Tuesday, April 24, 2007

About 'Mukhsin'

Mukhsin was… memorable, sweet and touching.

Honest and sincere.

Not to mention… funnnnyyyy!!!!

Aiyoh if I’m still a crazed-out teenager (which my anak-anak sedara say I still am, heh), I would want to marry Mukhsin! Ohhhh!!! For a 12-yr-old character, he’s so with capitals S and O sexy, gentle and romantic.

Oh, my Labi was there too! Or rather, a look-a-like of him ~ ekor kontot, fluffy and chomeyllll, by the name of ‘Bujang’.

Orked was a wee bit stiff, but still pandaiiii berlakon.

Pak-Atan-Yang-Muda sangat sangat menyerupai Harith Iskandar (Pak-Atan-Yang-More-Mature in Sepet and Gubra) gelagatnya. Pandai betul diorang cari pelakon!

And to those who’s seen Sepet & Gubra, you would see familiar characters like the Chinese boy in Sepet who admired Orked from afar (who apparently was young ‘Jason’). That Jason character in Sepet also got in here.

Ish, I so want to go on and on about Mukhsin but fear of spoiling the story for those who haven’t seen it. Dipendekkan cerita… pi lah beli ori VCD (RM12.90) or DVD (RM13.90) ‘Mukhsin’. Sungguh, tak rugi! I’ve seen it three more times since Saturday evening. My DVD's been passed around among 3 others in my office these past 2 days. Sangat kelakar dan bersahaja. Sangat ikhlas dan jujur cerita ini. Sangat suka suka suka.

Dan sangat menusuk ke kalbu saya. Memberikan saya inspirasi untuk menulis tentang kisah cinta pertama saya. "Everyone Has A First Love Story To Tell"...

Sangat tabik pada Kak Min for this kind of film. Thank you very much, Kak Min! Oh, did I mention that in it's most subtle way, it was a good dakwah movie too???

Do read on Kak Min's introductory of her next new film here. Can't wait!!!



goboklama said...

aihh lamanya nak tunggu your version of Mukhsin nih... huarghhhh...menguap dulu :)

Zetty said...

cerita Mukhsin ni memang besh...sama besh ngan sepet ngan gubra. tapi makcik tak nangis this time around. masa gubra n sepet makcik nangis dlm wayang.

Roti Kacang Merah said...


sorry ar lama... isu sensitif ni, nak kupas balik cerita cinta lama. kena la hati-hati sket. heh2


hak ah, yg cerita2 lain pun akak nangis. yang Mukhsin ni nangis masa Mukhsin rayu nak jumpa Orked for the very last time je... isk


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