Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Six Weird Things

I been tagged. By DocYana. To tell the world the six weird things about me. I wouldn’t normally do *grins, and nose getting longer*, but since Grey’s Anatomy is currently the theme of my life at the moment, any tagging by a Doctor is an honour for me!

I’ve listed down, and found I actually have MORE than 6 weird things about myself. Tak sangka! I thought I was normal, I really do. Hur hur. Ish apa ni tiru Rotidua punya gelak. Tak ori langsung. Heh.

So, here are the top six best weird things about me:-

No. 1
Ever since a toddler, I gentel selimut or any other cloth that has gentel-worthy properties, and still do at this age of 34, yup. So does my sister, Sherli. (Farhi gentels his pusat ~ not sure though whether he still does it at 25, heh; Udi used to gentel hujung bantal. Any bantal for that matter. Also not sure whether he still does).

As of now, my selimut gentel is the Malaysian Airlines purple cover that you get on flights, which I been using for the past 5 years I think. I have two of the selimuts, but only one is gentel-worthy, which is the one I am currently using (or gentel-ing?) at home, and I would take it with me whenever I travel outstation. No, I don’t bring the selimut to the office and gentel selimut in the board room or at sites. But of course I’d do it if it’s a non-laughable habit, wouldn't you???

Maybe because of prolonged use and washes, my current selimut gets to be berbiji-biji and yummy enough to be gentel-ed. No, no, I do not like selimut busuk, ok. Those are two different items, euwww! I wash my selimut monthly, ok. Lepas basuh, laaagi best untuk digentel, and it’s all mine, mine, MINE!

And Abang? He is sporting enough to turn a blind eye on this, hahahaha. Cuma kadang-kadang he would tease me, “Tidur ke, berzikir?” I hope I could stop this embarrassing habit once I’ve got kids. Or at least my kids would turn out to be like me so that we could share our selimut gentel, ngeeeh.

No. 2
Whenever I’m deep in thoughts or concentrating on something, I would bite my lips till it bleeds. Since small, you. Once when I was 8, Ayah even took me to the Children’s Clinic to consult the doctor on my habit. The doctor smiled, and said kena letak air hempedu je, kasi bibir pahit, baru boleh berenti gigit. And Ayah never did what the doctor asked, of course.

No. 3
Since I was a teenager, I been a total sucker of the fullmoon. I would sit outside, do long walks, just to be under its light. I would shift on my bed, buka langsir luas-luas, and sleep in its glorious ray. I’ve climbed hills and crags at 3am to catch the fullmoon casting over the entire city of Edinburgh. I loved the fullmoon over a snow-covered field. Aiyoh, melting melting. I’ve seen fullmoon over the lochs up in the highlands, fullmoon over the sea in Batu Buruk Trengganu, fullmoon at Edinburgh Castle, fullmoon over Gunung Ledang. The sight of it all. Sigh.

I’ve even designed my master bedroom, should I become rich and wealthy one day, complete with a super-sexy bathroom and deck that would be openable to allow the moonlight in. I’ve studied the path of the moon ~ that from March till October, it rises almost directly from the east, but between October till February it shifts and rises almost towards the north. I’d stop driving in the middle of the night and painstakingly try taking photos of the moon. Susah woh.

The closest of friends and beings that know me would think of me everytime they see the moon. My favourite stone is the Moonstone, and I own a Moonstone pendant and a Moonstone ring.

When I die I think maybe I should jadi a Pontianak. A good, kind, nice-smelling and beautiful Pontianak, that is. Not to terrorize anyone; just to gaze into the fullmoon. I promise. heheheheheheheheeeeeee

No. 4
Eversince I was 20, I have a way of eating my Kit-Kat. Dulu, Kit-Kat lah cokelat wafer paling sedap di dunia, aku rasa. Sayaaaaaang nak habiskan cepat-cepat. So, you know that Kit-Kat comes in two strips or four strips, right? I’ll eat it not only one strip at a time, but I’ll bite the chocolate ends first, just enough not to bite into the wafer. And then little nibbles of the chocolate on each sides of the strip, and then baru lah gigit and makan the wafer. That jimat cermat, ok.

And still do!

No. 5
I have very little patience in knowing the ends of a book or even films. With that, most of the times I’d read my magazines from the back; or even read the first 10-page of a novel, and then read the last 10 page or even the last chapter, and then go back to the front to continue reading. That’s why I dig Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. Go find it on VCD or DVD to understand whot I mean, heh.

And that’s why I don't mind reading the plots to the 3rd Season of Grey’s Anatomy from their website, which is currently aired in the U.S. Which means, I don’t mind spoilers. I guess, I just do not like being unprepared to bad surprises.

No. 6
I have a thing about dropping babies or cats off the balconies or high-level windows and see them jatuh macam mana. Crazy woman.

So there. Ahh, lega. Macam a session with the shrink lah pulak.

So now I’m tagging Farhi, Rotidua, Lana, Famygirl, Sempoii and Si Kenit Aminbakish.

Rules of the game: Each player of this game starts out by telling 6 weird things about themselves on their own blog, as well as state the rules clearly. At the end, you will need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list out their names. After you do that, leave them a comment on their blogs letting them know you tagged them.

Tag, you're it! Be a sport, now! *grins*



famygirl said...

wehh wehhh apa ni tag tag orang???


sebenarnya kita flattered lah juga hee hee. takde deadline kan? nanti one fine day i'll do this meme, ok?saya janji!! :)

Ahmad Nurfarhi Rosley said...

hehehe, easy task.. dah siap dahhh... gagagaga....

Roti Kacang Merah said...

Famygurl: Yea, yea, boleh take your time. tapi jgn lupa tolong sambung buat dajal by tagging other people sama bwahahahahahaaa

Ahy: Otey, ni nak pi baca niiii heh heh.

Zetty said...

bulan penuh? ala ala werewolf tu hihihii. takut!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

hmm *looking at my bulu-bulu di tangan & lengan* baru la i can make 2 and 2. aku ni jelmaan werewolf rupanya heheheheheeiiiiiooooouuuu

sempoii said...

dah apdet kak rot..hheheeh


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