Saturday, April 07, 2007

Aesyah and Qia

Last week's Friday the 30th March, Abang & I drove upnorth to meet Kak Rose & Abg Nain halfway for their girls to spend the weekend with us.

The girls' been pretty bored in Penang. They just got back from Perth on the 14th, and Qia's waiting for the new term to get enrolled in UiTM, while Aesyah's waiting for her placement test to get into Fairview Penang.

We took off from my office at 6pm, and by jove I'm tellin' ya... we would never ever drive upnorth again on an end-of-the-month weekend-night when gaji already masuk and people berduyun-duyun balik kampung. For a supposedly an hour's drive, it took us 2 1/2 hours to get to Tg.Malim, how gila is that??? Originally K.Rose and the lot were supposed to drive from Penang and meet us in Ipoh... but looking at the crawl at our end, they had to drive down further to Tapah and meet us there instead. We reached Tapah at 9.15pm and reached Cheras at midnight. Letih siut.

The girls and I had a blast, of course!!! Ye lah, all these while I'm surrounded by boys, boys and boys (Abang, Labu, Labi)... not that I'm complaining much. But twas certainly very nice indeed to have more gurly weekend *grins*

We sent them back to Tapah on Monday ~ drove from KL at 4pm and reached Tapah at 7+, and back at Cheras by 10+. Man was it so quiet when we got home.

It had been a full 3-day Aussie-accents for me (Aesyah doesn't speak Malay much. A wee bit of Kedah, tho... like, "Pak Ngah, I'm thirsty. Can I have a glass of ayaq, please?", or "I want teloq gogheng with my mee, please!"). So, terbelit gak lidah nak tukaq dari Aussie pastu Scottish pastu Kedah pastu Melayu semula...hahahaha. Berlagak tu.

Now aku faham how difficult it must've been for my mom to get through the Empty-Nest Syndrome...



goboklama said...

mmg.bole naik hantu kalu merangkak kat highway.Nak tanya sket,apa lagi supplement you bagi Labu&Labi ye? looks sooo..fat & healthy lah,tak macam my Didie. :( Adi apa kabar?

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Tobat dah tak moh naik utara dah masa waktu gaji masuk!

Supplements lain for my AdiLabuLabi?
Tak de supplement lain... cuma tiap2 malam balik dari kerja, my hubby kasi makanan lembut 1 1/2 tbsp to each of them!

And they are all spayed/neutered, too! Maybe that's why! hehe

countess miem said...

labu labi yg comey2..hehe aesya look sooo cute when she pretended to be asleep while labi tgh tgk dia..dia pon slalu dtg sini jgk..main dgn anis..huhu mcm belangkas..


hey cik lin
finally had access to a computer so came by to see your blog and our piccies
i must say the pictures that contains the 16 yr old girl is oh-so-hot!! hahahaha
yes i know i am the modest type arent i hahahahaha
anyway hope we could meet soon for some catching up....pur house in Sg P is almost ready so when you have leave drop by our place yea??
or is that too much to ask considering the time it'd have to take for you guys to get there...hmm...
anyway have to crashing mom's office for her computer hahaha
so talk soon...hopefully
<3~ your FAVE [notice how i emphasized it :)]niece


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