Thursday, April 12, 2007

Belated Birthday

It was my blog's 1st Anniversary last 3rd April, and I totally forgotten about it until I read about someone's blog's 1st birthday yesterday.

Phew. Sekejapnya rasa masa berlalu. Proven by how Labu & Labi have grown, too.

What actually started off as a semi-anonymous blog so that it would be more comfortable for me to open up more stories, now it's not so much anonymous anymore. Not with having to promote Abang's book in here, plus my name being shouted about by my cousins in the comment boxes whenever they dropped by, heh.

Anyway, Happy 1st Birthday, Roti Kacang Merah!!! It has been a great journey and what's greater is the findings of more lovely friends... Kak Dina, RotiDua, Zetty, DocYana, Qisstina, etc.

God my head's spinning with loads to write about, but I can't concentrate!!! I been swamped and swamped, macam main tetris gitu (oh, the craze of Zunar's household now is the QuadraPop ~ something like tetris but way easier)~ satu row masalah/errands hilang, another 2,3 more pop up.

Oh I just have to mention this, though:
Abang's been accompanying me for my night-swim for the past 2 days. He didn't swim, just rendam dalam air, gerak-gerak kaki sana sini, and then dived a couple of times with his eyes closed for, like, 2' distance. And then bila naik atas ke kondo he sleeps like a baby 'coz apparently he hasn't swam for like 3 decades so even being in the water is wearing him up.

I did tell him, "eiii best betul kalau suami meneman swimming macam ni... best laaaah. Kita buat tiap-tiap malam 'Bang eh...?".

The first night after the swim he replied "Bolllehhhhh tak de hallllll tiap-tiap hari bolehhhh".

The second night (which was last night) he told me "abis akewwwww tak tahu la berapa lama aku boleh tahan swim tiap-tiap hariiiiii". Heh heh. Memang aku sengaja push him, mah. Nak catch-up with my, urm, other energy *grins*.

Okeh okeh I digress and I need to go back to work so, daaaaa!!!


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