjut, beli lah paper Abang, Selasa/Rabu ni keluar kot.


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