Friday, April 27, 2007

About 'I Am Muslim'

Ish, I cannot put down the book lah once I got hold of it. My suami sampai rasa tersisih gitu... masuk bilik, tengok aku tengah mengadap IAM; masuk bilik, tengok aku tengah mengadap IAM. Last-last dia dok sorang-sorang kat depan tengok Astro sorang-sorang.

(Sebenarnya, dia pun lebih suka dapat kontrol remote-control tu... dapat tengok citer Soledad. heh heh. )

Maybe it's because I was already hooked to Kak Dina's writings since I was a teenager.

Very straightforward and so tak putar-belit, honest, entertaining, and peppered with charm, wit and fun.

And pretty much candid at times! Best!

The book, I find, is sharp and spot-on. It covers very many issues in Islam here in Malaysia, especially so in the current much-confusing senarios whereby you get professional persons yang jaga solat 5 waktu puasa tak tinggal jadi AJK surau also a CEO ada anak 3 orang yang bagus-bagus dan pandai-pandai segala but still resort to ‘makan luar’ kinda thing.

When I got to know a person of such once-upon-a-time in my life, I didn’t know how to handle the fact and a lot more others. I just got back from U.K for good, and this was one of the culture shocks I got in the big city the first 5 years at home.

(Ceh, macam la dok U.K lama nah, kan. But being away for 5 years in a foreign land during your early adulthood can really make you confused. The real Islamic way of life in Malaysia is not at all what you thought it's supposed to be.)

And of course, along the way, I found so many other weird and strange people and happenings crossing my paths (or perhaps to some of them it was I who was the weird and strange one??? Maybe, heh2).

I wished this book had come out sooner. I wouldn’t feel so much out of place, alone and helpless back then.

The book’s also a good dakwah book, in its own capacity lah ~ macam citer Mukhsin juga. It’s very Malaysianised, encountering thoughts (which, at times, weird and confused) on the principles of Islam, even on being Malays. But Kak Dina is sharp enough to steer back and remind the readers of the main principles of Islam, jadi tidak lah kalau sesiapa yang cetek tentang ugama Islam akan terpengaruh dengan the real characters yang Kak Dina hidangkan untuk tatapan pembaca.

In fact, some of the situations and facts are so spot on that I feel like photocopying those parts and mail it to people I know. Like to my parents, for instance.

My top-of-the-list spot-ons so far is at the bottom-half of page 139. What is it all about??? Pi ar baca sendiri, heh heh. But I’ve discussed with Abang and even he agrees to what that Doctor says. I know coz I been in the situation myself. We're gonna use it as our mantra once we have kids. We're even practising it now on our cats, heh heh.

Thanks, Kak Dins, for the great reading! More to come please, ya???

Psst Kak Dina… dah beli buku my husband pula belum??? Hehehehehe



Dina Zaman said...

i nak beli but where???

rotidua said...

i nak beli buku IAM dah berapa lama dah tak dapat. MPH asek sold out jer. Nak mintak signed copy from Dz..malu.

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Kak Dinz,
Buku hubby kat MPH kat Kinokuniya kat Popular... tapi kena tanya, they don't show it out loud, for very obvious reasons, heh2.

i order dari silverfish je. mudah gila! Esok tengahari terus dapat, you!

Yonne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yonne said...

Anywhere to buy this book on the internet tak? Somebody sell this book on ebay...

goboklama said...

dah beli kat MPH Bangsar Baru,dah baca! rasa insaf gak sbb.terasa org.yg.tak pakai tudung pun kekadang lebih inisiatif mencari ilmu keIslaman drp.yg. brtudung...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

don't read my previous comment ah??? silverfish online got, maa. one day delivery only. to the office some more!

qisst goboklama
best kan best kan best kan???


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