Friday, April 27, 2007

8-Year Old Voter In Ijok

Naper, tak percaya ke?

1. Go here...

2. Then type
... that's 8 year-old, for those who failed Maths.

3. and you'll get this:

Haaa. Pangkah la Dacing lagi, pangkah.

Nak ngadu dengan sapa, since yang buat ni is THE Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR) sendiri???


Read more about attacks on Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Jeff Ooi and Paul Choo by the BN Supporters here, here, here and here. Man are they super patient for not putting the assailants' photos spread across the blogospere since Paul Choo and Jeff Ooi are both photographers!!!

And Al-Jazeera's interview with DSAI here. Si Bibir Merah tak dapat lawan DSAI, dia pi attack Khalid Ibrahim pula. heh heh pengecut.



Anonymous said...

Ispani is not 8 years old, he is 108 years old, perhaps one of the oldest Malaysian that should be included in Malaysian Book of Records. Note the old IC no.
Wonder whether 'Pemuda UMNO Gagah Berani' will carry this person to cast the vote. Or is he already dead and his ghostly soul will come out of the grave to cast his vote?

Yonne said...

Ya la, he's right, 108 years old... That man can count... See, don't jump to conclusions...

goboklama said...

alaahh,rasanya the assailant tu pelakon tambahan jek..biasalah, lakonan,pilihanraya...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

ooo, itu lahir 1899 ka, bukan 1999.

well whaddya know. tah-tah the holder of this card was one of those in the two busses that the BA people caught at 4.30pm on voting day and brought to the police station.

good observation, guys ;-)


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