Monday, March 05, 2007

A Good Saturday: Day

It was a really good day, last Saturday.

After breakfast, we went to see Ba & Ma at Ayah Dan’s house in SuRaDa, along with the much requested wedding photos of ours that Ba&Ma had been pestering us to print and frame for them. Hak-ah, gambar-gambar Disember 2005, zaman tok kadok dulu. Tapi tak pa, sebab belum ada baby lagi, maka belum jatuh kategori basi lagi. Heh heh. And as long as they are both really happy to get the 4Rs and 8R print-outs, then, okay lah tu kan?

At mid-day after SuRaDa, we went to fetch Adi at the vet Bangi, which is only nearby. Adi was really happy to see us, alright. The vet people handed over his special food (harga 4 kali ganda dari harga catfood biasa), and five types of medication!!! Ubat for urinary tract, ubat selera makan, antibiotics, ubat mudah kencing and ubat bengkak. Aiyoh. Mujur aku dah belajar cara-cara nak kasi kucing makan ubat. Kalau tak, jenuh juga nak hancur-hancurkan tiap-tiap ubat dalam air susu and then suap dia guna syringe.

In the car, on the way from Bangi to Cheras, Adi kencing and kencing and kencing… mahu empat kali dalam carrier tu. Mujur ada paper… everytime dia pee, aku lapis. And he didn’t like being stuffed in the box with his pee either, so he kept pawing the carrier door wanting to get out.

(Tiba-tiba terdengar Friends' Phoebe singing "Smelly-cat... smelllly cat...")

At the apartment, Abang terus raced Adi & the carrier into the guest bathroom before the other kucing-kucing dapat hidu bau Adi. Lepas cuci both Adi and the carrier, I placed Adi in the guest room, complete with his own tempat makan minum and ‘yak dia.

While Abang went out to meet his friend, I nursed Adi and observed all three cats together closely ~ Adi, being sick, tak berapa garang sangat whenever Labi came over slowly to sniff-out on him but never got to get too near to Adi coz Adi would still growl at him. Labi can be in the same room as Adi, golek-golek kiut atas lantai depan Adi, naik atas katil, makan makanan Adi, panjat sana panjat sini; tapi Labu pula ~ ini budak memang garang dan pengecut tapi over-possesive and territorial, so, cannot be in the same room with Adi for far too long. So Labu ended up duduk kat tepi pintu bilik, sniffing from outside, peering through at times, occasionally caught Adi’s eyes watching him with contempt.

Adi makan sikit sangat. He’s still very weak. But at least he’s peeing and pooing quite normally, alhamdulillah. I had to feed him some nutritional food-paste before every medication. But all in all, Adi’s a-okay, even though he’s still looking quite depressed and weak. Am gonna give him maybe 5 days… kalau dia dah mula nak main-main tu, insyaAllah dah okay lah tu.

And Abang&I would only make our decision by then, nak hantar Adi balik ke Bangi semula ke tak.

(photos of Adi, Labu & Labi together in a room will be updated soon)


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