Friday, February 23, 2007

The Unconditional BFF

When you are physically, mentally and spiritually down and out, apart from God, cats can certainly be the best remedies. An antidote of sorts.

They can somehow sense that something is bothering you and that you are not your usual loving self.

They would put extra effort in trying to attract your attention, distracting you from your deep painful thoughts, jumping and calling and sidling up to you at your feet, forcing you to pick them up in your arms or onto your lap to love ‘em and stroke ‘em and kiss ‘em.

They would lie beside you, or even clamber on top of you when you’re lying on your back, sniffing your sadness and help lick your tears dry, their bodies purring against your chest, as if murmuring, “It’s okay. It’ll be fixed. You’ll be okay. And we love you even more nonetheless…”

And they would slumber very near you, not leaving your side, and you’ll feel this distant warmth of invisible hands caressing your arms the whole night long, driving away your desolation and misery.

And with that, they can so be your total unconditional BFF. Your Best Friends Forever.



irzan said...

Sigh. I definitely need that in my world of winter depression!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

you should get one or two of them, you know. they can fill & brighten up your world like nobody else could!


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