Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Adi’s been put off from the drip since yesterday at 3pm since Adi’s been eating and drinking quite well. Dr.Lum wanted to observe if Adi’s appetite would stay even without the drip, and she also need to test to see if Adi kena feline diabetes.

Eh, forgotten to ask her if Adi’s contracted FIV and panleukopenia juga. Boleh tak aku.

But I’ve printed an array of readings on cat-topics ~ panleukopenia, cat diabetes, feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), cat’s stress & anxiety, traveling with cats…

So…if Adi’s okay by now, alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah! Cuma nak minta Dr.Lum tukarkan from hospital boarding to normal boarding. That’s half the cost, I tell you. Nak ambil dia petang karang pun, tak guna sebab esok nak kena hantar boarding semula. He’s gonna get stressed-out again due to the moving in and out of strange places. Kesian dia…

By the way, tomorrow after lunch, Abang & I are going back to Pendang to see Mak, and also Abang’s younger sister Kak Rose and her family, home for good from Oz. So, Labu & Labi’s gonna be boarded at the same place as Adi tomorrow morning. Kak Rose and family are touching down at Bayan Lepas 5 past midnight esok. So, we’re gonna drive straight there first, sambut dorang, baru balik Pendang sama-sama. I anticipate that tomorrow’s journey could only end at 3am. Aiyak.

We’ll leave Pendang by Friday after prayers, insyaAllah. I need that Saturday to kemas rumah, cuci baju, and get my books and notes all ready for the retreat at Genting Highlands from Sunday noon till Thursday.

I managed to gather some notes and books that I have at lunch. Penuh satu beg! Itu pun tak cukup lagi… gotta go to Midvalley after work to get the books. Ooh, ooh, gonna get my long-awaited books to read, too! Tapi, aaaaa, bila nak tengok Mukhsin niiiiii!!! (see my bro’s review on the movie here)

Gonna be hell of two weeks, this and the next. That said, it has been so since last week. So I’ll see you again, O Blog of Mine, on Saturday, insyaAllah! I gotta story to regale, thanks to Qisstina the Goboklama’s proposal based on the movie Mukhsin!!!



Qisst said...

how's your Adi now? hope everything is ok. Haahh!! can't wait to read your version!! tralalala...

austin said...


I just came across your blog and like reading your cat stories. Make me miss my cats, who unfortunately, have been quite "neglected" after I had my baby (I mean, human baby)

I haven't finished reading all your posts, but I can relate to you when you talk about Adi, Labu & Labi. One of my cats fell off the 11th floor of my apt years ago, and yes, he survived. But it was heart shattering, wasn't it?

Funny thing, after I had my own baby, I completely lose interest in the cats. I dunno why. My poor dahlings are longing for me to manja2kan them like last time, but it just doesn't feel the same anymore.

Pre-baby, my whole life was centred around the cats. Post-baby, cats become secondary citizen. Quite sad, actually. But luckily, baby and cats get along very well. I'm glad.

Will be on the lookout for your next posting. Hope your boy will get better. Continue to give him lots of love and affection, that's all he needs in time of pain.

Only true cat lovers understand why we did what we did, and why we felt the way we felt about our cats.... Take care.

Amy said...

Adi ok? Cam takde update je ni?

Ahmad Nurfarhi Rosley said...

Tu lah, Fahy mmg mcm tak percaya jer nak anta kat Dr Pet tuh, masuk kedai bau busukkkk sgt, mcm tak terjaga jer. Tapi terpakse kan. tapi after this no way to Dr Pet.

Adi skang makin manjer jer Ak Lin, Dr Lum train dier ker? Skang dah tak gigit kuat2, gigit manjer2 jer, pastu suke jilat jari. Takpun berubah after near death experience kot.. gegege...

Oi, oi, pi watch Muksin oii.. gegege.. But jgn tengok 300!!! Tak best langsung! beh baek fahy tengok mukhsin arituh.. aiyokkk...

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Adi's ok, alhamdulillah!!! but nampak gaya still need to resort to expensive food lah, even my mom pun naik risau and guilty that i had to endure bearing all costs! hehe.

i pun feeling rather apprehensive about having human babies ni... coz my Labi is sooooo darn manja wi' me and i takut i'll lose interest in him nanti... though, cannot lah compare like that, kan??? but thanks for the understanding, babe..! supports like yours can really make my day you know!! cheers!

ni baru 1st day masuk kerja since outstation...will update!!!

ye ker dia dah manjer??? agaknya dia tahu org suma sayangkan dia... or perhaps Labi's manja acts rubbed onto him a little, kot! hehe


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