Monday, March 26, 2007

Back Again

Aiiieyyyyyyyyyyy! Dah la satu setengah minggu tak check the 'net. Masuk office today, the 'net at the office pula has been offline for maintenance since Friday. Ni lah baru boleh online semula.

You know, I kinda HATE being away in places either so susah nak get the 'Net or simply too tied up to do other than work work work.

I missed my birthday alerts (belated birthdays to Zetty on the 19th, Nik the Arkitek & NVT's David Wang & PICO's Juen Yeo & UPHT's Nek Mah on the 21st,and Kak Dina on the 23rd... banyak nya birthdays!)...

My mail-boxes overloading with emails...

I missed posting my thots or my days on my blog...

and I missed reading my regular blogs!!!

Being away this time made me missed Kak Dina's book launch (sorry Kakak, Zunar had to miss your launch last minute. He had an adhoc meeting about the Machap-thingee... sigh)...

and made me missed Labu and Labi a lot, especially Labi, sidling up to me at every opportunity arises...


Had a bad throat infection + demam since Tuesday night the 20th, my third working night up in Genting . Masa tuuuuuuuuu la nak demam. Sorang-sorang dalam "bilik mati-akal" (the sempit room we got in Dunia Pertama Hotel up in Genting faces the airwell AND the OTHER rooms, ok. Cannot bukak bidai. Unless nak cari pasal and get posted around the netsphere in my pjs and undies), menggigil-gigil bawah the covers, air minum dah habis tapi tak larat nak bangun keluar pi tambah air kat water heater some 100m away from the room, body aching all over without orang nak urut-urut... kesiaaaaaaan i, kan.

I came back from Genting on Thursday noon, brains all squished from thinking buckets of questions for the Prestasi Tahap Kecemerlangan exams. Weird kan... aku (and Irfan, another architect) tak pernah ambil PTK tapi kena tolong gubal the questions for the lower grades.

(There were, prolly, 80 of us there, from 6 principles, i think. And there were 11 of us Architects/Technicals in the Architectural team/principle from 3 different Architectural departments).

A lot of them penggubals took leave on Friday the next day. But I had to come in for a while in the morning for the 9.30 and 11am meetings. I had to go see a doctor first that morning, at 8.30. Makin teruk sakit tekak, demam and selesema, seh. That's when the doc said I had a bad throat infection. Then, at 9am, Abang drove me to my office. Bloodyhell it took us an hour and 15 minutes (of an otherwise 20-minute journey) to my office, all because Tuan-tuan Polisi tutup jalan, apparently the whole week, for their 200-year celebration practise!

Good God, what d'ya guys do the whole Dataran thingee at Putrajaya for ah????!!!! Go THERE la, can or not??? Heiii.

And I went back home at 11am, pilot office tolong hantarkan. And tidur and tidur and tidur dengan Labu & Labi. Ahhh such bliss.

And aku tak tengok lagi citer Mukhsiiiiiinnnn!!!!

Ish banyaknya dalam kepala aku nak bletiaq... tapi kena stop sat. Nak check emails and catch-up with paper work.



Many many thanks for all the wishes for Adi... Alahmdulillah, he's doing purdy awright now!!! Will update, insyaAllah!


goboklama said...

ishh,beezeenya...syian dia..take care!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

qisst, kita nak wat citer First Love Story pung tak sempat lagi... you waitlah forever ek? hehe


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