Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Just received a confirmation letter that I’ll be joining others for a retreat in the highlands untuk buat soalan from 18th till 22nd of this month.

I heard that the retreat would be grueling and no fun.

Kalau soalan kena reject, kena buat lagi dan lagi dan lagi. Dan buat soalan ada syarat-syarat, ada cara-caranya.

New-timers like me are supposed to be going for crash courses first on how to make questions before any retreat. Maybe there will be one in the beginning, kot.

Not really looking forward to this. I’ll miss my cats. And I know definitely for sure that Abang will miss me 'coz he'll be needing my help to care for the cats. Heh heh.

Some more, Kak Dina’s invitation-only book launch would be on the 21st, and looks like Abang would have to go alone (of courselah I’m ‘parked’ under 'Press’ tumpang nama Abang, heh).

Abang MUST go, MUST get a copy of the book and signed by Kak Dina for me, MUST cover the event for his paper for me, and eventually MUST in return sell Kak Dina his book pulak. Hahahaha.

Weh, apart from growing up reading Amir Muhammad’s columns and reviews, back then I literally grew up waiting for Mondays that Dina’s Dalca would be on NST, woh!

Dengan Amir Muhammad aku pernah dengan tak disangka-sangka lawan national elocution masa A-Levels dulu (of course lah aku kalah dengan dia. Duh!). So, you know, getting a personal invitation to Kak Dina’s book launch and eventually getting her book personally signed is apparently a huge thing for me, woh.

Even masa aku amek gambar dengan Pak Lah masa kat U.K dulu pun can't match up close as rasa se-best gini. That was in 1995 though, during my reign as the Ketua Biro Penerbitan UMNO Edinburgh and we had a perjumpaan UMNO UK-Eire in Lancaster with Pak Lah as the V.I.P (imagine that, me, ahli UMNO, Ketua Biro lagi! Hehe). And who would’ve thought he’ll end up being the next PM kan?

I really respect the likes of Kak Dina, Amir Muhammad, Adibah Noor, Adlin Aman Ramlie and even bloggers like Tok Rimau, SiNagaNaga and the venerable Kak Elida who feel that their works transcend no boundaries ~ that no religion, race or political beliefs could and would stop their artistry rights and jeopardize their periuk nasik and hence their works should be enjoyed by everyone and I mean everyone regardless.

So, it’s just too bad that fate has it that I’m married to an activist (and a great man he is, too!) and evidently with hard-facts and proof I get to know the dirty deeds done by any of your favourite elected administrators and idols (or your dads or uncles or aunts or brothers or sisters or cats), and with that fact you either feel threatened and cannot fren-fren wimme anymore or even regard me as your uncool-worthy fans or think that my presence would jeopardize your rezki and opportunities in life, OR perhaps you takut I would sermonize you and embarrass you in your crowded crowds (which of course I would not do and never would)… then, nemain lah. I tak rugi apa, you. You je rugi tak dapat fren-fren dengan orang macam I and kawan-kawan I, heh heh.

One word for you, though: Pengecut, pfbthfbthfbth.


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