Monday, March 05, 2007

A Good Saturday: Evening

Later in the evening, it rained so heavily. Aiyak there goes my swimming session lah kan. But anyway, we were supposed to be going for a gamelan show at 8.30pm at KLPac, all eleven of us, and was pretty worried kalau KL banjir.

Alhamdulillah it didn’t. KL tak banjir, alhamdulillah, and all of us arrived pretty early since semua orang ingat KL will banjir and thus semua orang bertolak dari rumah rather early. “Us” were me, Abang, Farhi, Said, Linda, Abg Yuz my cousin, Cik An my auntie, Maria and 3 other young friends.

Farhi, Abg Yuz and I had attended Rhythm In Bronze (RIB) gamelan shows before… all thanks to a friend, Y, who introduced to me some time 4 years back when RIB did ‘Laras Gong’ in Actor’s Studio Bangsar.

Back then, ‘Laras Gong’ was a double whammer~ I attended the show twice in the same week!!! The first with Y, the second with my siblings and Abg Yuz.

‘Laras Gong’ was a set of infused arrangements ~ R&B, Jazz, Chinese operatic but with Malay lyrics, Chinese drums, etc… and all in gamelan! And to see how passionate and fun the RIB players were (which mostly are ladies, with only two guys on the gendang/rebana and guitar) ~ they smiled to each other when they played, communicated with facial expressions and with their eyes, they danced, they laughed ~ I never saw any other gamelan quite the same after RIB.

‘Laras Gong’ just rocks to a tee, lah!

Then I saw RIB’s ‘Wujud Antara’ at Philharmonic in 2004… all regal and formal. It was almost like Laras Gong, but more formal and hence a little bit less fun.

I missed RIB’s previous ‘Monkey Business’. So I gather I just cannot miss their show this time… 'Alin Alih PungGong'.

We did not know what to expect other than the show being different and fun-ner than the typical gamelan. This time it was directed by the infamous actor Nam Ron, and have a team of other known professionals working in the productions, too ~ Bayu Utomo Radjikin for the costumes, Mac Chan as the lighting designer and Yasmin Ahmad constributed to the words of one of the songs, to name a few.

The set-up was very theatrical-like ~ paper brollies hanging mid-air in the center of the room, gamelan equipments in a circle, percussionists tucked in one corner, lightings macam PGL-Musical… and hello, Nam Ron sitting behind our row, gauging the audience since it was the last performance night!

Apa lagi, aku pun dengan tak malu mintak Nam Ron sign autograph. Sejak dah kahwin ni yang aku tak malu, by the way. Dulu sebelum kahwin, aku always segan nak minta autograph orang, hehe.

And the show was fun! Of course they could actually do away with the theme ~ Perempuan. But I reckon this time the fusion-theme was theatrical and that they were experimenting how far the musicians could go from just being musicians. So that night, the ladies got away from their usual all-black attire and instead had themselves donned in see-through laced kebaya (which is very Bayu Utomo, by the way) and acted and mimed and sang and danced intermittently.

And the ironic about the gamelan arrangements was that, none of it was by a Malay or Indon! (or maybe there was a couple of Indons)

I tell you, best giler! Abang yang not a theater or musical buff pun suka giler.

And guess who else we met there… Yasmin Ahmad herself!!!!

Aiyoh, dengan tidak berlengah lagi, soon after the show, I ran towards her and minta autograph dia and then ramai-ramai took a photo with her. Her presence was so very inspiring lah! She just has that aura, you know.

And I just don’t get lah these people like Kak Min and Nam Ron who are so famous and well-known and successful but yet so very friendly and humble and approachable… ish, maybe sebab tu lah aku not that famous and well-known and successful coz I may not turn out to be that friendly and humble and approachable after all, hehehe.

Oh did I mention that 'tis was the only one time I managed to drag Abang away from his Saturday-night EPL football match when his favorite team was playing a crucial game live on TV??? Kalau tak kerana tiket tu berbayar, pasti aku kena pi sorang-sorang dah, hehehe. I tell you I was more anxious about him enjoying the show more than anything!!! And mujur ManU menang 1-0 against Liverpool, else don’t think he would be talking to me still, heh heh.

Ahhh, what a really nice closing to a Saturday, innit? First time to a theater with my husband along with some family members, meeting inspiring individuals, great show, and a winning match.


Farhi, Kak Yasmin Ahmad, Alin Ponggong, Abang Yuz. (Behind Farhi was Namron whom kami terlupa nak ajak ambil gambar sekali, in the midst of excitement dapat jumpa Kak Min vis-a-vis!)

By the way, jom kita ramai-ramai tengok 'Mukhsin', jom? Opening Thursday the 8th March. Can’t wait. “Everyone has a first love story to tell”. And mine was indeed almost like 'Mukhsin'.

And I still keep this message:

much fondness and rememberance.
-Y, 26-06-06



Qisst said...

I pernah tengok RIB in action once.! Rasa nak bertandak bersama. So,what's Alih Punggong all about? Saw the poster at the college tapi mahaple,mmg.takde peluang nak pegi sbb.Mr.hubby bukan jenis sosial gitu. Of course, "Everyone has a first love story to tell" so,in celebrating the much anticipated "Mukhsin", jom kita pakat wat 1st love story to tell in our blog,nak tak? waiting for your entry 1st! hi..hi..

Roti Kacang Merah said...


Alih PungGong was more theatrical lah... ada costumes (the lacy kebaya), ada berlakon, ada lawak, ada nyanyi, ada acapella, ada bersajak. tapi mainly was gamelan-playing, of course!!! tak pe, lengkali kalau ada lagi show gini, i bisik2 kat you, ok???

about first love story... erk, maybe i leh citer sikit-sikit kot. tengoklah camner. takut nanti hubby terasa pula, maklumlah, past is past lah kan. heh heh.

RaNdoMHEarTsOfArMylla said...

i was browsing alih punggong on google and found ur blog..(heheh i know...a bit star strucked for a while)
glad u liked the show..thanks for coming on behalf of RIB

RIB freshie

Roti Kacang Merah said...


aduh the very the long one lah your name!!!

hey, great work, you guys!!! even the minah sallehs i tumpang them out of the area pun enjoyed the show tremendously!

more! more! more!


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