Friday, April 20, 2007

Bliss Bliss

Can't wait for the weekend to arrive.

Both sisters Celi and Da are gonna be around 'coz UmiAyah's gone for umrah since last week the 11th. But as of last night, UmiAyah dah lepak-lepak kat rumah my grand-aunt Tok Ngoh Aji & family di Makkah and also rumah cousin-cousin UmiAyah yang lain di Jeddah. They're touching-down Malaysia next Friday morning the 27th.

I anticipate that Abang akan membanting tulang till late this weekend for his Monday deadline, what with news on Ijok to conquer almost half of the total pages I heard.

Us girls???

Well, I have Kak Dina's book to catch on...

...and us girls would watch Mukhsin that I just bought from Jln Masjid India two days ago (I really hope it's original!!!)...

...under the blasting a/c of the living room, with Labu and Labi sprawling everywhere.

Oh, hopefully Mukhsin could inspire me for my First Love Story that I believe I still owe Qisstina Goboklama. And I have a 3rd May deadline for that, of which, I will tell you why later mkay. Heh.

And then swim swim swim.

Blissful tak? Alhamdulillah... couldn't ask for more.

Great weekends ahead, y'all.



Yonne said...

U sure RM 13.90 original or not???
U know what they say, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...
after finish bring to office, nak pinjam...

elisataufik said...

the other roti,

review lah buku tu dan movie tu.. nanti bila I balik malaysia, boleh lah I beli.

p/s 'm linking you back

Roti Kacang Merah said...


Ori, woh. SURPRISINGLY! DVD haram yang sound buruk, RM10. VCD ori, RM12.90. DVD ori, RM13.90. it's how they want to beat piracy kot, which, in my oppinion, works very very well!

hi elisa!

thanks for dropping by! best woh, BOTH book and Mukhsin! best best best! besssssssssssssst sangat!!!


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