Monday, March 26, 2007

Of Cats And Men

I actually jot something down on my hp while in Genting.

From the Star dated 19th of March, this Swedish Design Architect, Matthias Stahlbohm, spoke about the Swedes being highly inventive and creative when it comes to innovations:

“Just 100 years ago, we were a poor nation. We had to make the most out of what we had. A Democratic governing system that allows us to think critically has totally transformed the country in the last fifty years.

I wonder if those powers that be ever read the article.

We’re about to celebrate our 50-year independence ourselves, but have we risen even at par with them??? Even the once nuclearwar-torn Japanese have long left us far away behind.

Bila kita nak dapat kejar ni???

I mean, can’t “they” see, there must be something really really really wrong in the system somewhere that, even though we’re churning straight-A1s for SPM, but they seem to stop just at that lah, kot?

(For example, I heard that my alma-mater, with close to 500 SPM takers last year, had churned almost half of that getting straight As… and out of that, 90+ of them were 11A1 achievers!!!

Can you imagine the devastation of those yang dapat 10A1 1A2…. They’re probably at the 98th place instead of being the top 10! Sui-bloody-cidal, man.)

I salute those fighters who keep fighting for justice in their homeland, and in return gets no love back from the country they love their life for. Macam Abang’s comrades, to say the least.

Fifty years of Independence. Independence from what, I wonder??? Just admit it, deep down, kita semua masih lagi dijajah macam dijajah penjajah diktator.

Bertuah Adi, Labu & Labi. Hanya perlu jadi cute cats yang makan, beyak, tidur & dimanjakan…


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