Friday, March 30, 2007

Lolling Tongue

Two days ago, Jabatan Arkitek invited us the technical people in the Unit to attend an introductory talk by the paint people, Cat TuanLaut. They (the TuanLaut) been around for quite a while, rupanya. Since the 50s, but started off as the biggest marine-paint in Singapore.

In Malaysia, their building-paints memang dah lama wujud, but they’ve not been competing big with other big players. So, they’ve remained relatively laidback with lower prices.

Just that… I really think that anybody who’s in charge to meet the public, officials or the corporates, especially so if you’re on the Marketing Managerial post who needs to be doing lots and lots of presentations and presentations, one needs to brush up on the pronunciation, to say the least.

Especially on the letter “r”s and "th"s… so that you don’t get “with this paint, you can dly-loll using the lolles” (with this paint, you can dry-roll using the rollers), “when the undercoat is not dly yet, you may get efflosen” (when the undercoat is not dry yet, you may get effluorescence”), "I like to ting dat everyting is in order" (I like to think that everything is in order), "if the wall klacks, it's mean that..." (if the wall cracks, it means that...), etc.

Aiyoh, pleetty, ehm, pretty annoying lah, Sir. With all due respect.

And it got to a very dangerous and uncomfortable point when someone from the Maintenance Unit asked,

“Mr.P, lagi satu soalan ya. Kalau kontraktor saya degil juga, dia cat juga topcoat kat dinding dalam walaupun sealer belum cukup kering, macam mana nak remedy cepat-cepat ya?”

Mr. P pun jawab, in a ‘baku’ and official tone (maklumlah, presenting to government officials mah):

“Kalau macam itu, kalau dalam belum kel*ng lagi, kontlaktor yew kena blah blah blah blah, loh….”

Alamak. We were all looking at each other. Tak bagusnya. Dan tak selesanya, kan?

And since it was a real big issue if the sealer’s still not dry and yet the topcoat’s been applied and so forth, the mentioning of “kalau tak kel*ng, aah” went on and on and on for quite a bit more. Ish.

Last-last, Abg Dinzja yang kat belakang aku, cuit bahu aku and whispered rather legibly, clearly mocking Mr.P, “…kalau kat lalam tak ke*ing, luar Mlayu loh…”.

The other architects around me punya la terkekek-kekek, breaking the uncomfortable atmospehere.

So, you know, if you’re dealing a lot with the public or officials and do quite a bit of presentation, please, please lah get your pronunciations polished up first. Especially if you’re considered a top-notch person in the organization. Very bahaya and embarrassing la wei.

And this goes through all boundaries... Melayu ka, Cina ka, Indian ka, Jawa ka.

And no pretentious British or American or Ozzie or Hongkie accent also while you’re at that too, please.



goboklama said...

aiyohhh..sakit perut ketawa, hi..hi.. kel*ing ah? ok lorr... ha..ha..ha...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

lepas abg dinzja tu broke the stunned audience, baru orang tergelak-gelak! Kalau tak, suma muka resah-resah je... ye lah, takut ada orang terasa mcm ada racial slurs pula. phew.


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